The 10 Fundamental Steps to Creating a Garment

The 10 Fundamental Steps to Creating a Garment

hi guys welcome back to fashion school with Nick Barrios ever wondered how you go from here to here well today I'm going to show you the 10 steps to take you from sketch to finished gown okay so the very first step in coming up with your design is the sketch and I always begin with doing a lot of quick sketches it's sort of like my work in progress it's like I sketch it and I'm like does it have a short sleeve no no no no I want a long cascade oh do I want asymmetrical hem all of those changes happen in the quick sketches until I have that aha moment that it's the final design now when I have that moment I do a really fancy nice sketch of fashion illustration with color and I use that for my collection board kind of like what you see behind me I also use that sketch for like um Instagram because it looks really pretty all right next up draping so here we are step 2 draping so this is the drape of my sketch and a lot of you will be familiar with this because this is an example of what I show you in my draping videos so you'll be like I recognize that now if I design my sketch my idea is a symmetrical dress a symmetrical garment meaning the right side is the same as the left I usually only drape one side and it's usually this side the right side because what's the point I'm wasting muslin all right so you see all the marks here as you can see the dart the neckline and what I love about draping is a lot of times my ideas can change because my drape you know I might have sketched a certain kind of neckline but then all of a sudden I'm draping that's why I love draping it's so creative your your creativity starts like bubbling when you're draping so you can be like you know what I'm changing that and so this is what's great about the drape so and I draped in the muslin as you can see the muslin is very similar to my finished fabric which will eventually be a silk Duchess fabrication all right so make sure to use something that is similar so that's why I use the muslin now after the drape you go on to step three which is the pattern so what do I do I take the pieces of the muslin of my drape and I put them on to pattern paper so right here is the pattern for this tree and these are the pattern papers you see the more here are a lot of patterns big patterns because it's a big gown skirt and then I also do a little technical sketch as you can see as well so then these are the patterns and now it's time for step four so what do I do I take these paper patterns and I cut them and I cut them into in muslin so then I take muslin right here and I lay it out I lay my pattern paper thin them and I cut them out why because I'm going to get ready to go to step five which is what sewing the first sample sewing the muslin so here in step five I've sewn up my muslin right here so it's a full gown remember the drape I only did half of it but when I sewed it the muslin the first sample step 5 I did the whole gown now in this step you also make your Corrections you have a fitting so you fix everything alright as you can see I've marked everything see the marks are lowered this up here I pinched it I took from the shoulder now ideally you want to do that on a real body you want to have a model that you can fit this muslin in but if not you could do it on the form and that can help you a little bit but definitely make those Corrections now this is why it's so important to actually just use this cheap fabric for your first sample because you have to make all these Corrections imagine if you have to do all these Corrections and you sewed up in a final fabric that is eighty a hundred dollars a yard you'd be like oh okay so that's why we use the cheap muslin for this okay after this you're ready for step six what is that you want to correct your pattern so what I do is I take my pattern see right here and I fix it so if I have to take off the shoulders I take off the shoulders in the pattern lower the neckline or the neckline in the pattern makes it alright after you fixed your Corrections in the pattern you're ready for step seven now lot of people think okay I'm ready to do the finished gown no back it down go what step 7 you sew another muslin you do another sample that's what I like to do and sometimes I like to do another one and another one and another one I just want to make sure it's right especially if there are a lot of Corrections if you only have like one or two corrections in your first sample then probably you want to skip step 7 but if not sew a second or third or fourth or fifth sample okay now you can be ready for step eight and step eight we cut in the actual fabric yay finally so here is my actual fabric that is going to be used for the final gown this is silk Duchess Duchess satin you can see right here there's a shiny side aspect and this is silk Zabaleen very fancy very expensive this is widened use this for the first sample this is the final garment all right you cut the pieces here's an example one of the cut pieces this is a back and if you need to do your interfacing you're fusing you do all that in this step alright and once you finish cutting all the pieces in the final fabric for the final gown then you're ready for step 9 and that is you give it to your seamstress or so on if you happen to be your own seamstress or sower then you hand it off to yourself but I like to give it to my seamstress because I need to move on to start creating the next gown my next sketches so while she's making magic creating gown I'm making future magic all right now you're ready for step 10 the final gown and here it is now you have your final gown Oh ain't you pretty so there you have it the 10 steps it takes to create a garment hope that helped thanks for tuning in to fashion school with Nick stereos now don't forget to Like subscribe and share and for more NIC tips and tricks' get my book a passion for fashion it's available on [Applause]

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  1. Nick,I cant thank you enough for taking the time out to give people like me an inspiring Fashion Designer seamstress advice and knowledge to be the best at what I love to do! Thank you πŸ’–πŸ’–

  2. What if I don't have a nice mannequin to drape my material over? I'm going to graduate from college soon and would really like to wear a custom handmade dress for graduation, but I literally don't know how to sew one off of measurements πŸ™

  3. Hi Nick I just love your work your explaintation are so easy makes me just wants to start making my own clothes thank u very much

  4. Thank you for all this ,it helps me a lot, as i was wacthing all your videos ,i learned some ideas in making gowns, i am sewer here in dubai, again thank you sharing

  5. I love your passion in what you do, but this looks like 2016 Taylor Swift at the Grammy’s. Just slightly altered. Its a beautiful dress though. Both yours and Taylor’s.

  6. love your videos! I'm learning so much from you! keep up the great job and by the way love your blazer

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