17 Replies to “The Cardigans – Paralyzed”

  1. this song helps steel me forward in awkward times, where you're not quite sure how to react, like a marionette on strings, you're just going through with the motions, trying to make sense of it all.

  2. this song is like a reminder that crazy days are over and you should be ready for what's to come and try not to make mistakes or else. The sweetest way to die is my favourite line in this song 😛

  3. Pero que has hecho xuky!!!
    vaya…encanto por completo!
    no recuerdo si te lo dije antes pero soy una terrible fan de las puestas de sol
    y no me que mas ke felicitarte por esta maravilla de video!bravo!!!*

  4. wow xuky!
    the video is beautifull!!
    i think it's one of your best videos!, i love that it looks so much like the grand turismo artwork!

  5. jejeje empiezas el mes a lo grande!!!, que buen video como siempre de 5 estrellas, ya sabes que a mi me encanta grand turismo y este tema para mi es de los mejores del disco…

  6. This is where your sanity gives in
    And love begins.
    Never lose your grip,
    Don't trip, don't fall,
    You'll lose it all.
    The sweetest way to die

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