TERA Fashion Coupon Farming Guide – FREE Tera Costumes

TERA Fashion Coupon Farming Guide – FREE Tera Costumes

Hi everyone, this is Heather.
In this video I’m going talk about fashion coupons and answer some questions about grinding
for them in the open world. If you’re new to Tera and you enjoy customizing
your characters with in-game outfits like I do, you’ve likely discovered that Tera,
unlike many other MMO’s, does not allow you to use dropped items for costuming. So
if you don’t want to purchase outfits for your character from the store, Tera does have
a system where you can purchase costume items with an in game currency called Fashion Coupons.
I enjoy customizing my outfits – probably a little bit too much, so I decided to test
out the best way to grind for Fashion Coupons in the open world.
In Tera’s open world, Fashion Coupons only drop from BAMs, but all BAMs have a chance
to drop fashion coupons and I tested this out on several different types of BAMs. I
killed 150 of each type and took note of their Fashion Coupon drop rate.
So for new players, you might be wondering if it’s worthwhile to grind lower level
BAMs for fashion coupons. So I decided to test this out. I first tried with some level
23 BAMs. Out of 150 kills, fashion coupons dropped 7 times, 5 times dropping only 1 coupon
and twice dropping 2 coupons for a total of 9 coupons.
I also tested out this out on level 49 mobs. These mobs drop 5 coupons at a time. Out of
150 kills, fashion coupons dropped 7 times, for a total of 35 coupons.
So my conclusion was that grinding for fashion coupons on lower level BAMs just isn’t a
good idea. What I do recommend is waiting until you hit level 60 and start the beginning
story line for level 60 to 65. This will be The Vanguard Initiative Story Quest line.
This quest line is incredibly easy and gives excellent gear, including accessories so that
even at level 60, grinding the 58 and 59 level BAMs that do have a higher drop rate of fashion
coupons and drop them 10 coupons at a time should be relatively easy and fast if you
don’t want to wait until you hit 65. So what mobs should you grind when you hit
level 60? There are 3 different types of BAM’s that
I do recommend for Fashion Coupon grinding once you hit level 60 and have received the
gear from The Vanguard Initiative Story Quest line. All of them drop Fashion Coupons 10
at a time. First, the Vengeful Glacial Giants, they’re
located in Vale of Spires. Out of 150 kills, Coupons dropped 21 times, for a total of 210
Fashion coupons. I want to note here though that I had a really hard time grinding in
this area, even switching between the 3 channels available, there where so many people here
grinding these mobs for coupons. So if you plan to come here, keep that in mind.
Second, are the Emberheart Dracoloth’s located in Seeliewood. Out of 150 killed, they dropped
fashion coupons 17 times, for a total of 170 Fashion Coupons.
And third, very close to the Emberhearts in the same location in Seeliewood, are the Faytouched
Lithikumas. These mobs, I tested out their drop rate staying on 1 channel for all 150
kills and then again switching channels about every 10 kills. I’ve heard it said that
switching channels periodically can increase the coupon drop rate, so I decided to test
out this theory. Staying on the same channel for 150 kills,
these Kumas dropped coupons 15 times, for a total of 150 fashion coupons.
But switching channels out of 150 kills, they dropped coupons 23 times, for a total of 230
fashion coupons. That was nearly doubling the amount of coupons from staying on the
same channel. So there probably is some merit to the theory of switching channels while
you’re grinding for fashion coupons. And I know that 150 kills isn’t really enough
to get an accurate drop rate, but it does give you a general idea of what you can expect.
As a final note, I also searched for all BAM’s level 58 and 59 that would drop 10 fashion
coupons at a time and discovered that none of them are reasonable to grind for fashion
coupons. They either have only 1 BAM or they are super powered BAMs that just take way
too long to kill so it’s not even worth it. The 3 mobs I just mentioned are the only
ones that I would recommend grinding in the open world.
And finally, if you’re a new player, you might also be wondering if the items purchased
with Fashion Coupons are dye-able – and the answer is YES, they are.
I hope this video has been helpful and hopefully has answered some of your questions about
Fashion Coupons and how best to obtain them. Thanks for watching and I’ll see ya next

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  1. Thanks for the help, it's still pretty disappointing that Tera felt the need to kick the old Remodeling system just because they were too lazy to fix the Reaper though. I also think it's pretty bogus that you basically have to wait till level cap to have the slightest hope at customization.

  2. in other mmos I've played have a drop system that relates to your level and the mob's. drop rate is decreased if you are higher level than the mob. does this apply in Tera? and if so did you take it into account how it might affect people of different levles? seeing as you are 61, and killing low level mobs, would that affect the drop rate?

  3. I often use to forget that "games" are meant to have fun and not to steal your lifestyle in order to get the best gear… THANK YOU A LOT!!

  4. Unrelated but, do you know where Tikat is? The merchant where you can use your federation bills? I'm having a real hard time finding him.

  5. Why did your "Fashion Coupon Farming Guide" turn out to be a "BAM Fashion Coupon Farming Guide"?

    I know you get a few from doing dungeons, couldn't you compare the time it took you to kill 150 BAMs to how many times you ran a dungeon for the 5 coupon reward? Or maybe mention if there even ARE any other methods other than dungeons and BAMs?

  6. Can you farm the coupons on one character, buy the template for the character you're farming for, and send it in the mail?

  7. I'm only level 38. I have such a long wait to go until I can grind BAMS for coupons… Dammit lol Will add this video to my watch later so I can come back to hit when I hit the right level. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

  8. I have a problem :/ At first when I killed these monsters it gave me like 10 coupons, but now when I kill them they don't drop any.

  9. Is it me or did they remove it i killed around 600-700 fuckingg BAMS from level 24-26 and got NONE fucking 7 hours wasted mang

  10. This guide is outdated now, sadly. Instead, just hit the cap and farm the rock Golems in Ex Prima: Havenstone Ruins(bottom middle of its map, specifically). They are tough as nails, but they will sure as hell get you a boatload of fashion coupons real quick.

  11. This was very helpful and well made but you need to make the mic either closer to your mouth or make your mic volume higher because it was kind of hard to hear you. Great video besides the mic thing though! =)

  12. I know its been a year, but i need to ask:
    Recently, i've created a new character (ninja) also making comeback to the game (after 6 months).
    And i need to ask, do these coupons WILL be useful in 2016? Asking, because i want to get some of these (i should ask, if we will be able to get them this year)?

  13. Extremely helpful and a welldone vid, i look forward to more informative and well explained vids in the future. Keep up the good work.

  14. I just started playing this game…i love it so far but im also a tad skeptic on the gameplay mechanics like click/hit and combos…otherwise this game makes me wanna grind even more than most mmorpgs

  15. im level 51, i went to kill BAMS at omphalos plains lvl 24-27 bam, they didnt drop a single tihng, why is tht ure lvl 61 and u get drops at the same location as i am?

  16. I am a lvl 65 Warrior and I have been farming for fashion coupons at Island of Dawn. My maximum total was freaking 40!!! I got to go to these places where I have never been to now!

  17. Hey thanks for this it helped a lot. since my gear at the moment sucks and i have no masterwork Alkahest i figured id make myself feel better with a new outfit and now im able to get that new outfit ;w; Thanks again!!

  18. Thanks for the tips, there is not much info on how to get the costumes and things in TERA so this video was helpful.

  19. leveling a character upto 40 then making a Reaper proceeding to storyline
    making these BAM like walk in a park =DD

  20. hi im Ellenaria, im a level 65 reaper playing on celestial hills. my advice on this is to actually wait for you to level 65 and get the slaughter gear to atleast +9 im using +12 at the moment and farm coupons at isle of dawn. you have 3 momsters to choose from and theyre right beside each other. they're the sickly basilisk, sickly orisk and sickly ovorith which are level 64 BAMs dont bother on the level 65 or level 67 as they offer only the slightest increse in chance of drops. i farm these everyday and i can farm 100 coupons for 30 minutes. cause they drop 2 every 5 bams or 1 every 5 bams. sometime it would take like 6 or 7 bams to get another but it goes back to normal after a while. i tested this on 600 bams. so level yourselves to level 65 get tier 9 set or tier 10 set to +9 or +12 even better. and youll have that costume in no time 🙂

  21. Can confirm this is still very relevant focused just on the lithikuma feytouched…and in about four hours got almost 400 coupons so thanks alot for this video..constantly changing channels of course…

  22. I killed 150 Glacial Giants in about an hour and got 200 Fashion Coupons plus this stuff https://imgur.com/a/sjf4o


  23. Thank you very much! Just got into Tera recently, and have been trying to spice up my character's style. This helps!

  24. So what's the name of the quest I'm 60 and have no idea what to look for to start getting this fashion coupons

  25. Tera is on PS4 now and I was really lost to how in the hell to grind fashion coupons!!!! Your vid was VERY helpful. Thank you 2 years later.

  26. Uhmm can you transfer items like fashion coupons to another character because i want to transfer it to my other character pls help me how to do it and pls reply fast thanks.. :3

  27. Well if u want efficiency I recommend the island of dawn brutal basilisks grind. They drop twice as much as the others in my experience plus you get gold while doing it

  28. lol, farming coupons on open world.. you are completely crazy. Just farm dungeons. Thats the only way to "farm" cupons. Also, no. You will maybe one or two coupons every time you kill about 10 bams… lol, so no, not worthy at all. Just dungeons.

  29. i love the way you explain things. You are a natural born teacher. Excellent job and i hope to see more vids from you, 🙂

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