32 Replies to “TE FITI COSPLAY | how I built the costume for Megacon”

  1. You're the first person I've seen cosplay as Te Fiti, everyone always goes for Maui or Moana. So original and an amazing job!

  2. Dare you are very creative. I wonder if your a Leo a lioness, because I’m very creative and I’m a Leo and proud to be one. I guess “Lion King” is in my top four Disney movies. Once again you knocked it out of the park!🏴‍☠️🦁👑

  3. Wow wow wow wow wow! Remember i was the one who guessed correctly on who you were going to be at Megacon

  4. Great video, Dare. Great costume. sorry, kid. I have to play catch up I watch 376 channels today after church.

  5. Good job Dare , & now you've added another string to your bow or should I say another arrow to your quiver! – didn't know who Te-fiti was 'till you brought it to light.

  6. Awesome Job Dare! How did you know you could buy material to build the costume? Do you strategize in advance. Could you do other characters

  7. Dare, WOW alot of time & effort went into that costume and the end result was amazing!! You are very creative and amazing. Keep up the great work and videos!

  8. Wow im in your bedroom my life is complete lol well thats what i was thinking then i seen you while shopping and you looked 15 and then i felt a little creepy hahaha but stilt walking! bad ass, thank you for showing the process of making the costume i had no idea of the complexity of making such a thing nor the cost wow, a big shout out to your mom and all that she does for you she is a wonderful woman, and like always remember that you are special and loved.

  9. Dare you are quite talented , I like how in the megacon video you took time to make the kids day . It would be nice if more people followed your lead !!

  10. Super creative, I hope all that work paid off in spades for you! Hands down you are one of the most adorable people on YouTube

  11. I used to see haul users for boobs and general for the sexy bodies but in your case the most interesting is your smile and your passion on anything you can.. Please do not get me wrong. You have insane body but over time i see your videos for your smile. You have amazing photogenic on camera.. Definitely you can be a serious actress..

  12. Dare love the video I see you had your hands full with your cosplay costume. And you have skills and talent it threw me off you can walk on stilts what other hidden talents you have lovely. You have a wonderful and magical day Dare

  13. Cosplay sure involves a lot of work to produce some stunning results. Blessed be Dare.

  14. wow, that was a lot of work – go hard or go home!!
    Your enthusiasm really shines in everything you do. Awesome! 😎

  15. okaaaaaaay. to be fair, honey, i never actually watched the WHOLE film. so i might've missed the scenes where Te Fiti made her appearance. lol sorry.

  16. wait, this was a character from Moana? i never heard of this "Te Fiti" O_o
    please, miss Dare. who is she?

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