Textiles Art – Water Solubles & Embroidery – Jan Tillett – Sewing Craft

Textiles Art – Water Solubles & Embroidery – Jan Tillett – Sewing Craft

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  1. I use this film for fabrics i can't mark my design on, so i do it over the film, like velvet, furry fabrics or even linen if the design is intrincated enough. Then, i find it difficult for the fabric to stay the same after the water. The velvet is the most difficult (the hairs are all messed up).
    First, i putted my work over the foset, then, on a bowl with water and let is stay, but with no luck
    What do you recommend?, is there another better solution in the market?
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you! The video was wonderful. I saw a vid with this craft once before but it was so complicated and involved and resulted in nothing but a "look what I did" craft. Your video was so fast and easy and clear and resulted in a lovely bowl. Magnifique!

  3. Hopefully the video will give you better video gifts in the future. Good luck for you I also try to do something good. But everyone will come to the invitation😍😍😍

  4. Muito lindo mais como sou Brasileira não entendo as palavras de vocês desculpe achei muito lindo tenho muita vontade de aprender desde já o Meu Grande Deus os Abençoe qual o nome do líquido que vocês usam na jarra para umedecer

  5. These projects are gorgeous. However I wonder if this water soluble material is good for the environment. After all you wash it away and all those plastic goes to the water.

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