The Big Bang Theory – Go put on some more clothes, you bitch!

The Big Bang Theory – Go put on some more clothes, you bitch!

you really want to help put on a rubber glove reach on up there and start pulling no you're joking but I grew up on a farm I'll do it just want this to be over you know when my yoga instructor was pregnant she told me there are tons of poses that put her right into labor and I'll try how do you feel like bendy poses or what got me into this mess okay we're gonna start with some nice breathing exercises sorry I can't think of anything except how flat your belly is oh thank you go put on some more clothes you bitch okay we go down and back up and back up ya hearing you is not the problem smile I'm telling you there's an acupressure point right above your ankle that can induce contractions just a warning my feet are a little swollen well please bun in bed I'm sure this okay nothing your ankles look fine and not at all like I just popped open a can of crescent rolls

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  1. She's hot in everything. Even in sweatshirt. Even if you give empty garbagge bag on her, She will be always sexy

  2. When they first introduced Bernadette she was much like the others smart, quirky and pretty funny due to her social awkwardness( Penny not so awkward) but as the show progressed they just turned her into an outright bitch.
    A lot of people commenting about the change of this show and others and that's fine but too many people are getting upset over a frigging TV show when people say it isn't good anymore. FFS calm down it's TV. Like most shows on for any length of time it will and has to change, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse, usually the worse, ' usually'.
    When I first saw the previews I had no interest at all, I believe Hollywood was just trying to get in on the explosion of geek/nerd culture and that's fine just not my thing. Then one day someone was watching an episode and I saw that Kaley Cuoco was on it and face it, like the character or not she is fucking hot so I kept watching. Then I watched a few more and started watching regularly not just because of Kaley but it was hilarious ,again I never thought a show about dorky crap I don't like could be funny but it was different which Is probably why it was so good. Then It changed and it changed for the worse, it was just TOO different from the original concept, it's a lot like watching a great family sitcom based heavily on the kids and then they group up, the dynamic is lost and it's just not the same show. Honestly I'm surprised it lasted this long, part of the reason is probably the safe, bland PC humor that so many millennials seem to love, which didn't exist in the earlier seasons.
    Seasons 1 thru 5:just awesome almost non-stop laughing.
    Seasons 6 and 7; a slight but noticeable diversion from the original theme, too many main characters.
    Seasons 8 and on; starting to repeat jokes, hit or miss storylines with many more missies. Penny lost her charm, Bernadette just became awful, the complete emasculation of Howard( always kind of wimpy, now just a sad sack of crap) and the pathetic life on Raj( initially funny because of his mutism around women) but really went nowhere.
    From 8 on it just continued to fall and fall and is really pretty unwatchable now. The last few seasons i've missed or turned off episodes that were just not funny.
    The only reason I'm even half heartedly watching is I am genuinely curious to see how they end it. From one of the funniest and original shows to a steaming pile of crap.I just hope they end it well it was good enough to deserve it.

  3. Sing a song yes a travel song when you go to go somewhere, cuz the fun is getting there (Yeah!) oh what the heck I must confess I love a road trip!

  4. Does Penny has a weird leg?I believe is the right one;the way she stands looks really weird.I've noticed it b4 but I wasn't sure..she looks like she was born with whatever problem she's got.

  5. People are complaining about how bad the show is now but listen up:

    It wouldn’t be an engaging story if the characters didn’t have archs and developments. Now that the characters have developed, there’s not much material for jokes, which is a sign it’s time to end the series. It would be worse if they stretched out the premise of their awkward nerdiness and childishness so much that it just got old and the story got stale and predictable. TBBT has ended on a note where all the characters have grown, and that’s what you want out of a story, comedy or not.

  6. She doesn't want to. You jealous FAT MIDGET BITCH! 😂😂😂Why is it always the short handicapped ladies are the ones with most issues?😂😂😂✌

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