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  1. Im so glad Im rediscovering this group, I only used to know lovefull, erase rewind and favorite game I was loosing a lot more.

  2. @yellowshirtguy I think it's right from the Gran Turismo album that they (Cardigans) started sounding a bit too 'mainstream pop-ish' to me that unfortunately kind of repelling me from them.. I always wish they still make such 'warm', 'jazzy-feel' and 'natural-acoustic' sounds/music like this..and they should be PROUD of it instead of resenting it (as unfortunately apparent from Magnus' statement).

  3. Very impressive video, man! If I didn't know it, I would have thought this was The Cardigans' video for that song. Nice scenery. Such a great band, but like rossboss1 said (assuming he's from the US), only big fans of the band would know Over the Water. In the US, the only song of theirs most people know is "Lovefool". It's such a shame because they have over 30 really good songs.

  4. This is my favorite Cardigans song…I really like what you did with the video for it. "Some where over the water, next to a harbor, someone's eager to listen"…Great lyrics.

  5. oh just because you'd probably have to be a fan of the band to know it. It wasn't a "popular" song – didn't get any radio play, that I remember. Great vid though.

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