Tasting Guatemala’s Famous Antigua Coffee // San Antonio Textiles // Chiquimula // Vivid Roots

Tasting Guatemala’s Famous Antigua Coffee // San Antonio Textiles // Chiquimula // Vivid Roots

Hello. It’s currently 5:30 in the morning and I woke up at this time
to get this amazing view of the volcano here in Antigua, Guatemala. Today we are going to be doing
a little bit of sightseeing around Antigua, and then we are going
to hang out to Chiquimula which is where I am going
to be volunteering with a group of amazing people including Vivid Roots
and Hopscotch The Globe. -Wow.
-This is for me. Dallas, can you tell us
where we’re headed now. We are headed
to a local coffee farm. Coffee culture is pretty big here. We just got to with this coffee plantation where we’re gonna get a tour
and learn a little bit about the process of
making coffee here in Guatemala. We’re are starting the tour,
going to the nursery area, and we’ll visit the processing
and at the end the roasting plant and there’s a cup of coffee included. Spanish, talking very fast
but with a lot of Guatemalan slang, OK? Just follow me, this way. These are very waxy and shiny. Then we see here
between 10, 12, 14 months. The first harvest
will be between 3, 4 years. Could be on the fifth year,
the first harvest. At this moment Finca Filadelfia
do export almost 80% of the production. Little tiny coffee beans. When they’re red,
they’re ready to pick. These are already the coffee beans which are picked by hand
by seasonal workers from the surrounding towns. These are the seeds basically. You spread the beans,
even the rooftop. The planting stage,
they will seed on this area. Raw coffee seeds. You should try one. What are you doing Romina? I’s getting ready to play with coffee. I don’t know what are we doing. Sunglasses on the top, yes. Your own thing going on. -Put the little what?
-This. I don’t drink coffee,
so this is gonna be interesting. It actually tastes,
it tastes like Earl Grey. It’s pretty good. I like it. We are now walking towards the gift shop where we’re all gonna spend
a whole lot of money. -This is…?
-The coffee Jam. Coffee Jam. That is really strong. We’re now leaving
the coffee plantation. We’re gonna head out
to a small town called San Antonio which is where a lot of textiles are made. Have some pepitoria. Wow, so casual. -Can I hold it?
-Yeah, you can. She says
the bigger ones, they bite. These ones are OK. -Hi doggo.
-Sit. -Sit.
-Siéntate. He does whatever he wants,
he’s a street dog. He’s a threat
but I love him. So, I think we’re getting
our lunch to go. So, we are going to be eating. We just got to the mall and we’re going to look
for some food to go. I have no idea
what I want, though. You can only step
where these footprints are. So, I got a quesadilla
with some Fritos, to go. We just ate
and we’re taking a little rest because the road to Chiquimula which is where we are going
to be volunteering, is pretty long and pretty winding. Yeah. We all got a little bit car sick. We just got to our hotel
where we are going to be staying. Here in Chiquimula is very hot, here, very humid compared to
how it was in Antigua earlier today. We’re all just in the lobby
waiting for what’s next. And we’re probably gonna have dinner
and then wrap up today. We just sat down here
at the restaurant which is looking at right next
to the hotel. We took a dive in the pool
before coming here, so that’s why my hair
is all crazy. So, we’re gonna have some dinner
and then we’re going to head out to bed, so we can wake up early
and start our volunteer project. I’m now full
and extremely exhausted, I was actually falling asleep at the table. So, I’m walking back
to the hotel room where I’m gonna go to sleep because we are getting up
super early tomorrow to start on this volunteer project. So, be sure to stay tuned so that you see
that video coming out real soon. If you want
to see more in Guatemala videos then check out the description, we got a whole bunch of links down there. And now I am going to sleep. So, I’ll see you when I see you, bye! This video was made possible by my patrons
over at PATREON.COM/REDROMINA If you like what I do become a patron
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    Iโ€™m just curious what kind of camera
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    Congratulations y viva Guate !!!

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