The casual office dress code: 30 outfits for every occasion. // Capsule Wardrobe for Work Series.

The casual office dress code: 30 outfits for every occasion. // Capsule Wardrobe for Work Series.

[Music] hi and welcome nice to be here again on my channel today I’m starting a new video series about creating a sustainable wardrobe for work and this time I will try to create a capsule wardrobe suitable for the casual dress code a casual dress code is one where anything goes really into the jeans and knickers and this dress code usually means that you will be uncomfortable in anything too formal although you can wear whatever you want you still need to look professional and presentable in front of your both colleagues and clients and to achieve this balance between comfortable and professional you need to pay closer attention to the styling and functionality of your wardrobe basically if you have a casual dress code at work it means that your wardrobes can fit your personal style but it should also include some business style elements you don’t have to go with this for example you can always choose something more fun and colorful but you obviously feel icky if you work in a creative environment that maybe you should defend that in your outfit maybe try some unexpected colors and interesting designs if you work in a more conservative office and maybe try to include in your capsule on classic and the people that have a mustache and always remember about appropriateness where it is not a place to wear extravagant clothes neon colors or miniskirt leave them for your freaking your office should tell how Stevie’s dedicated and organized arrives at your workplace and of course you always can express yourself to colors don’t be afraid to wear bright colors in your workplace when it’s done simply it can even help you for example if you need to present your ideas or be in front of the audience from and the sun’s bright colors will help concentrate the audience attention on your combinations of black gray and Navy with white bedroom and light pink may look very fresh and slightly more formal perfect for Mondays for important meetings color combinations with less conscious will make your outfit look more practical and relaxed once we do together your castle for work you should remember about functionality you should have outfits for any situation you might have at work so think about what you do at work and it will tell you so much about what kind of outfits you need for example if you travel a lot for work then your approaches shouldn’t crease too much and be more practical so pay attention to the fabrics you choose if most of the times you are sleeping in the bed you should include bottoms that don’t put too much pressure on your abdomen if your work requires a lot of movement or maybe finding out you need outfits go very well with fashion today outside create a capsule wardrobe for spammer and the beginning of autumn with 30 interchangeable outfits using only 5.5 bottles and treatment and for the style I’ll try to combine a creative style with business elements and minimalist aesthetic so I hope you end up with outfit there are pathways and absolutely appropriate for their casual office desk my color palette for today’s capsule looks like this I’m choosing bright orange in the maxim and i love how different it looks with other colors fresh with baby blue different with medium blue and so casual when mixed with bench as always I will start looking for my statement pieces first I have orange as the accent color so I’ll try to find some cool orange pieces first I’ll start with them these are quite cool I really like that they are tailored and have this classic shape but the fun color makes them look less for multi they will also usually accentuate the waist length and I’ll give the length actually Daniel Furstenberg is a great destination for elegant business goals I always find there something beautiful and work appropriate for my client I you know what else is good Donna Karan New York I often find modern and Spanish pieces that can be easily worn at the office and I think this curve is beautiful and has an interesting and delicate design I also wanted to check out a short I found Jason’s if it’s called good day club and they sell t-shirts with beautiful ice cream full t-shirt here are made out of combed cotton that is much stronger and softer than regular cotton I do like this one it fits to my color palette and it will give an artistic nod to the castle you [Music] here’s the capsule wardrobe I just made it includes five top five bottom two dresses and jumpsuit to jacket two parachutes and the back and when I combine all these pieces together I will get 30 fully interchangeable outfit I have all kind of looked here some earlier the more formal they are meant to be worn to important business meetings some outfits are less formal and are perfect for everyday oversized inverno meetings and presentations the ribs are casual and more practical suitable for both busy and small uneventful day [Music] I will have two jackets that are interchangeable let me fix it to all outfit specifically chose different styles for more functionality to thank both portion I have here compare that we to whole outfit so because I want to wear high heels I can always choose website no big deal I also chose this jumpsuit on purpose so I can make different outfits today an accident these gestures can be infinite and forced into a perfect office party outfit the thing goes with this dress you can style it a little bit more formal or casual or if you add a fancier pair of shoes and a smaller bag you can ready to party [Music] and that’s what I mean by functionality is very important most of the people only concentrating on finding beautiful sisters without even thinking what kind of houses can be made with them particularly or forward situations your wardrobe should expect not only your fashion sense but also keep your lifestyle and when you reach this balance between beauty reliability and functionality I promise you’ll wind up with one perfect and sustainable wardrobe that’s it I hope you found this video interesting and helpful let me know what you think in the comments below and accept next time we’ll discuss the business casual stress part and build another wonderful example for work so if you like this idea please press like and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel thank you for watching see you next time [Music]

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  1. Awesome video!! Love the colour palette, i was thinking in something similar for my autumn capsule, but with a touch of oxblood/ dark red. And the style is so cool! I would wear every single outfit! Nice job, as always!

  2. Это потрясающе развить такое тонкое чувство стиля! Дарья, вы неподражаемы и это чудо, что делитесь с нами! И отдельное спасибо за разбор цветов и как они дейсвуют на подсознание, скоро диплом, поэтому учту про яркие цвета! :))

  3. Oh Daria 😍 I really enjoy every video ! I admire your work , truste me you inspire me. Lot's of kisses from Barcelona

  4. Your videos are so useful and inspiring! I'm really hoping this channel will grow as big as it deserves to be!

  5. Dear Daria your ideas are wonderful! You are almost the only one out there who creates colourful, crafty and wearable wardrobes. All the capsule wardrobe ideas on youtube are always black, grey, white and have about 12 t shirts, 4 blouses, 7 jeans and 1 dress. Those doesn't always fit everyone. I have auburn hair with hazel eyes with pale skin and trust me black and grey doesn't do nothing for me so than you 😛

  6. Thanks for your video! You're doing a great job. This channel diserves 1 million subscribers:) I just would like to remark that what seems good in theory, often is not that good in practice.
    For example, I bought an overall which looked perfect itself with flat shoes and I planned to wear it with short and heels too. But I couldn't predict that my arms and legs would seem terribly thick when I wear it that way (normally they don't). I still love the overall, but it's not multipurpose.

  7. i loved this video! i also really loved some of the pieces (like the orange culottes) so i would appreciate it greatly if you linked all the products in the description box ✨❤️

  8. I felt you made this video for me. I just spoke to me, like you knew exactly what I needed. Thank you so much. Reaaaaly looking forward to the next ones

  9. Great video, as always!
    Maybe some time in future you could speak about a wardrobe for a very cold winter like in Russia or Ukraine. I can't remember any videos on this topic here on youtube. Thanks!

  10. Hi Daria! First of all, I need to congratulate you for your amazing videos! You think outside the box and explain everything! I love it! Thank you so much!

    I need your help! I recently moved to Germany and in a few months will be my first Winter here! Can you please make a video with a casual and work capsule for winter? Please! 😁 Thank you and keep up the good work!!

  11. Amazing! Love this new series! So inspiring and illustrative! You are the best! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  12. Спасибо за ваши подробные видео, Дарья! Можно ещё советы по выбору сумки и других аксессуаров, разница между летними и зимними сумками, размер, цвет, количество. Заранее спасибо!

  13. Dear Daria I love all of your ideas!!! I would like to sugest to you the creation of a video with some inspirations and tips for a casual capsule wardrobe with outfits that go very well with flat shoes! Thank you!

  14. Please talk more about choosing dresses that work well when styled with other items in the capsule. You frequently pair shirt + dress or pants + dress. What are you looking for in the shape of the dress that allows this to work?

  15. This is the best capsule wardrobe i have ever seen and i have seen a lot or wardrobes. But there is one thing on my mind – how should i find the shirt or blouse, which would fit into pants or skirt so well? Every time i try to stick my clothes into the bottom i create a whole new stomach of fabric to be suicidal about.

  16. What a great video! Was also really happy to hear more about colors from you! Your channel is a treasure.

  17. Can you please do a work capsule that's more formal and s conservative, but still fun and creative?

  18. Like the video!
    If you like sustaineble fashion, you should really check out my channel<3
    Going to do a lot of stuff in collaboration with designers, stores and other Youtubers!
    Want to join my journey to a more conscious destination?

  19. I appreciate your videos-they are simply wonderful! But in some video can you please make example of wardrobe with more affordable brands choices, Diane von Furstanberg collection are amazing, but lets be honest not suit to everybody's pocket. Thank you so much! (^-^)/

  20. All it took is one video and I'm hooked! Can't wait to delve into your beautifully edited wardrobe selections which is my current goal living a minimal life. Thankyou for the inspiration xx

  21. Best video!! So practical and clear! Thank you for your effort. Please do this videos more, etc videos for different age people. I personally looking for a younger version for fresh graduates.

  22. Your thumbnail got me here…really well put together…I would love something similar that could help me organize my expanding wardrobe; a tool that could help me play with my wardrobe avatars and that I could check with my phone…any suggestions?

    Regardless, really cool channel (already subscribed!!)

  23. This was a fantastic video! You totally nailed the creative and minimalistic aesthetic – I'm amazed at how practical but chic (and not cheesy) this was. Thank you x

  24. Yes please!! I need business casual! I struggle so much everyday… I hate having so many pieces of clothes and still feel like I have nothing to wear 😭
    Your channel is the best! Thank you!

  25. I'd love to see a more casual travel friendly wardrobe 🙌. I'll try my best to follow your great tips and suggestions and create my own.

  26. I agree with previous comments about how amazing it is that you're able to come up with a capsule wardrobe that isn't just black, navy, white and grey. Can you please do a video on how to go about choosing a colour palette for a capsule wardrobe?

  27. I think the main take away from this is that just because it's casual it doesn't mean you can slob out. People are still watching you👀👁

  28. это было очень полезное видео. прям Америку открыли)))спасибо. для меня покупка новой вещи или вообще понять что с чем одевать настоящая головная боль

  29. The composition of your videos is so perfect. I love how you take us through your decision making process and we get a peek at the kinds of websites you shop. You offer tips that people can translate into their own style without telling people what to buy. Such an approachable tactic and your color palettes are gorgeous.

  30. ATTENTION: As it turned out the Good Day Club online shop is not reliable. Some of my viewers wrote me saying that they've ordered some t-shirts but haven't heard or received anything from them for months. Please be careful and avoid the Good Day Club online shop

  31. I just discovered your videos about work wardrobes, and they are soooooo helpful! I am just starting my work career and have been having a lot of trouble finding outfits for work that I really like to wear and are stylish. Thank you!!!!

  32. I love your music ! Your videos are awesome! Can you do a capsule wardrobe video for us who go to worship /church/ synagogue/mosque ?

  33. Where has this channel been all my life for months I have been looking for capsual wardrobe videos that are clear, contain a small amount of clothes (not 35-50 plain clothes but ones like this, which are vibrant and fun. This is splendid thank you!

  34. Hi Daria, I've just discovered your videos and I love them all! I've watched a lot of videos about capsule wardrobes but yours are by far the best! I love the chicness of the outfits you put together and the sense of fun that is incorporated. Thank you for all the work you put into the videos-they are beautiful to watch! 🙂 <3 xx

  35. A suggestion, why don't link the items in the information box. people can easily find the item they like in the video.

  36. I love your style and colour matches. I have some of the colours but always match them with jeans. It looks fun to pair them with these trendy pants.

  37. Здравствуйте, Дарья. Дайте, пожалуйста, ссылку на магазин с футболками Good Day. не могу найти их в интернете

  38. I love how you find pieces as opposed to showing us the outfits. This is very helpful because I get overwhelmed when I want to start my wardrobe, hence, ending up with many pieces that don’t match. Thank you so much!

  39. Hello! I love your capsules! Do you have a example of a capsule for art teacher? I'm always on the move on the classroom and work with inks and papers. My hair is blond (painted) and i have green eyes. Thanks !:)

  40. Could you do a capsule for tall women? I'm 5'11" with a long torso – it's so difficult to buy tops, blouses, sweaters and blazers long enough! Getting the proportions right in an outfit becomes a huge challenge. I'd love to see you address this in a video. Thank you!

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