The Best Ever: Halloween Costume (Last Minute Ideas!) 👻💀

The Best Ever: Halloween Costume (Last Minute Ideas!) 👻💀

I’ll probably dress up as her again at least
five more times in my life just to keep outdoing myself. I did have a really good year in elementary
school where my mom made me a Jasmine costume so that stands out in my mind. I enjoy Halloween now. Mom and Dad if you’re watching this — didn’t
work. [laughs] Hey NaturallyCurly World, I’m Evelyn and this
is my best ever– My best ever — Best ever Halloween costume. ♫ electronic music plays ♫ So growing up, I did not celebrate Halloween
because it is of the devil according to my parents, but all that did was make me go extra
hard as an adult. Once I moved out the house, went to college,
I’m in a different city? Ooo, it was on and popping. So Halloween for me is a huge holiday. It’s my favorite holiday. Not only because it’s Halloween and you can
be whoever you want to be, but my birthday is the day afterwards, so I kinda think of
it as the beginning of Lauren’s birthday celebration. Maybe I was a selfish child for thinking that,
but I don’t care ’cause I got cake and candy, so… I have really grown to love Halloween in recent
years. I admit that in my younger years, I was pretty
basic. I’m not proud of my costumes from college. I think I thought I was too cool to dress
up in high school. So in 2016, I dressed up as Frida Khalo. If anybody knows me, they know that Frida
is bae. Frida is everything. I’m obsessed with her. I cry over her art work. With choosing to dress up as Frida, of course
the first thing that came into my mind was “how can I be Frida without culturally appropriating
Frida?” So I had the unibrow. It was great, I felt really comfortable in
it. I had a cigarette also – I don’t smoke in
real life, but I had a cigarette for the night. And the lipstick too. It was like a beautiful red matte lipstick. Which, I can’t remember if Frida wore lipstick,
but it’s Halloween so, we gon’ wear lipstick today. I’m not really good at dressing up as someone
current because I always feel like I’m gonna go out and everyone else is also gonna be
dressed up like them. So last Halloween, I really tried to think
of something that was not too specific. So I went really broad and I just went with
Old Man! I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials for how
to get the makeup just right. And I ended up using this, um…it’s like
maybe a latex or a glue. You paint it on. And then it tightens. And then you kind of like, stretch your skin
a little bit and it creates wrinkles. And the wrinkles were so realistic. I borrowed some man clothes. It was like a button down grandpa shirt and
some uncool khaki shorts, and I pulled my socks high up, and I wore a fanny pack, and
I held a beer bottle. And then, I used eyeshadow to create liver
spots. So I really went to town on the liver spots. I did a gray mustache. It was one of my best days. Ever. So I had my, um, ignorant moments of being
Pocahontas. Um, ya know, so I’ve been around the block
as far as Halloween costumes go, but my best ever costume was Gustavo Fring from Breaking
Bad. Alright, so this is not a spoiler because
Breaking Bad ended years ago. But Gus Fring gets blown up in the show and
in the scene half his face, half his body is gone. So half his face is blown up and then the
rest is in tact. Is that possible when people get blown up? I don’t know. But it looked really cool on television. So I decided to recreate it, and I was not
only Gustavo Fring, but I was Gustavo Fring with half my face blown off. So what I did was I glued like, paper…toilet
paper to my face to kind of make peely skin. And it was kinda wet and goopy. And then I painted it with foundation, right? And then I peeled it off and shaded it to
make it look like wounds. So it was so great. I thought it was amazing. I was Frida responsibly and that’s the biggest
thing. Just making sure that you are portraying the
person who you want to be, but not exaggerating that person. I was so comfortable for the whole day. I always dress a little bit on the more masculine
side anyway, but to be able to have the creative license to just go all the way? I could really kind of feel a difference in
the way I was carrying myself and acting that day, and it felt really good. I loved it. I think everybody else loved it. Especially, ’cause you know Breaking Bad fans
are like, tight knit. Especially amongst other Breaking Bad fans,
they immediately knew who I was. And that for me, is the best part of Halloween
costumes. Is people understanding instantly who you
are. So that’s it. In the comments below let me know what your
best ever Halloween costume was. If you enjoyed this video, give it a like,
comment, share, and subscribe. We post The Best Ever every Monday, so we’ll
see you next week. Happy Halloween!

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  2. I had had my halloween costume played out since Christmas. Hazel Levesque is a Percy Jackson character who has natural hair!!!

  3. Christina and Evelyn costumes ARE amazing!!! It's so creepy, it's perfect!!!! I never really celebrated Halloween, it's not that popular in France.

  4. Being Sailor Moon when I was 6 years old was pretty awesome. I continued to wear that costume for YEARS after, just to play dress up in, until the skirt became too short. 🙁

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