Taper Your Dress Pants At Home!

Taper Your Dress Pants At Home!

I got some pants at Target for $8.98.
But they need like a lot of work. Now they fit me perfectly fine or at least
like relatively fine in the waist and through the thigh. But once you get to
that lower leg it just looks stupid. They don’t fit at all. And they’re too
long. I am SD and by the end of this video we will have taken these $9.00
pants, and we will have made them look better than pants that cost like a
hundred bucks! Now I made a video similar to this one where we had to do almost
the exact same thing with the pair of jeans. But in that video we had another
pair already that fit us perfectly. So we were able to take the perfect pair of
pants, put them on top of the new pair of pants, and just transfer all those
measurements over. Well this time we don’t have that luxury. But that’s okay
cuz that just means we have to spend an extra like five minutes measuring. Now
the only things that we need for this are some sewing pins. We need a measuring
tape, and make sure that you actually use a fabric measuring tape. And you need
some grit and determination and will to do it! Actually no, you no you don’t need
that. But you do need a sewing machine! Ask your grandma. Ask your neighbor.
Better yet, go on eBay. Do you have any idea how many people are just trying to
get rid of their sewing machines because they don’t know how to use it? A lot. And if all
else fails there’s a solid one in a link down of the description. Now I chose
these pants for a very very specific reason aside from the fact that they
were super cheap. I chose these because tapering and slimming these pants is
going to be exactly like tapering and slimming a pair of dress pants. Like, to a
T! Like there’s really no difference at all.
The only differences that you’re going to run into are the type of needle that
you’re going to use. The type of thread that you’re going to use. And the biggest
difference you’re gonna run into? Is the fact that the crease that’s gonna be in
the middle of your pants? It’s gonna shift either to the left or to the right
once you taper them. Because you took some fabric off of one side so now it’s
not center anymore. But the easiest way, the easiest way to remedy that?
And I do this all the time, is just take them to a dry cleaner, spend three bucks and
just have them clean them and re-iron them. Re-iron that crease on there it’s
their problem not yours. So yes, these pants are a cotton twill polyester blend.
But if you have some wool dress pants, or if you have some cotton polyester blend
dress pants? And you want a taper those too? Have at. it I’m gonna, I’m gonna
shorten these bad boys too because they are way too long! So just stick around
for that. And we are putting a taper on the inside seam of these pants. We are
not putting it on the outside. Putting it on the outside is definitely an option.
But the problem that you’re gonna run into? Is when you put it on the outside
you’re gonna sew right through that pocket. And when you go to kind of taper
that new stitch out and kind of have it fan out that way towards the edge? It’s
gonna have like a little dimple in the side and it looks stupid. Trust me. I know
I’ve done it countless times. So aside from the fact that sewing the outside
seam looks kind of dumb in the end? Doing the inside seam is a thousand times
easier! Okay so we have our pants inside out. And I went ahead and I already put
the pins in on where I want my measurements to be and boy let me tell
you! I’ve never ever ever had to be so aggressive with a pair of pants before! I
mean usually I’ll take off a quarter of an inch. I’ll take off three-quarters of
an inch. NO! Not on these holy crap! I had to take off, I’m taking off two inches
down here by the ankle. I’m starting out at a half of an inch, and I’m ending at two.
That’s insane! Now the reason why I have my measuring tape here, is because I
needed to know exactly where it is that my knee is on these pants. Because that’s
where I’m gonna have my taper start. And on these pants it’s actually at 21 and a
half inches. So that right there, that pin is where I’m gonna start my taper at. And
this pin down here? This pin is measured in to a half of an inch. So between these
two pins I’m gonna start out right here. I’m not starting my seam up at the
crotch seam. I’m starting it down here. And I’m gonna just taper it in. Ever so
gently until I get down to here. And then I’m at a half of an inch. The reason why
I did it the way that I did it is because if this angle is too sharp up
here? If you come in too strongly? You’re gonna flip the pants right side
in and you’re just gonna see a giant dimple right there it’s gonna look dumb.
So you’re gonna want to make sure you just do this as gradually as possible. I
might even start up here. And just kind of ease on into it until I’m half of an
inch right here. Now as we go along, this pin right down here? This pin is one-inch
and again like we said down here, this pin is two inches. Long story short, you
just need three pins, maybe four. This is gonna give you a taper. That is the line
that we’re sewing along. And as a quick heads-up what you are gonna notice is
this is the inside seam right here. I’ve got it all pressed down nicely against
the ground so it’s nice and flat. You can’t see it, but you’ll notice that
there will kind of be some bunching fabric over back this way. This is my
other edge and so you look at it you’re like “wait wait why isn’t it even?” Well,
the reason for that? Is because you have more fabric on the back of your pants
then you do the front of your pants. And the reason for that is because this is
what your calf muscle is. So yeah you need you need more fabric and more space
for that then you do your shins up here. And when you go to actually sew this you
want your pins to be facing the right direction. When I put this in my sewing
machine, my sewing machine is gonna be right here on this side. So it’s just
gonna go over my, the edge of my garment just just like that. Now I
want to have I put them in the wrong way. Check that out. I want to have my pins
facing this way with the pointy part facing that direction. Because as my
machine goes along like this. I’ll be able to reach in and pull my pin down to
pull it out. If you have it the other way? It’s totally
okay! Not a big deal at all! You’re not gonna ruin anything, it’s just kind of
annoying and it’s just a lot easier the other way. Not the end of the world, but
annoying. Now this, this right here this is one of the most important parts of
the entire process. And it’s what I call the flex test. Don’t just stand there
with the pins and your pants like a zombie all like “oh yeah, these fit great!”
NO! It doesn’t work that way! You’ve got to move and bend, and stretch,
and sit down and stand up and that? That will actually show you as to whether or
not you got those measurements right. Those pins might feel great when you’re
standing there but then what are you gonna do when you sit down and realize
you got camel toe? Trust me, avoid the toe. I wish I would
have known that. Got a hack for you. Do you want to make sure that those sewing
pins don’t stab you in the legs when you’re putting your pants on and when
you’re taking them off? You can uh, you can actually use some safety pins
instead. And safety pins are great because they’re not going to come out on
you. They’re not going to stab you and
they’re still going to give you a really good idea of what that finished product
is gonna look like, and what its gonna feel like. But just make sure that you
replace those safety pins with sewing pins afterwards. Because bro, it is
impossible to remove safety pins when you are running those pants underneath
the sewing machine. Oh man I’m tired of changing my shirt! And now? It is time for
the ridiculously easy part which is ironic because everybody thinks this is
the hardest part. But no, it’s the easiest part. What what kind of thread are we
gonna use? Polyester. Why? Because polyester thread stretches unlike cotton
thread. And we want to make sure that our seam is nice and strong so we don’t have
any awkward embarrassing moments later on. And what kind of needle are we gonna
use? Umm, a universal needle 80/12. Why? Because these pants aren’t too thick, so
a universal needle 80/12 will be able to penetrate them relatively fine.
Whereas if they were even just a little bit thicker? We might need to upgrade to
a specialty needle like a denim needle or if you need some numbers 100/16.
What kind of stitch are we using and what length? Straight stitch at around 2 to
about two and a half. Why? Mmm, oh! I know! Because that length is gonna make sure
that our stitches are close enough together so that they’re strong. But
they’re not SO close together that it takes like, 45 minutes to run these pants
through that sewing machine. Good! You’ve been listening!
Yeah, if all of that seems confusing to you? There’s a whole bunch of videos
where I talk about all of that in the description in depth. Go check it out! Now,
we’ve got our machine set up with the proper settings. With the proper stitch,
and the proper stitch length. And we also made sure to check our bobbin down below
down there? Because nothing sucks more than realizing you ran out of thread in
that bobbin in like the middle of it! Now we are just going to sew a new stitch
along that predetermined line that we made either with our pins, or if you
decided to skip that step and you just want it to draw some lines with the
fabric marker on your pants? You could do that too! By the way, do you remember how
I told you that I got these pants at Target on clearance for $9? Well, I made
an entire video explaining the clearance process to you. And how you can know when
things are going to go on clearance. I’d put it in a card but I always point to
the wrong side when I do that. I’m gonna do this! I’m just gonna use my left hand!
Either this is the right side or it’s not! Now, once we are done sewing that new
straight stitch? We cut off the extra fabric leaving 5/8ths of an inch, which is
in between 1/2 of an inch and 3/4 of an inch. And that right there? That is what’s
going to be called our seam allowance. And what we will do with that seam
allowance is we will put an optional zig-zag stitch on there. So that we can
make sure our fabric doesn’t just get all frayed
and just get all on the inside of your washing machine. I’ve done it! And I say
optional because some people really don’t like how it feels. Depending on how
you do this zig-zag stitch, if you make it properly? It’s not bad at all. If you
make it improperly? Yeah! It’s not that fun. So what you can do instead is you
can actually just use some pinking shears. And what pinking shears are, are
those are those scissors that you see that just cut in a zigzag. I don’t have
any though otherwise I’d show you. If uh so if you’re wondering why I haven’t
showed you how to shorten them yet? Well that’s cuz my daughter gets out of
school at 2:30 and it’s 2:15 so I gotta I gotta go get her. But don’t worry I’m
not gonna leave you hanging! We’re gonna do that in another video just just stay tuned!
That zig-zag stitch is done! You just tapered your own pants! And uhh, have fun
holding back on the temptation to now tailor every single thing you have in
your closet! Good luck! SD out, deuces!!

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