The Best Pocket Squares – How To Match, Wear & Other Rules

The Best Pocket Squares – How To Match, Wear & Other Rules

(classical music) – Hi, I’m Ashley Weston, I’m
a celebrity menswear stylist. This video is part of my Men’s
Essential Accessories series. To check out the other articles
and videos in this series check out this link below. Alright so, today I wanna talk
to you about pocket squares. Like I’ve maintained in all of my videos, it’s the smaller details that really sets a well dressed gentleman apart
from just an average guy. A pocket square is one of
those easily overlooked items that instantly adds polish to an outfit. So if you’re new to pocket squares, the worst possible thing you can do is to go overboard with it, and
what I mean by that is choosing crazy patterns or colors, or just doing outrageous folds
with your pocket squares. There is a very fine line
between sharp and tacky. So remember, with your pocket
squares, keep it simple. Before I get into the pocket
squares you should own let me answer some common
questions I get asked about them. When should you wear a pocket square? Any time you’re wearing
a suit or a sport coat, pop in a pocket square, it’s
gonna look sharp and very nice and it appropriate to wear it then but if you are wearing a
topcoat or an overcoat, please, please do not add a pocket
square to your breast pocket, it’s so unnecessary and just really looks tacky and very amateur. The next question I get
asked is, do you always need to wear a pocket square
with a suit or a sport coat? Not necessarily, but I
always default to yes. If the outfit is formal, like a suit, then I always say definitely
add a pocket square, but the more causal an outfit is, the less necessary it is to have one. The next question I get asked a lot is how do you match your pocket
square to your outfit? So a rookie mistake, that
I see a lot of guys making, which looks bad 100% of the time, is when they match their
pocket square to their ties. I shudder when I see those silk tie and pocket square combinations
at a department store or when you see those
really bad prom photos. A very simple rule of thumb to follow, which looks great 100% of the time regardless of if you are going tie-less or you’re wearing a
solid or patterned tie, is to match your pocket square
to the color of your shirt, or at least a shade of that color. You’ll never go wrong doing
this, it will always look great and it provides a nice contrast between the items you’re wearing. So for example, if you’re
wearing a navy suit with a white dress shirt then you wanna have a white pocket square. Again, it’s a nice contrast
between your items. But say, just for instance, you switch out that white dress shirt for
a light blue dress shirt, now you want a light blue pocket square. Another example is if you’re
wearing a charcoal suit with a white dress shirt
and a black silk tie. You then wanna go with
a white pocket square. The worst thing you could do
is having a black pocket square with, to match, your black, silk tie. It just looks so tacky and you don’t want dark on dark like that. A black pocket square
with a charcoal suit, you’re barely gonna even
see that pocket square and at that point it’s like,
why did you even put one in? And it just starts to, really
look tacky and unpolished, it does the opposite. So always have contrast
between your items. The only exception to this rule is if you go with a pocket
square with tipping. So what I mean by tipping is, this is a white pocket
square with gray tipping. So think of tipping as the border color. So if you do decide to go with
a pocket square with tipping then you wanna match the color of the tipping to your tie color. This is the one instance
where you would match the tipping color to your tie, or at least a shade of it anyways. But if you aren’t wearing a tie, then match the tipping to a
shade of your shirt color. Another question I’ve been asked is what material should
your pocket square be? So I recommend going with cotton because it works in 100% of situations. I’ve definitely worked with linen, wool and silk pocket squares but they have very specific use cases
and a cotton pocket square would have easily worked in
those situations as well. So there is no need to complicate this, go with a cotton pocket square. So that leaves us with the
million dollar question which is what colors and patterns should you own? So ideally you wanna have at
least three pocket squares. The first being a plain
white pocket square. This is gonna be your go to and probably the one you’ll use the most. For myself, I definitely use this one the most with my clients. So I have this one here
as well as, actually, all of these on the
table by I probably use them for 99% of my clients. I absolutely love them. They’re budget friendly
and they’re not paying me to say this, I just really
love their products. So enough about that, after
the plain white pocket square, you should definitely
have a white pocket square with either navy or gray tipping. If you can, definitely get both. The third pocket square you wanna have is a navy or black gingham
pattern pocket square. Again, if you can, get both of them. So obviously I know that
there are million other colors and patterns out there, in terms of your pocket squares, the beauty of these pocket
squares and why I love them is that they’re interchangeable
with your outfits. They’re going to go with
whatever you’re wearing and it doesn’t matter what your age is, what your body type is. So as to how you should
fold your packet squares well, I did a whole
video about the best ways to fold your pocket square
so definitely check it out.

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  1. Why don't you put a time table to all your videos,I know it's gonna be a tiring work to do ,but it'd be appreciated, especially by me who recheck some much videos of yours from time to time

  2. I personally like to wear pocket squares but I very rarely see any politician wearing them which is a sad thing. Perhaps it is because they worry it would make them too elitist or too dandyish compared to their average voter…

  3. I love pocket squares! They're pretty much the only thing in Classic menswear were you can really have fun with! Well you can also really have fun with socks, but beside from that there aren't many items in your outfit were you can completely go nuts!

  4. Hear! Hear! Great advice, per usual, Ms. Weston. I never wear a jacket without a pocket square and they're a very easy way to up your style game. I've always gone with silk as it provides a nice contrast to a lot of the worsted wool jackets are made of (especially tweed) but I'll have to look into cotton ones for their versatility. Love how you always focus on the details such as not having too much of the square exposed (a la Steve Harvey who I saw today while changing channels) and angling it towards the shoulder as well. I used to go for the single point fold but now mostly use the Presidential and puff ones. Great solid advice on matching as well.

  5. Who made these rules? I mean i want to know history behind it. Can you make a video on who created these rules or these are just individual code of conducts.

  6. Hey Ashley, can you wear a pocket square to a funeral? I live in Japan and it's very conservative, so I'm a bit unsure.

  7. Hey Ashley,

    What about matching it with the shoe& belt? For instance if I am wearing navy suit, white shirt, oxblood shoes&belt, is it a good idea, say wearing burgundy pocket square?

  8. Wow nicely explained.
    Pls ans. Me i am an advocate which colour is suitable for my black suit and white shirt? Exept white pocket square.

  9. I disagree about not matching tie and pocket square. They are almost always sold together. That means they are supposed to be matched.

  10. So if I get a shirt tailored, should I get a pocket square made from the same shirting? Or does an exact match only really work with white?

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