Textil és bőrfesték vintage színek // Vintage colors of Fabric & Leather Paint

Textil és bőrfesték vintage színek // Vintage colors of Fabric & Leather Paint

FABRIC AND LEATHER PAINT IN VINTAGE COLORS The popular fabric and leather paints
are available in 10 new colors We recommend the soft, lighter colors
for the fans of vintage style We can use these paints to renew an old chair Paint the frame of the chair by
two layers of white decor enamel paint Attach an adequate size wadding or fleece material
to the seat by an upholsterer’s nail-gun (tacker) Draw the seat around, measure additional 5cm
all around it so you get a clicking pattern Copy this shape to a strong white fabric Iron the textile before painting Attach a 3mm thick foamy wrap to the table
in order to create a soft surface Paint a chestnut leave by poison-green color thoroughly Put it on the textile and press it down.
The print will look nice because of the soft base Continue stamping by a fig leave,
and paint it to pistachios color If you use the back of the leave,
it will create a nice print of the venation Apply eggshell color to the leave that you have painted
to poison-green before, in order to create a color transition Use any shape of leaves you can find (grapes, elder, etc…) Saturate the surface and then cut the fabric around Cure the fabric and leather paint into the
material by ironing through a baking paper Attach the prepared furniture fabric
to the seat by a tacker Fold the fabric at the corners and
tense it in order to make it smooth You can paint real leather or imitation leather
surfaces by the fabric and leather paint Tense and fix the material to the table Put some denim color fabric & leather paint to a sponge
and make thick spots on the imitation leather surface… then blur the spots by a dry sponge You can make drying faster by a hair-drier Continue painting the same way by olive-green… and then by sand color. Apply one more layer from olivetree-green around the edges After the background colors have dried, stencil
mandala patterns to the surface by ivory color paint Leave a little paint on the special stencil
brush in order to make nice patterns As you cannot fix the paint by ironing on the imitation leather
base, let the painted material dry for a week before using BEFORE – AFTER – AFTER

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  1. Sziasztok!
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    A második széknél használt stencil sablont hol tudom be szerezni?
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