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  1. I've heard about a great big swindle
    I read about it in a book
    The book flew out the window
    Was later found by thieves and crooks
    And now
    they're singing hallelujah
    I'm wondering just what did they find
    They say "what's it to ya?"
    Just take a place in line
    And wait
    So I wait
    I wait
    And wait
    And I

    I'm one of a few survivors
    I'm a drawer labelled "lost and found"
    Moon travelers and deep sea divers
    Whose oxygen supply ran out
    Now maybe if their gods be willing
    They'll give us something, fill our empty cups
    Sit down in the boat, don't spill it
    Or we'll just have to line back up
    And wait
    So we wait
    We wait
    And wait
    Yes we wait
    And we wait
    And we wait
    We will wait
    'Til we

    You can hear it in the beat they march to
    And you can feel the earth shake when they start to dance
    You can tell by the way they move you
    It's not murder, it's an act of faith, baby
    And as the world moves faster
    Whip lashing us round and round
    It's quite a slow disaster
    But people keep on falling down
    As they wait
    We wait
    And we wait
    We wait
    And we wait
    We wait

  2. This song is my absolute favorite song from the Super Extra Gravity album because it's REALLY REALLY AWESOME and it really really rocks. And i like how the music from The Cardigans has changed over the years from the early 90's and to 2005 because their music is REALLY REALLY AWESOME even if it's from the early 90's the late 90's or if it's from 2003 or 2005 like this song and i actually like ALL their songs because The Cardigans has never made one bad song AT ALL. So if The Cardigans releases a new album anytime in the future it will be AWESOME anyway because their songs is always really really good and they know how to make REAL MUSIC and The Cardigans IS THE BEST ROCK BAND EVER EXISTED IN THE WORLD it's no doubt about that.

  3. This song is pure perfection!  A straight forward rock song with a touch of their early 60's vibe to it.  The world needs more songs like this!  My favorite song on the album.  Maybe my favorite song by them, ever!

  4. I think the same… I enjoy their first records when it was all happiness and shiny songs… I liked their evolution into more of a Rock band in Gran Turismo… But I absolutely adore their music in Long Gone Before Daylight, that album is a masterpiece, it's when they trully became artists and wrote such beautiful songs. Nina's lyrics from that album are pure poetry!!

  5. gran turismo 2 song-"my favorite game" (lol funny how that works) was the first song i heard by the cardigans

  6. Yeah I know. A lot of my friends would probably feel the same way, but it seems like after First Band on the Moon, they stopped using a bunch of instruments, stopped being original, and started apparently taking themselves seriously. I don't really care, because it's just the direction they wanted to go in, but I don't think you can beat the early 90's stuff.

  7. I can't take the Cardigans straight to the depressive point. I prefer the impossibly sunny, clever compositions and the bubbly exuberant singing. I might enjoy this if it didn't have to come after Emmerdale, Life and FBotM.

  8. absolutely love this song.. fav from the album. miss them sooo much! wonder when are they coming back with more great stuff…

  9. I like this song because it's a slight throwback to their earlier albums. I like their newer albums, but I sometimes miss their more pop-driven sound too.

  10. I was really hoping Nina was going to crucify someone in this video…
    More expressive than any Scandinavian Black Metal song i've ever heard!!

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