Target Try On Haul | Under $30 Teacher Outfit Ideas!

Target Try On Haul | Under $30 Teacher Outfit Ideas!

hi welcome to Mirren thread I'm Jess and I'm so glad you're here today it is one of my favorite favorite times of the year the back-to-school season and if you don't know I'm actually a speech-language pathologist and my like normal job and I worked in a school for several years so that's kind of in my realm and I love this time of year when I was working in the school because it's always just exciting to me and I love picking out outfits to wear always make me excited to go back so I kind of created this video with teachers in mind in meaning you want a lot of pieces that are really comfortable really versatile but make you look put together and professional at the same time so if you work in any kind of environment where you enjoy those things this is for you too or if you a lot of these items can just be worn casually too so hopefully there's something in it for everyone and everything that I ground is from Target so I haven't been in there in a little while and I always love all of their stuff their clothing departments are incredible and I found some really great pieces in there so everything I'm going to talk about is linked in the description below so you can click each item there and also my Instagram page and my lights know it page are linked there so you can check those out for daily outfit inspiration as well okay starting with one of the outfits that was my favorite and first up is this cute little t-shirt that's got like floral design on it I've seen these at Urban Outfitters very similar ones that are like 50 or $60 so I was pretty pumped to find this I think this is a cute versatile piece and it's a good to be able to wear a graphic t-shirt without it being one of those like band t-shirts that just doesn't look super professional and and then I am so into these duster elite cardigans if you work in a school at all I definitely recommend grabbing a ton of layering pieces really everything I grab can be really easily mixed and matched for multiple different outfits so I'm just gonna show you one option but know that I grabbed like a similar color palette and everything and tried to grab things that will work for when school starts in the summer and move you into fall so anyways I love this and kind of rest color and the fit of this one is really flattering it's like slitted on the side and I have size small in both of these and I believe this cardigan comes in a couple other colors too and then I paired that with these cute little paper bag waist pants these are like the new version of a classic slot to me and I find them a little bit more comfortable to wear then normal slacks and I just think they're cuter fit they're a little bit more trendy a little bit more hip and but you still get the like really put together look that you want so these are belted they're very high waisted I have the size 4 in these and they fit perfectly so sometimes I can fluctuate quite a bit with target sizing so I will just let you know everything that I grabbed sizing wise usually I fluctuate between extra small and small and two and four at Target so that might kind of help you based on what your sizing is I just rolled the bottoms of these because they were a little bit long on me but I think these are great great versatile piece and they're kind of like a linen material so these will be lightweight and comfortable even when it's warm up to okay and I paired that with this is the only pair of shoes that I actually grabbed for and this particular Tryon I have a lot of other like loafers and mules and those types issues that I could already pull from but I do think target has some really great options in the shoe department these are like a woven loafer so they are really cute on I think this is a really professional looking shoe but it's also super comfortable so there's good padding on the heel i sized up to a 7 in these since they're a slide I typically do that in slides and I do recommend doing that because these fit just perfectly I'm normally a six and a half ok next step is this little denim shirt dress which i think is a great piece this can be layered with all kinds of different cardigans and sweaters and things like that and when it gets a little bit cooler – it's just sleeveless so it's really easy especially when it's still warm outside and I thought this little kimono paired with it was really fun and this one's got like tassels on the sides and obviously you can mix and match both of these with tons of different things – and I have a size small and the dress and it fits great so if you're between sizes and getting the bigger size you should be fine in that one even though Universal thread does tend to be a little bit they run a little bit big to me sometimes but and anyways I thought this is really cute and you could obviously style this with like some leopard shoes or something else if you didn't want to wear it with the kimono when it's really warm out all right here is a skirt option for you and I paired it with this little um super super lightweight sweater so this is kind of just like a nautical vibe sweater it is very very thin so I think this makes a great layering piece too and it will be I think you'll be okay in this even while it's warm out because it is so thin and usually they keep the building's indoors pretty cold and but this is really cute with this skirt too so the skirt is like a little tie waist and this is kind of like a linen material as well and I thought this color was really good neutral that you can wear with tons of stuff and it's got the cute little buttons on the belt loops too so that's kind of a fun detail and I have a extra small in this one so this one goes around a little bit big and then the small in the skirt and then for something a little different I decided to pair that with these and mustard yellow shoes so these are actually from the Nordstrom sale they are Steve Madden I've already worn these quite a bit and I know I'll continue to wear them in the fall but these are a great work shoe and they're super comfy and I thought they looked cute with navy all right another shirt dress absolutely into these tie waist shirt dressy type things and I do think that these are so so easy to work in and the length on this one is really good so I know that's always a concern for teachers if you're riding on a chopper order that they've been used to chop really to more white board I guess and you do not want to be in do short of a dress when you lift your arms above your head so I think this is really really great for that this is kind of like a silky material almost so it's really cool and then a tie waist detail it's super flattering I did size down to an extra small in this and I recommend doing that this one fit perfectly and I bought a similar shirt dress that I actually didn't get to include because I bought it in a small and it's way too big so I would probably size down in this brand this is that prolog brand and then I wore that with these little leopard loafers which I get a ton of wear out of and it's another great work shoe I always think of loafers and mules when I think of work shoes and leopard it's just such obviously as a neutral to me and it just adds a little fun element to your wardrobe and these are really comfy though okay here is the only jump suit option that I included and I only didn't include more of these just because they can be a little bit tricky to get out of to go to the bathroom and I don't know about you if you're a teacher or working at school but for me that was always an – is bathroom breaks had to be super quick but um this is so comfy that I wanted to include it anyways this feels like freaking sweat suit material it is wide leg so it's really easy and comfy and then it's just elastic on the back so you don't have to worry about zippers or anything like that it just pulls on and off really quick and it is sleeveless but it's not and like tight it's not some thin sleeves so I think this would be work appropriate um in most schools if not I went ahead and threw over this black duster cardigan over it and which does make it look a little bit more pulled together – and I love this olive color and even if you're not a teacher grab you one of these because I'm telling you this is like heaven on your body it feels so so good the only pair of like heels that I included at all or just these black heels if you did want to dress up a little bit and I used to run IEP meetings and stuff like that and always kind of wanted B just to touch more dressed up than normal and these are a great option if you do want a dressier shoe because of the block heel I think you'll be okay in these all day and the toe is pretty comfortable to you so I did pair those with that jump suit just to kind of dress it up a bit okay a couple more great like layering pieces these are both super versatile I'm loving this rust color clearly I grab a color and a couple of different things but this is just an easy layering tank these are really really soft and comfy and let's see they are eight dollars I mean you don't get any better than that I have a small in this one and these do come down pretty long too so um I I just think this is a really good fit especially for eight dollars and then I wore that with this little gray skirt and this is kind of a different option for me I don't know that I normally would have picked this but I was looking for things that would be really long and also really comfy and this hit both of those marks and I love the link slin for teachers or for work where it's so appropriate and like I said it's always a concern having things that are too short and this one is just really a great link and I think this little like belted waste detail is pretty cute so this would be a great piece you could pair this with a lot of different things and I got the size small and this one and really probably could have tolerated the extra small but the small fit me fine okay last outfit that seemed like so much more when I simply plug these outfits together and hanging all the set and this is the last target piece this is just a basic chambray tank top which I find is another really great layering piece for fall especially and you can wear it just sleeveless now when it's warm and it is super affordable to you and I have the size small in this one you could also wear this casually too and then I wore that these are actually an Amazon fine so I will make these for you too but you're gonna want a pair of these regardless of where you work because they are absolutely amazing they feel like gosh what's happening just isert they feel like a almost like a jersey in a way so they're really comfy and the fit is so good um they're just a basic tie waist pant they're true to size I have the size small and these have been definitely been my most worn and workwear thing and you can look through my Instagram feed and know that this is true so and these are kind of an honorable mention but I thought these were really cute with this denim and then I like these just as is with this little leopard loafer for when it's warm out and if you want to add on a layering piece this little knit blazer is another great layering option and then I've included this in in a few other videos in the past too but this is like sweatshirt material with the structure of a blazer so um this is a great piece for being comfortable while still looking professional that's it on the target stuff one more we'll mention is the blazer that I'm wearing right now is a like under $40 Old Navy find and it's like a boyfriend fit I found this just a couple of days ago and I immediately I've worn this twice since I bought it it's because it's just such a good fit it's really hard to find Blazers that hit me in the right spot since I'm only 5 3 and this one is the extra small so this comes in a couple other colors I'll leave this whole outfit for you too that's a wrap on today thank you so much for watching I hope that you subscribe below if you like what you saw and leave us a comment and let me know if you like this type of video if you want to see more work where in the future

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  3. Love 💕 this ! New subscriber and I’m a school nurse in a high school. I just found a nice dupe of the Nordstrom long animal print skirt at Target!

  4. Thanks for this! I'm a BCBA transitioning from a private clinic to a school district next month, and I have to get used to not wearing jeans anymore!

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  9. Cute outfits and they’re still modest too 💕 the outfit you have on is cute and appropriate for work, minus the skirt length lol

  10. Love this so much! I was a teacher for 4 years and am now in graduate school to become an SLP! This is so helpful!

  11. First time watching you,loved all your picks. I hope to see more of your shows. Thank you for sharing 😄

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    Thank you Ann

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