1. Two of my favorite drinks are the Iced Caramel Latte with whip cream, and the Vanilla Bean Coolata.

  2. Love the donut accesories there cute. They have a lot of good stuff On sale. i wish we had a super target here where i live.

  3. So the next vacations i will be to Miami and Orlando. Have you got good adress for shopping ?? Stores of nails in details, pliz

  4. Gaining my weight with their caramel iced latte w/ whipped cream! Have u tried the banana split flavor? It’s really good!

  5. Like Wow! Makeup clearance? I [email protected] two Targets for clearance but not much as in the store ur in now. But pls know I limit my trips as I buy more than I went in for. (Target effect)

  6. You can always scan them everytime you go they should go down every week or so you'll be surprised how low they go as they sit there for a while

  7. Hi Krista, you've talked about Dunkin Donut drinks so much that I found a place near by (and I recently moved so I am still learning what's around my area). I will go try out some of the ones you've tried. When I shop at Target I always get a hot white chocolate mocha or one of their specials in the winter time and spring/summer; always a strawberry refresher or vanilla bean frappuccino. The Dr. Suess t-shirt you first show is so cute! I love those swimming suits at the kids section. I have been looking for some for my nieces but they are always sold out or the sizes are too small or too big. You are so funny! I have done the car thing before. I sometimes would drive my sister's car and forget and go to a car that looks like my car. And it's like duh, I drove my sister's car. Lol. : )

  8. good morning sweet girl. I love Carmel mocha coffee. those little palettes with bronzer and blush I heard are really good

  9. Great video as always 💯💖✨🌸
    Love all the Clearance in the Makeup 💄 Section i got some Revlon lipgloss this past Saturday 💯💄 for $4 something 💖 in clearance section @ Target..
    And love that one piece bikini 👙 you showed 1st very cute…
    Love the Toddler clearance section as well I’ll have to check out again when i go next I didn’t see any for $1 some yet for boys tops..

  10. I totally want to go to a super target now. Such good clearance items. Btw that leopard top looks amazing on you!

  11. When I go to target the first thing I check is the clearance sections lol..I have got some cute stuff for cheap there sometimes u get lucky.those almay lipsticks that look like the Sephora lip story's are really good I love mine.

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