38 Replies to “Teresa Giudice regrets doing the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'”

  1. She wants her own brother. Gross! Some shit must have gone down in her childhood. You have to pity her really.

  2. At the end of the day RHWNJ Is her show centered around her her husband and daughters Melissa and Joe are copy cats they also want the money and fame TV provides Teresa is now rich 15mil Now she ain't walking away from that fuck her husband joe not filing for citizenship was soooo STOOPID He's got to go 5mil is a lot of money

  3. Caroline called. This. One to a tee lol After wanting to live high on the hog Joe did this all for her smh They stole money went to jail I wish they would be more humble but no remorse They will divorce Joe deported and life will. Go. On. For. Both This is y the judge threw them both in jail 5mil is a lot of money It. Killed her. Mom. But BRAVO SAVED THIS FAMILY FINANCIALLY THEY WOULD NEVER HELP THE BLACKS LIKE THAT SMH They do the same for duck lips Kim Zolciak

  4. I thought it was standard policy to deport non US nationals who are also criminals. Joe was too arrogant to apply for US citizenship. Why cry now?? He deserves it

  5. First of all she doesn't write any books. She doesn't even know simple english words. A ghost writer writes everything.

  6. Oh for gods sake, you people know how to get blood out of a stone…If there is anything more shallow and
    pathetic than reality T.V. I don't want to know what it is. There is no way that you all deserve your huge pay
    checks for slinging this refuse. Teachers do REAL and very important work. They get payed squat. You all do
    squat and get payed like royalty….choke on it!!!!!!

  7. Yes- joe isn’t that smart. He trusted the wrong people. He didn’t understand what he signed, probably bc he dropped out of high school. But he wasn’t a by the book guy, so if he thought it was free/ez money he’d do it— hience the chapter 11 fraud. They didn’t care about the laws when the cash was rolling in. She’s dumb too. Without the housewives, she’d be broke right now! They paid off her fines & kept her afloat. She’d be back in Patterson living with her dad. She still doesn’t think she did anything wrong & that someone set her up. No girl. Hopefully Andy watches this and fires her.

  8. Teresa said if she had it to go over she would not have done RHONJ yet she signs a new contract every season to do it again. Hmm.

  9. All I can say is TERESA GIUDICE the real housewives of NEW JERSEY is your only JOB you got why bad mouthed when you got NOTHING ELSE GOING aside from desperately trying to make your GIRLS famous.

  10. Time to put an end to the NJ. Housewives. The storyline has been one of women fighting, fraud and pure garbage. There is nothing left of interest. The women are all aging out and there is no worthwhile influence. I do believe that the ratings will continue to drop and this franchise will soon be yesterday's news.

  11. Teresa is full of shit she never takes responsibility for anything she does and being friends with psycho Danielle is beyond crazy she is no dam good wake the fuck up Teresa and come out of the coma you self inflicted yourself with Teresa doesn't know what loyalty is dum bitch hope the money and fame was worth it all but remember this Teresa you reap what you sow more than you sow later than you sow and you deserve it all your house of cards are falling down around you and all the money in the world can't buy you the blueprint needed to rebuild your mouth is the start of your heart and you teresa have no beat because your foundation is built on sand and water. and it cannot stand cause you have no rocks soild rock hope your bank account has money because otherwise you are as empty as the driest part of the desert which will never see any water Teresa you and Danielle are old dry and polliuted and no need of attention the sun will finish the job on both of you dum assholes SAY IT LOUD TERESA YOU ARE A CONVICTED FELON THAT HAS A FEW COINS YOU WENT TO PRISON NOT SOME DAM CAMP PRISON BITCH AND THE WORLD KNOWS IT WHY WE KNOW IT BECAUSE YOU YES YOU TERESA SOLD YOUR SOUL FOR FAME AND MONEY AND THE GOVERNMENT OUTSMARTED YOU HOPE IT WAS WORTH A FEW MORE DRESSES AND CARS AND A PAPERBACK BOOK REMOVE ALL OF THE MATERIAL THINGS AND YOU ARE LEFT WITH JUST DUM ASS TERESA WHO BET ON HERSELF AND LOST FORMER WHO FORMER WHAT OH YOU MEAN THAT CHICK ON THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY. TERESA GUCICE WAS SHE IS SHE WHO CARES GIRL BYE………..

  12. Oh, how bout the fraud you and chubby lil' Guido committed? Regret that, nah…didn't think you did.


  13. She is a sick woman with a caveman head who will say anything to get money and push her ugly talentless daughters into a similar moneymaking position. She should be deported to Italy with her husband for being such a nasty bitch.

  14. of course she does she regrets broadcasting her giant house and nice clothes on tv for the irs to see

  15. I'm so sick of her she have got another show and she come back with the same thing being messy messy messy Teresa and she never take responsibility it's always somebody else fault and I'm sick of her blaming Melissa Joe her brother is a grown man stop blaming his wife she's act like she's jealous of her!!! 💯

  16. she is always right and everybody else is always wrong…..she is a lying bitch and some of her kids are awful thanks to her and she deserves everything that happens to her……

  17. PS……..get those awful nails off Melania. These kids need to act their age and they also need to stay off the tv.

  18. All the fame will not bring happiness. Designer clothes and the internet is not going to bring inner peace. You can take all the selfie's you want……..was it worth it?

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