26 Replies to “The 3 Dress Shirts Every Man Needs”

  1. Great video Jeff. I have numerous dress shirts that I wear with my suits. I have some by Geoffrey Beene, Van Henson, Alexander Julian, and some I purchased at Joseph A. Banks.

  2. Style O.G. you're looking Great in EVERYTHING that you was talking about. Fit is Key. You're an AWESOME example Everytime you do a video. Thanks for doing what you do. I pray that you get your intern that works well with you. Be Blessed

  3. Man I came across one of your videos the other day on a whim, but I love what you doing bruh. Keep up the awesome work. I was just talking to my brother about the white shirt. I rarely wear it (I have somewhere around 40 dress shirts), but it's a must to always keep a fresh white in the collection.

  4. I may have missed, but how about a video on seersucker, and when/do you remove your jacket at a restaurant?

  5. Where can I get some quality white pocket squares? It seems like they'd be easy to find, but I haven't been able to and need a few.

  6. Glad to see you back OG. I have many " wild card" dress shirts, I'm looking to buy more striped dress shirts. I just bought a Navy Blue dress shirt from King Size.

  7. I've been thinking about giving a midi dress shirt a try, I just worry about wearing something too dark with my complexion

  8. hey O.G , I'm from India and i also have knowledge about fashion i will bring some video in region language , Now i'm just posting hairstyle from others soon videos are different the main thing is you are my inspiration and One street dapper also my favorite .

  9. Thanks for some sensible advice. Would appreciate a follow-on about matching shirt collar styles to neck wear.

  10. I'm starting to get hooked on your vids. Damn.. There goes more paper on clothing.
    PS, should've put that OG monogram on the cuff.

  11. I don’t know how to tell you this but billy mays is not a returning fan… unless zombies are a thing know

  12. Respect O.G.!, as always another impeccably done video. Even us older gents can sometimes slip a tad bit in the fashion dept!…thanks for always enlightening us man!. Big-up yourself! NYC!

  13. Simple Styling Is How To Make Any Outfit Look Fabulous. Thanks OG For Another Great Video👍 Stay Sharp My Brother😎

  14. I prefer the old rule of spread or point collar dress shirt with dark suits, not buttondown collar.

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