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  1. Parabéns belíssimo seu canal 👍 ótimo vídeo super
    Saudações 🇧🇷 beijos com carinho 😘 Love

  2. It's about abuse, I know. But it reminds me of my own marriage and I'm happily married. You hit me is a mentally hit in the heart. Not a bad thing.

  3. this song reminds me of my past relationship, although not physically abusive there were a lot of abusive elements. I think its the desolate passion she feels never being able to win but trying anyway.

  4. Well, I know this song is being about domestic abuse… But I deny it! I prefer think about the powerful force of love… How it strikes and blows us… Without physical hits… Sad and sweet at same time… One of the best songs I heard in times!!!

  5. I just revisited the CD and realized that there is quite a number of good songs here. The first half of the CD is impressive, but the second half doesn't work very well.

  6. I originally purchased Long Gone Before Daylight for "Live and Learn", but then I found this little gem on the CD … this has got to be one of the most awesome love songs ever.

  7. Whoa. "And Then You Kissed Me II" is one of my favourite songs ever, but I had no idea there was a first part — I thought it just had a funny title. Listening to this one now is a very strange experience.

  8. I didn't realize how much good music this band had until I heard love fool on the radio at work one night and punched them up on you tube. I wish I had known in time to catch them live. Perhaps they will make it back to the states but at least there is amazon and I am awaiting 3 more of their releases.

  9. true love is cruel love…..i hope some day my love realise how much cruel love gave to me in return of my true love………

  10. Personally I think it's one of the best Cardigans songs, but sadly it never got a videoclip as it's not the upbeat pop stuff that's ''in'' right now nor was at the time this got released. 🙁

  11. Yeah, and we're supposed to believe also that major labels aren't programming bigger radio stations. Total monopoly going on.

  12. I totally agree with this. My girlfriend works at HMV, and one thing that sticks in my head as an example as this was when a new Robbie Williams album came out a while back, and it was contracted to be put STRAIGHT into a "2 CDs for £10" campaign, to try and help it get to number one quickly. Fucking cheap tactic, and I'm glad it didn't quite get the number 1 slot at the time in the UK.

  13. @Francesko263 Ok looking back as I clear out old messages, my answer wasn't the best, example-wise, plus you're mainly right. The main acts would be The Walkmen, Sia, Yeah yeah yeahs, Metric, Mirah, Best Coast, Strokes, Diane Cluck, The Sounds. But yeah, you're right, there is a huge dip, and major corporate monopoly is to blame.

  14. @Francesko263 Them and the corporate otlets that showcase music. They have united to undermine and or exploit whatever they can, while pushing only a few types of acts. There are a few standout acts, so hopefully they'll influence more than the sheep acts. Maybe veteran artists who still love music need to own more labels.

  15. @TheOpiumDistrict Well, maybe you're right. Everything is possibile, but I don't see nothing new in today music. But not because music has come to an end. Honestly majors music corporations are to blame, that's for sure.

  16. @Francesko263 I'm coming closer to your side. Sadly I think you're more right than me. But it can improve. I resurgence has to happen.

  17. @lvu88 "This song really changed me"

    Good for you, for both your sakes.
    That's not an easy thing to do — esp if you had parents w/ an abusive relationship; it's almost hard-wired.
    But as hard as it is to change behaviors, it's at least possible.
    Character is even harder to change.
    Everyone undertaking a struggle like that deserves all the support, encouragement & appreciation they can get.
    I wish you, and everyone else working on such issues, all success.

  18. @Francesko263 It's not you, it's the way music is programmed today. Check out Pandora, check out youtube channels, and online lists. I'm putting together a playlist here now with post 90's songs. I was surprised myself that good music was still being made. Online radio saved me. 🙂

    80's and 90's still rule my heart, but post 90's music is actually great too. Just harder to find than before.

  19. @Francesko263 Depends on what you mean. You mean this year or post 90's. Choosing songs along this line: Humpty Dumpty by Aimee Mann … All good things by Nelly Furtado …..Call it off by Tegan and Sara …. (un)Chosen One by Lia Ices…..Wordless May by Venus Hum …… Eisley has a few songs: Trolleywood, Telescope Eyes, etc ….The key is to check out Pandora (dot com). It's the best way to find music with MTV selling out to fake reality tv. Opened my eyes, and ears.

  20. @Francesko263 There's great stuff out today. Even this is from their post 2000 record. 😉 Don't let MTV's sellout trick you, music is still alive and well. Has always been stronger than MTV or any radio station. Great music will always find its way through, eventually.

  21. I miss The Cardigans and 90s music. I was young at that time. So much memories and people gone away. Sometimes I think only music can make us remember of the time gone forever and of the years behind us.

  22. @ofmassappeal but u do know there's a second part to this song …"And then you kissed me II" that does tell the story of physical abuse … so i think … (just my opinion) this is the first phase of an abusive relationship where everything is exciting and new and u know …honey moon phase … and the second part is after the "magic" fades … sorry if my english isnt that good …

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