The Best Men’s Ties & How To Wear/Match Them To Your Outfit, Height and Body Type

The Best Men’s Ties & How To Wear/Match Them To Your Outfit, Height and Body Type

(twangy music) ♫ Stand by your man ♫ – Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a mens, I was like what am I. Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. This video is part of my Men’s
Essential Accessories series. To see the other articles
and videos in this series, check out this link below. All right, so today, I wanna go over ties. Like the other essential
accessories that you own, you want your ties to go with the rest of your essential wardrobe. I see a lot of mistakes that
men are making with their ties. They are wearing ties that
are the wrong material or the fabric weight
doesn’t even compliment the rest of their outfit,
or it doesn’t even go with the rest of their
outfits to begin with. They either are wearing
some like bold crazy color or pattern or the width of their tie is too wide or too skinny,
which really throws off the proportions of your body. So it’s a big deal. And lastly, I see a lot of
men tying the wrong knot. I don’t know why, it’s
just a thing that irks me because it really separates a well-dressed gentleman from an average guy. So let me show you what
to look for in a tie so that it works in every situation, regardless of what you’re wearing. First up, I wanna go over how to match your tie to your outfit. It’s actually really
simple, and this works 100% of the time. You want to have the color of your tie be similar in terms of color to any other color in your outfit. For example, what I
mean by that, if you are wearing a charcoal suit
with a white dress shirt and black dress shoes, you
can go with a gray tie, a charcoal tie like this,
because it compliments the gray suit you’re wearing. Or you can even go with
a black tie because that compliments your black dress shoes. Now, if you are wearing
a navy suit with a white dress shirt and brown dress shoes, then you can go with a
blue tie because again, it compliments the blue
suit that you’re wearing or you can even go with a brown tie, which compliments your brown dress shoes. A third example that’s
more casual, in case you’re not wearing a suit is
if you’re wearing a gray sport coat with say a white dress shirt, dark wash jeans and brown dress shoes, then you can go with a, again, gray tie because it compliments
your gray sport coat, or you can go with a navy tie because it compliments your jeans, and guess what, you can also go with
a brown tie because it compliments your brown dress shoes. So it’s just a really
simple rule that works in 100% of situations. Anything outside of that,
if you want to experiment with other colors and patterns, you can, but it just is outside
the scope of this series because you can go wrong
with that very quickly. If you’re unsure or if
you just wanna look great 100% of the time, then
stick with this rule. Let’s get into what your
tie should be made out of. There’s only really one material you need to look for in a tie, and
that’s going with a silk texture tie like I have here. This will work year-round
with every outfit that you could possibly wear. I love a nice textured silk tie. Now, you do want to
avoid a silk tie that is just satiny smooth with no texture. This type of tie is used
for like a black-tie outfit, but even then, a textured silk tie would work just as well. Instead, stick with a textured silk tie. You can also go with a silk knit tie, like I have here. This is great for spring and summertime, but it’s a season item, so you don’t want to wear it outside of that. For specific product recommendations, I cover that in my
Summer Essentials ebook. I’m not gonna cover it in this video because, again, it’s a seasonal item. In terms of what colors you should own, you wanna stick with black, charcoal, navy, and then you can also throw in a silver or a light gray, but these colors will work with 100% of the outfits you’ll be wearing. Outside of this, I would
say, once you’ve gotten these basic colors
down, then you can start going with lighter
shades or with jewel tone or pastel tones like
burgundies, browns, green,s all of those colors, but only do that once you feel very comfortable about matching your ties to your outfit. Once you’ve got those solid color ties in black, charcoal and
navy, then it’s time to add some patterns. I really recommend going
with some striped ties, but make sure there’s no more
than three colors to them, and the major color
should be either black, charcoal or navy still. You can also add some polka dot ties, like I have here but again,
in the recommended colors. You just wanna make sure
that you just don’t have the polka dots be too
large or too like heavy, like concentrated, where there’s
a ton of dots everywhere. It’s very distracting,
and it doesn’t look good. So something similar to these are great. This next point is super important, and it has to deal with making sure you wear the proper tie width. The proper tie width is basically
dependent on two things. Your height and your body type. The reason why it’s
important is because it’s going to keep your body
proportions nice and balanced. What I mean by that is,
if you are a broad guy, and you’re wearing a skinny tie, that tie is gonna make you look
even wider than you are. And then the same goes
for if you are a skinny guy and you wear a wide tie. The wide tie is now making you look even thinner than you are. This is why you really wanna pay attention to selecting ties that
are the proper tie width for your body type and your height. If you’re under five feet eight inches and you’re very thin, then
you wanna go with a tie that’s two inches wide. If you’re unsure if you’re
skinny enough to wear this type of tie, or this width of tie, then go with a 2 1/2-inch
wide tie, like I have here. If you’re five feet eight
inches to six feet three inches tall and you have a slim or average build, then you wanna stick with
a 2 1/2-inch wide tie. If you have a large or a broad build, regardless of what your
height is, you wanna stick with a three-inch wide tie, and then also, if you are
taller than six feet three inches, doesn’t matter
what your body type is, you wanna also stick with
a three-inch wide tie. An important note about silk-knit ties is that they generally only come in two different size widths. So you’ve go a two-inch
wide or a 2.75-inch wide. If you are under five foot eight inches and you are an average
to slim build, then go with a two-inch wide silk-knit tie. If you are taller than five foot eight or you have a wide build,
no matter what your height is, then go with the 2.75-inch wide silk-knit tie. Moving on to tie lengths,
this is not something that you have to really worry about. It’s pretty standardized
across all brands. You’re gonna be pretty
hard pressed to find a brand that offers a
short and a long version, and honestly, that doesn’t
even come into play unless you’re under five feet four inches or if you’re like six five and taller. That’s when you’ll really
need either a shortened tie length, which a
tailor can easily shorten, or a longer tie length. The Tie Bar does offer,
actually, a longer length in case you are six-foot-five and over, but really, it’s not something
you have to worry about. Lastly, in terms of what
knot you should use, go with the half windsor knot. This is my absolute favorite. I love the dimple that it creates, and it’s a nice triangular
shape to the knot. It just looks so much better than a simple four-in-hand knot, which
is what most men use. That’s just way too casual and sloppy, and I don’t prefer the full windsor knot unless your six-five and super broad because it just creates
way too bulky of a knot. It really looks dated and terrible and not proportional to the rest of their outfit. So make sure, stick with
the half windsor knot. It’s the only knot you need to know. I am a huge fan of
country music, and I have family from Texas, so
I’m gonna actually try to do this outro in a southern accent. It’s probably gonna be just as bad as when I did my British accent, but let’s see how close I get to a true southern accent. All right. Whew. Y’all remember to subscribe to my channel for more videos like this, and if you like this video, give it a thumbs up. Thanks so much for
watchin’, and y’all come back now, ya hear?

100 Replies to “The Best Men’s Ties & How To Wear/Match Them To Your Outfit, Height and Body Type”

  1. Wow, fashions sure do change. Especially when one doesn't pay attention for a while. So the era of power ties is over, and now I've got to worry about matching my tie to my outfit? Dang. I guess it makes sense, though, when the entrepreneur of yesteryear who was out to be noticed has been supplanted by the crony capitalist of today who does his deals in the back rooms. BTW, mom always said that I take fashion way too seriously… πŸ˜›

  2. The thing I notice a lot when I see people that wear suit with a tie, is that they are thinking that it doesn't matter what they doing with their tie. They just think that it's enough to just wear a tie. But actually, I think that there is nothing where you can do so much wrong as a tie! Width, Color, Material, Knot, Dimple, Width of your lapel, the spread of your shirt collar, etc. You have to think about so much if you wanna wear a tie. It's easy once you know what you're doing, but I would say that out of a hundred, only one man actually does everything correct when he wears a tie!

  3. Does the suit lapel width need to match the tie width? I think I heard that the widths should match, but im not sure.

  4. Agree with everything but the width. It should be proportional to the lapels and the collar and 2" is just too skinny unless you're really slight.

  5. A nice overall guide with solid info. Well-done! I'm fairly surprised you didn't mention putting a dimple in your tie as you did recommend textured over smooth ones so it seems you could've slipped it in there. That being said, it could be considered to be "advanced" and you were already covering a lot of information. (:

  6. hey ashley!

    i need your help! im going to a wedding reception but i dont know what to wear. i dont want to wear a full suit but i just dont know how formal or casual i should be. any tips would be nice [email protected]

  7. Isn't tie width related to blazer/jacket lapel too? Wide lapel calls for wide tie, and narrower lapel means narrower tie width?

  8. I think one reason why you often see the Winsor is that is often passed down from generation to generation.Β  My dad had taught me that one.Β  But of course, he is a product of the less formal 1960's and from a rural area.Β  Since I don't wear ties too often, I go with what I know.Β  I know, it's not an answer you would like to hear.

    And yes, I too like stripes and some types of patterns because it adds elegance to an outfit.

  9. I associate knit ties with winter! I think limiting knit ties to the spring and summer is probably a southern California thing.

    "I remember the coolest thing: he and his friends would go to work in the winter in a flannel shirt with a knit tie [and a] navy blazer."

  10. Hi so I liked this video alot it was very informative. It would be cool if you can gave your insight on the brands of ties since I have seen much advertisment on Huge Boss, Ferragamo, Burbery, ted baker etc. Also you killed that southern accent at the end! It was very adorable to be honest! Lmao! Have a great day Ms.Weston! πŸ™‚

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  12. Wearing ties only of this boring kind leads to skipping the tie in the end. Sure, basics are safe and in some cases (!) the best choice. Dressing always this way is horrible, dull and sometimes it can make a man look more like attending a funeral than being outfitted for a party. Plus it makes it impossible to raise one's style skills. Where is red, purple, green, yellow and even orange? And yes, it IS possible to wear two, three, even four patterns… (suit, shirt, tie, pocket square) but only for the experienced dresser. Being safe day by day is only for the man who knows absolutely nothing about style. Getting knowledge is more difficult but gives a man many rewards.

  13. Tie knots are subjective to the type of tie that you're wearing. Half Windsor is definitely one of the more versatile tie knots but it depends on the thickness, width and what material the tie is made from, not to forget matching it with the width of the lapel. But I'm not a celebrity menswear stylist πŸ˜›

  14. Hey Ashley, so on thetiebar site if I buy a 2.5" Tie, should I buy their 1.5" tie bar to go with the tie? or a 1" tie bar?

  15. Power red, wealth gold and ladies killer pink ties. With the addition on most shades of blue, those are my go to ties. And I don't own a red yellow or suit. 85% score on this video. Respectable and valid just slightly incomplete in regards to true suiting. Suiting in the sense of business where most people would elect to adorn a tie. Great stuff though, I'm a subscriber and your shoe lacing video is literally the best one on the net right now. TUCK YOUR LACES GENTS!!! I'll be watching

  16. I like your videos but I could not disagree more about the four-in-hand. It is the most classic and elegant knot, and is why you will find JFK, Obama, Prince Charles and many others wearing it, whom I doubt anyone would call "sloppy" in dress. Also interesting to note that the man the Windsor knot is named after wore four in hands exclusively and scoffed at the Windsor.

  17. I think you left a lot out of this video, and the colors and patterns you recommended were really un-adventurous. The best way to know if your tie works is to use the color wheel! I have a color wheel that shows you what colors go with what. There are many different ways colors go together: complimentary (Which is actually opposite colors), monochromatic, analogous, you name it. So, if I am wearing a navy suit, I know that an orange tie would look excellent because it is complimentary to blue/navy. I could also match the navy with other primary colors like yellow and red. To be honest, there are a lot of colors that go with each other. It's important not to get stuck with an analogous or monochromatic look because that is pretty boring. The thing you should be looking out for is that there are not too many patterns. A striped shirt and a paisley tie and a window pane suit are way too much. Overall: not impressed with your video because the colors/patterns are boring.

  18. Hey Ashley, so I was thinking about picking up a suit supply suit for ~$400 (Napoli fit) I tried it on in store and it fit great. The only problem is that the lapels are ~3.5” wide.

    Should I still wear a 2.5” tie or should I try to match the tie width to the lapel width as so many other style websites recommend? (according to MFA my tie should be ~3” to match the lapels but not any slimmer.)

    Should I just buy a different suit with slimmer lapels over all?

    For reference I am 6’1” ~170 lbs and an average build.

  19. Ashley I have very broad shoulder i have a chest size I wear a 40S suits and im around 5'7" what width of tie should i get

  20. I'm enjoying some of your videos, but this one just seems way off to me. First of all, a grey tie with a grey suit or a navy tie with a navy suit sounds awful to me, and I can't imagine it looking good. Second of all, after blue (and black, I guess), one of the most important colors on a man's tie rack is red. And if anything else in your formal outfit is red, you are pulling some weird shit.

    On top of that, I don't understand why you're recommending silk ties to men who, in your estimation, are not ready for patterns. Silk ties are absurdly casual, and still hard-to-wear in a casual context. Get yourself a few striped power ties (blue and red), a few dotted, checked/plaid or other subtly patterned ties (blue and something else), a paisley or two (maybe play with pink or something here), and something else interesting — maybe even go floral. All of them should be silk — she got that right. Texture doesn't really matter, unless you really want a casual tie, which… Until you have a good selection of dress ties, and you know how to wear those, do not worry about casual ties.

  21. You should give a lesson on how to wear a tie to that mentally deficient creature called Trump, and make it the most expensive lesson, I guess!

  22. what about the rule that the width of the tie needing to compliment the lapel width? i mean, keeping proportion in the outfit is also really important…

  23. Can you do a video on bow ties? I wear them to most formal occasions such as parties and sometimes modeling events.

  24. thanks a lot for your suit related videos.

    i wear them for my job and I work a a lawyer, which is a very competitive career.

    it helps a lot

  25. im just binge watching youre videos, i subscribed after the first video. follow me on instagram!!! insta the same as my youtube username

  26. A navy and burgundy tie are essential. I also feel that the lapel width and tie width should be similar. I've seen men wear narrow ties with wide peak lapels, and it just looks stupid.

  27. thank you, thank you, thank you…new to your channel, great series and 75% of what I own is now being donated

  28. I find your advise in this video to be absolutely horrible. Wool ties with a sports coat, raises a person's style level. Solid colours ties are absolutely boring.

  29. what do you think? ?? too mutch texture od decent pick with a navy suit?

  30. i use ties to bring color into my wardrobe. i use socks and ties to bring attention away from my midsection. the way you want us to lookis too conservative

  31. While the advices about colors can be considered fair (except for the black tie which I would wear only in specific situations), given the fact that the video is intended for people who never wore a tie before, what you said about the knot is completely wrong. First of all, you can have a dimple with every knot, not just the half windsor; that said, when you choose the knot you have to take into account the tie's length, its thickness and the width of your shirt's collar. So it is simply not true that a half windsor will always work.

  32. You're right, that southern accent of yours was atrocious. My mom and dad were from the south so I grew up with the southern twang.

  33. Black silk knit tie, with white, waffle texture French cuff shirt?? (With black suit, and shoes)
    Yes or no????? (Office Christmas party)

  34. Extra long ties are important. As a bigger man, I can attest that having a tie cover more real estate to reach your waist while also being long enough to use the keeper requires a longer length. Also, large knots are pretty much a non-option if you don't actually get them long enough and you have a gut.

  35. Good southern accent Here is a challenge, You and Antonio do a video on how to incorporate western cloths into dress wear, including the rodeo buckle and Stetson.

  36. Sooooooo you can only wear ties that match your suit? So I can only wear a green tie if I have a green suit on? I can only wear a red tie if I'm wearing red shoes? LMAO

  37. Sad to see the solid colors and boring pattern ties. Also, no bow ties?? Its a good video as a base to help some one that struggles but. Personally I see style as alot like poetry or art, first you need to learn the rules and then you can break them in ways that make you feel confidant and suit you best.

  38. Haha the outro was hilarious. Also the weird look when she talks about 'above 6.5"', that is not uncommon here in Holland. The type of knot is subject to debate, a urinal gap is typically Italian. Four-in-hand is much better.

  39. Not everything has to match. For example, if you wear denim jeans, you don't have to wear a denim shirt to match

  40. Not all men wear silk Ashley for cultural reasons. Silk in certain cultures is the luxurious preserve of women. So cotton, linen and wool are materials of choice.

  41. Where are the colors? All the ties are winter colors, and except for blue are all drab. The tie is a focal point of a man. There should be color in the ties; it should pop. Sorry, but this is horrible advice, and plain jane does not look good 100% of the time. You'll look boring, in mens wear which are already restricted in colors, and patterns. And please stop advising same color suit and tie. Men stop taking fashion advice from women and learn about it yourself. You don't see women asking men for fashion advice.

  42. If you tie the four-in-hand correctly you get that dimple and it's perfect. Even on spread collars.

  43. Stumbled across this while watching a current video. Ashley's color recommendations are "safe", but I think of ties as perhaps the one place where a splash of color is allowed or even recommended. It doesn't have to be extreme, like a red and purple paisley or something, but it doesn't have to be limited to subtle polka dots or diagonal stripes, either. Check out any menswear store for options.

    Definitely Half Windsor is preferred, but a Four in Hand works okay if the tie is short but something you really want to wear.

    BTW, I grew up in Tennessee, though I don't speak with an accent nowadays. Mostly. Anyway, I don't think of "y'all" as a strongly required part of modern southern diction any more. For me, it's mostly a matter of vowel pronunciation.

  44. What about if i have a patterned shirt like checkered (not gingham) red/white? difficult to mix my ties up unless i go for redish maroon

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    By the way, you didn't mention anything about bow ties. But since you are from Texas, you should​ have mentioned the Texas bolo tie.

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  50. Ashley, nice video! What do you think about ties that have red color in then, not plain red, do you think that they can be worn with the essentials in a gentleman's formal wardrobe? Thanks!

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