The August Dress Sew Along with Whitney Sews

The August Dress Sew Along with Whitney Sews

hi everyone I’m Whitney and I post a new
tutorial every week to help sewers of all skill levels learn new projects and
techniques this week I’m showing a step-by-step tutorial for the August
dress it is a free pdf pattern from Happy Together by Jess in girls sizes 2
to 9 I don’t normally share tutorials for other people’s projects but this
video is special because it is part of the September 2019 collab with Akram
over at Akram’s ideas there are several awesome ladies sharing tutorials this
month for free patterns to get you all excited about national sewing month and
a few of the videos have already been posted and the rest of them will be up
later this month you can find the playlist for all of them linked in the
video description there is even a giveaway happening over on Instagram to
go along with this collab and all you need to do is watch some of the
September videos and so along with one of the patterns that is featured and
share a picture of it over on instagram with the correct hashtags and all of
that information is down in the video description as well it’s definitely
worth entering the giveaway because there are some really cool prizes that
are going along with it now let’s get into the so long as I mentioned already
this is a free pdf pattern from Happy Together by Jess I will have the direct
link for it in the video description there is a bit of assembly required with
the pattern pieces I don’t have a big enough space to show this very well but
all the pages will be laid out and take together in three rows of three first
trim off the excess at the dotted lines on the left and top sides so you can
match everything up and tape them together line everything up the best you
can using the pattern lines and the dotted cutting lines as a guide take
your time because you want your pieces to be as accurate as possible so your
project turns out looking as nice as possible when you’re done assembling all
the pages it should look like this there is a list of measurements for the sizes
over on the website and you will want to compare your child sizes to them to
figure out what size you will need to cut the pattern – I chose size 4/5
for my oldest daughter but she is very tall and she likes long dresses so
I am adding seven inches to the measurements listed for the lower
portion of the dress pin the pieces to the fabric and cut around them the same
way you would with any sewing pattern you will need a back piece and the outer
and lining fabrics cut on the fold to left front pieces that are mirror images
of each other and to right front pieces that are
mirror images the pieces need to be mirrored so the lining will end up with
the pretty side showing on the inside of the dress the pattern directions did not
cover this but it’s something I knew to do as an experienced sewer you will also
need the two skirt pieces we’re going to start sewing the bodice line the front
and back pieces up at the shoulders so they are right sides together add clips
to hold them in place it will look like this when it’s all
opened up repeat with the lining pieces lining
them up at the shoulders right sides together and sew with the lining and outer opened up lay
the two so they are right sides together with all the edges lined up as nicely as
possible add plenty of clips then sew around the
arm openings and the entire neck and front edge the side seams and bottoms
should be left unsewn you can see here the areas that were left open
this is necessary for turning the bodice out to the right sides grab a pair of scissors and cut down the
seam allowance at the corners and cut snips and the seam allowances around the
curves this will help the bodice look nicer when it’s finished reach in through the opening and turn
everything right sides out smooth out the seams and poke out the corners as
best you can give the entire piece of press with your
iron it’s looking for really nice so far but the side seams are still unsewn pick one side of the dress and open up
the pieces at the side match up the seam that joins the outer to the lining and
position so the seam allowances are going in opposite directions add some clips then repeat on the other
side opening up the pieces and pairing them up right sides together and match
the seam where the lining meets the outer so across to join them together
and close up the side seams on both sides
then flip the pieces so all the pretty sides are on the outside and give it a
nice press with your iron the bodice of the dress should be
looking like this now cross the longer part of the front over as shown use a
few safety pins to hold the front layers together now on to the skirt leave the two pieces
right sides together lining up all the edges so down both sides I went ahead
and searched the sides as well so they are nicely finished you can choose
whatever seam finishing method you prefer fold the bottom edge up twice to
form a double fold hem and sew all the way around now gather the top edge I did this by
threading a needle with a long length of thread and sewing a running stitch along
the top I like this better than machine gathering because I feel it’s easier to
adjust the amount of gathers as I fit it to the other half of the dress place the
bodice inside the skirt so they are right sides together with the raw edges
all lined up first match up the side seams of the bodice with the side seams
of the skirt and clip them together then use the gathering thread to adjust the
size of the skirt until it is gathered down to the same size as the bodice try
to even out together is the best you can and clip in a few more places
then it’s so all the way around to attach the bodice to the skirt afterward
I went back and searched around the same seam to finish off the edges flip
everything out to the right sides and all that’s left is to sew on a couple of
buttons they are decorative so you can sew on one two or three however many you
prefer I dug through my huge button stash until I found two that I really
liked so the buttons on through both layers of the front of the dress the
layers are held together at the bottom edge where the bodice attaches to the
skirt but the stitching holding the buttons on is what will keep the upper
portion together now I love how this dress turned out and it’s super cute and
my daughter absolutely loves it but I did want to also include a quick review
of the pattern and just share some of my thoughts on it some things I liked some
things I didn’t care for as much so I wanted to cover that really quickly
before we finish out the video so I definitely appreciate this pattern any
pattern that a sewer provides for free is amazing it is definitely above and
beyond anything that they have to do so you know definitely appreciate this
pattern and that is provided for free that being said there are a couple of
things that I didn’t love about it but it may be just personal opinion and one
of those things is how the top is closed I love that it does not include any
functional closures so my daughter is not having to deal with actually undoing
any buttons or trying to zip a zipper or anything like that however that being
said as much as I love that I also don’t love it because I feel like she’s going
to outgrow this dress quicker than she would otherwise because it can only fit
her so long before she’s no longer able to pull it on and off just over her head
and when that time comes I will probably just remove the buttons and the
stitching that’s holding the front closed and I will probably just install
a couple of plastic snaps there that way we can unsnap that part of the bodice
give her a little more wiggle room let her get the dress on and then we can
snap it back close and I don’t think it’ll really take away from the overall
design of the dress especially if I pick some snaps I don’t know if I want to
pick some that blend in well or if I want to go with a nice contrast on that
so let me know your thoughts on that but that’s one thing that I love about the
dress and also don’t really love so much while making the pattern I did have a
little bit of confusion with the labeling of the pattern pieces the
Front’s are labeled as right and left and to me they seemed backwards from
what made sense to me anyway and this could just be a personal thing but I
felt like they should have been labeled differently or had the opposite name on
them so that created just a little bit of confusion so I just kept referring
back to the original post on the website to make sure I was getting everything
correctly the original post also did not include the information as I mentioned
earlier on needing to flip some of the pattern pieces to make sure that the
lining was cut mirror image and I definitely wanted my lining to look
really nice and have the correct side of the fabric showing inside and nowhere
that I saw in the original instructions did it mention needing to flip the
pattern to get that mirror image thankfully I did figure it out ahead of
time and I was able to share that in my instructions that I shared earlier in
the video and finally the shoulders of the dress
are shaped a little weirdly they kind of have just a funny curve to them and that
is actually mentioned in the original post and instructions she said since it
was a free pattern she didn’t really take the time to correct that small
issue with the shoulders which it’s fine it still fits comfortably it still you
know works out fine it just has this kind of a weird shape to it and so if I
make the dress again I’ll probably just correct that myself
um but like I said it’s a free pattern we can’t be too picky about it so those
are just my thoughts on this pattern overall I really liked it my daughter
loves the dress she actually calls it her Star Wars princess dress
but let me know if you want to see more videos like this or I’m working through
other people’s tutorials instead of ones that I come up with on my own if you
make your own version of the dress make sure to share a picture and enter into
the hashtag so Timber collab because we would love to see what you make and we
also love for you to win the awesome prizes you can find all of the other so
Timber videos in that playlist that I mentioned earlier I’ll link it right
over here to the side just to make it easier for you and also hit that red
subscribe button down below if you haven’t already so you don’t miss out on
all of my upcoming videos and until next time happy sewing

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  1. The buttons that you chose are large enough, that you could hide snaps behind them. I like to use pinking shears on the curves. Thanks for all the information and making the video. I also like your method of gathering.

  2. Your comments on the pattern are super valuable. Good to know what to look out for, even as an experienced sewist. If something looks simple it's easy to miss things like mirror imaging lining on an asymmetrical bodice. How would you change the shoulder shape next time?

  3. On the I icon in the top-right corner you served in a pole! More videos like this or only your own patterns? I vote more videos

  4. I wonder if I could just make the buttons functional? I would love to try and make this but I have to add pockets because my girls are pocket-obsessed.

  5. This was great and yes please, I’d love to see you workout other patterns from other people. And your daughter is so your twin. Such a cutie pie and I love the Star Wars theme…

  6. Hey Whitney great sewalong. I really enjoyed watching this even though I dont have youngsters to make for. Your daughter looks beautiful in her dress.

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