22 Replies to “The Cardigans – You're The Storm”

  1. Didn't they have another name when they made this song? I thought they changed "The Cardigans" to "Something-I-can't-remember" and then back to "The Cardigans"?

  2. creativity and energy is just gone in this song even the voice sound as a copy of Shania Twain. (i hope they will found out more, i love the band enought)

  3. Magnus….i'm blaming you for why the song wasn't the massive hit it should have been…you fucked up man 😛 GREAT song, great tune….lyrics , slightly controversial with altered lyrics and a different video would have been as big as lovefool, the video is rubbish flying in the air it's been seen 1000's of times ….Cardigans = Smart , clever little melodies

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