25 Replies to “The Cardigans – 3.45 : No sleep”

  1. It's way too late to think of
    Someone I would call now
    And neon signs got tired
    Red eye flights help the stars out
    I'm safe in a corner
    Just hours before me

    I'm waking with the roaches
    The world has surrendered
    I'm dating ancient ghosts
    The ones I made friends with
    The comfort of fireflies
    Long gone before daylight

    And if I had one wishful field tonight
    I'd ask for the sun to never rise
    If God leant his voice for me to speak
    I'd say go to bed, world

    I've always been too late
    To see what's before me
    And I know nothing sweeter than
    Champagne from last New Years
    Sweet music in my ears
    And a night full of no fears

    But if I had one wishful field tonight
    I'd ask for the sun to never rise
    If God passed a mic to me to speak
    I'd say stay in bed, world
    Sleep in peace

  2. I really love this album because everything about it are really really good because all the songs are really nice and the lyrics on all they're songs are genious and Nina's sweet and beautiful voice are really unique and she's the most beautiful woman ever. And all they're albums are really really good since Gran Turismo in 1998 and this album from 2003 are really nice and the Super Extra Gravity album from 2005 are just as good as this one because all the songs on that album are also really beautiful.

  3. This kinda reminds me of "Country Mile" by Camera Obscura. Anyone who loves Long Gone Before Daylight as much as me should check them out!

  4. Great dark lyrics, great dark instruments, great dark album full of light and melody.
    Mixture of feelings and moods, from heaven to heavy depression.
    Im always in love with this great album. It sounds really great, the instruments are lyrics behind the lyrics, the lyrics can get multi meanings, The way Nina sings has so much intensity. Perfect!!! 
    From the end of 2013 to 2003 or so… Thanks!!! Big thanks!!!
    It is still for me, one of the best 21th century album.
    And this Nina, its darker than the other Ninas, but at the same time, kind, fragile, mature, intense. My shoulder is always available for her 😉

  5. Had this on Itunes I know not from where – keyed the lyrics in as I had no information and lo and behold i discover its the cardigans- what brilliant brilliant lyrics and delivery 🙂 totally get it 🙂 not at all what I would normally listen to at all 🙂 Just gets me somehow!!!

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