The Best Ways to Pack Clothes Without Wrinkles : Smart Packing & Travel Tips

The Best Ways to Pack Clothes Without Wrinkles : Smart Packing & Travel Tips

hi I'm Leslie Wilmot wardrobe and packing expert with smart packing and founder of smart women on the go in this video I'm going to show you the best way to pack clothes in a suitcase to prevent wrinkling now the first rule is don't over pack make sure that you leave enough room around your clothing rather than squishing it so that you don't have wrinkling on the other end of your trip and the other rule is to pack travel friendly clothing if at the end of the day your clothes are this wrinkled like linen would be these are not travel friendly and they're not packing friendly now my favorite technique for preventing wrinkles is to use plastic dry cleaners bags and the technique I favor for clothes that tend to wrinkle is folding but I call this inter folding what I've done is I've divided the cavity of my suitcase into layers and I actually have a little divider in here that came with the suitcase and then I just begin to fold my clothing one into the other you can see that I've put my pants in first and I've let the legs go over the side and I alternate where they're placed I also have plastic drycleaners bags between each layer of clothing the pants are on the long side and then I'm going to take my shorter items such as jackets or blouses and I put them in top to bottom of the suitcase put in another bag and then I begin to fold I'm in turf Olding so that as I alternate pieces and smooth as I go each garment protects the next and it serves to softly fold the clothes rather than a crease that could possibly set into the clothes now I'd like to show you a technique for folding and packing either men's or women's shirts to keep them nice and crisp first of all I've got my husband's shirt here and he doesn't like a wrinkle in them so I lay it flat on the bed opened up and then I'm and have a drycleaners plastic bag on there that helps to prevent wrinkles and I fold the arms in and the size of the shirt in over that drycleaners plastic bag which was placed on the back of the shirt then I put a another dry cleaner bag in there I have folded it lengthwise and I am going to fold up the shirt just a third and then a third again to the collar area now I take another drycleaners bag and I place the shirt in the center and then I just wrap this up in plastic and all that plastic is going to protect the shirt another way to pack a shirt and other items actually is to use a packing system these are really really handy and they have all the instructions there to help you fold items one of my girlfriends and actually my husband too when there when he is packing for himself he really loves this because he can use this as a guide to fold fold the shirt in on the sides first and it tells him exactly how to do it and then you fold up the bottom you slip out the cardboard and you're ready to start packing another item and you simply fold this over and it becomes a nice container to put into your suitcase i'm leslie Wilmot wardrobe and packing expert was smart packing and founder of smart women on the go and this is the best way to pack clothes in a suitcase to prevent wrinkling Oh

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  1. Now I take a dry cleaners bag, now I take another dry cleaners bag, now I take another dry cleaners bag, now I take another dry cleaners bag… so many plastic bags…

  2. I really love the way she packs. But the exaggerated use of those plastic bags is absolutely environmentally unconscious and ridiculous.

  3. This actually looks like a pretty good idea and I will try it. It might not work for everyone, but I only have a dress shirt and pants I need to pack and won't really have time to iron between the time I get there and the time I leave in the morning. I don't need everything else wrinkle free, it will just be jeans and tee shirts. The plastic helps prevent wrinkles by preventing the material folding on itself during transport I would think. Dry cleaner bags (if you choose to use them) are on ebay. I just bought 10 for $1.89 from China. They will take about 3 weeks to get here, but I'm not leaving for a couple of months.

  4. This brown looks like a color called "Coconut Grove," by Behr, I think. I just bought some for my living room…

  5. Fantastic tips! I have used these for years for business travel and always happy to have my clothes wrinkle-free on arrival. For those saying it's too much trouble, after you do it a couple times, it becomes as easy as tying a shoe. Personally I can't stand to iron, so to spend an extra 15 minutes packing is nothing as opposed to having to iron everything at my destination.

  6. First, the crass and childish comments are disappointing and unhelpful. The anonymity provided by the internet clearly leads to rude behavior. Before you hit "send," you should always reflect on whether you would want somebody to speak to your mother in this manner. As for the packing suggestions, this technique looks great if you are going to a single destination and unpacking everything upon arrival. However, I do not think it will be useful for a trip to multiple destinations. If, on day one, you want to wear the blouse at the center of the folding, you have to completely unwrap the entire pile, and then re-wrap the remaining clothes. I am planning an extended European tour, and I am leaning toward the various packing cubes that are currently on the market. Similar folding techniques may be employed, but all of the items can be compartmentalized and stored on a smaller scale.

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  8. Ever since I came across your video two years ago, I always use your technique and my clothes are always wrinkle free when I reach my destination! I just save my bags from the dry cleaners and store them in my suitcase until I'm ready to travel. Thanks for sharing your technique!

  9. That suitcase has more plastic than the pacific !!
    I just used some of that plastic to pack the dry cleaning lady herself. When I reached my destination she popped out and dry cleaned all my clothes.

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