Textil és bőrfesték // Fabric & Leather Paint

Textil és bőrfesték // Fabric & Leather Paint

FABRIC AND LEATHER PAINT These water-based, flexible drying paints are excellent to paint
textiles, leather, imitation leather and even PVC surfaces… They are available in 22 fashionable colors
in 50 ml bottles. Two of them are metal colors Due to the creamy consistency of the textile and
leather paint, it is excellent for stencil works It has high pigment contents,
so it coats even dark surfaces very well Mix or blur the colors as you want
to create exciting transitions Apply several layers wherever you want Metal colors will give even more shiny surfaces Wait until the paint dries, and then iron the backside
of the decorated surface for 30 seconds, using cotton setting After ironing, it can be washed in
a washing machine by gentle wash You can also use the Fabric and Leather paints to stamp patterns.
Apply paint to the light-line rubber stamp by a sponge brush Color the pattern after the stamped contours have dried Use Fabric medium for thinning or bleaching… so the paint will not be over-watered;
it keeps its consistency You can easily mix further shades from any color This paint is excellent to coat leather surfaces It follows moves of the base material flexibly after drying It coats even imitation leather excellently You can make your leather articles unique by painting them with
light color Fabric and Leather paints, using stencil technique Let the paint dry for a week, so
it is not necessary to fix it by ironing You can use the Fabric and Leather paint
even on suede bootees Use your fantasy and paint exciting patterns by free hand

8 Replies to “Textil és bőrfesték // Fabric & Leather Paint”

  1. Hello, I would like to use this painting clothes, tee shirt, Jean's ect … I read that we could switch to a washing machine, at a mild temperature! 30 ° it would go, softer or cold? thank you very much

  2. Hi,
    do you think it would be good for re-painting the whole leather jacket, i want to restore myold jacket. Or it's for decoration only?

  3. Velurbor cipot is lehet vele festeni? Nem fog megkemenyedni v kiszaradni tole?
    A cipo gumi talpszelehez milyen festeket tudnanak ajanlani, ami megmarad rajta es nem torik be?

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