The Coat Of Many Colors!

The Coat Of Many Colors!

Welcome everybody brother
Dan Goodwin your host on this edition of prophecy
in the news I have in the studio this very colorful
guy right here brother Michael Smith many of you
know brother Michael from the Cyrus effect DVD That we did several months
ago remember how Trump is a typo or I should say Cyrus
king Cyrus is a type of President Trump brother
Mike good to have you again in the studio and we’ve got a little
different set up than last time you were here we had
the chairs last time but I’d like we’ve got it all
clouded up already I don’t know if the audience can
see that but I feel right at home I feel like I’m in
my office at home I’ve got stuff everywhere and But listen it’s good
to see your brother and tell us what
this coach about. Well I usually wear this
coat when I do live presentations before live
audiences about the Jones of story so it’s kind of
for effect Joseph Coat of Many Colors That’s correct
do you think I know we didn’t discuss this
earlier do you think this is a nest of significance
to that Coat of Many Colors Well I think I
think there is you know the Coat of Many Colors
starting with Genesis Chapter 37 with Joseph it
brings negative attention to himself later when he’s in Egypt of
course there’s another coat and which there’s
also information involved involved of course and they’re going to use
that other coat the 2nd one. Against him in a court of
law if you will trying to accuse him of something he
did not do and in Jesus’ life of course we see
the swaddling clothes beginning of this life and then they’re casting
lots for his garments before he goes to the
cross so there is a parallel was there are
things in the Bible about the garments and things
of course Joseph coat is important certainly was
important to Joseph father he gave him that code
meant something to the father’s own doubt about
that it kind of set him apart from everybody I
mean how many people walk around like this I’d like
to see run and you in fact I think I’ve ran into
people like you Wal-Mart in the past anyway we love
Brother Mike he’s he’s become a good
friend we met. We met long before we met
person we met a couple years ago I think on the
Internet yes thank you some of my Jubilee stuff
and something you did and I don’t know somehow we
got talking over the internet and when I
became the host here. I got talking with you and
I convinced you to put some of your
material on a D. V. D. and You did that and boy
am I glad you did the Cyrus effect as sure been
something that folks have been talking about. King Cyrus of old 2500
years ago drain the swamp so that he could get in
the tunnels and take over take over Babylon there. Interesting and and we’ve
got a president called Trump who’s doing the same
thing are trying to drain the swamp so all right
into today’s program we’re going to got Brother Mike
here he has a brand new D. V. D. Called Joseph in Egypt and
it’s just about 2 hours long and it’s good good
quality audio you’ll like it and we’re going to talk
about that video in the program today with Brother
Mike he’s going to do most of the talking I’m just
going to ask him some questions but before we begin
brother Brother Brother Smith let me read from
Genesis Chapter 37 I’m only going to read
one or 2 verses here but the story of Joseph is
from Genesis 37 all the way to Genesis 50 isn’t it
yes closes out the Book of Genesis sounds like a
pretty important character to me so let me just read
a verse from Bi-Lo this verse got me through
bible college Genesis $37. 00 verse 5 and Joseph
dreamed a dream and he told it to his brethren
and they hated him the more and the story goes on
there but that passage brother Mike I think a
trojan hotel last night that passes got me
through bible college. I had a dream that I
believe God gave me and I don’t mean I went to bed
had a dream I mean I had a I had a dream to do
something I want to do something and this passage got a
hold of me and I had a dream to do something
for God in the ministry and this was the verse
that I preached on a lot I read a lot I
thought about a log and you know Joseph
dreamed a dream and he told it to his brother
and they hated him and you’ll find that
people who have a vision people who try to do
something for God are usually hated and that’s that’s sad so
Brother Mike with that in mind let’s let’s
jump into this. And how long have you been
sharing and studying the story of Joe’s you’ve
mentioned it way back in your army days you were
studying this along a visit has been a big deal
for you Well I started teaching the Joseph in
Egypt program about 42 years ago in 1977 I was a
military pilot in Germany and at the same time I was
teaching Sunday school at a large service main
center in Germany and it was there were
really started this is a couple years after about
2 years after I was same body year after the Lord
called me and sharing Bible stories and in the
prophecy of the Bible stories so that’s kind of
were it got its start OK so that’s a long time 77
yes teach inside a school health there in Germany so
the story of Joseph has been you know maybe if I
understand you’re right it’s one of the most
powerful in your mind it’s your favorite passage
to go to it’s something you’ve studied probably
more than anything else yes OK well with that in
mind because of that those of us out here we get we
get to partake of that because he’s going to
share on this video and we don’t we won’t have the
time to just scratch the surface but let’s just
let’s just ask if you questions here about
what’s on the video here to help the audience give
us a quick overview about Joseph and specifically. The 2 dreams because the 2
dreams are very important to the whole book of the
whole story of Joseph So give us a little bit about
Joseph and overview of him and these 2 dreams Well we
know Joseph is one of 12 sons of Jacob to start
with his name means increase that can also
mean savior in Hebrew and he has these 2 dreams in
the 1st dream deals with their in a field and his brothers are
surrounding him it’s like he’s in the middle of a
circle in each individual is in the form of a sheaf
of wheat so Joseph in the middle like a sheaf of we
and his brothers is 11 brothers are
standing around him and there are. Sheaves of wheat or barn
bowing down to him. And you know we’re in the
harvest too and it is a type of shadow with the
harvest and spiritually speaking the 2nd stream
that he has deals with the sun the moon in the stars. Very important so I
brought a couple props with me today to talk a
little bit about the sun. You know The Sun
says In sum $8411. 00 for the Lord is the sun
in she’ll that’s a capital S. You win sun and a
shield and Malakai Chapter 4 verse 2 talks about the
Sun of Righteousness S U and so what’s that all
about while the Bible is actually making a
comparison to when we read about the sun that it
represents Messiah prophetically that’s very
important well in it says in Genesis Chapter one
Verse 16 in that area it talks about the
greater light and the lesser light
obviously a great greater light the sun the S.-U. when It then we have the
Moon the Moon is the lesser light obviously
doesn’t some 89 verse $37. 00 that the moon is a
faithful witness So what does a moon represent
it represents. The believers that’s what
it represents to you it represents the church in
a type and shadow way now and you mention something
important on the video that I call the moon does
not give off light it reflects light that’s
correct that’s absolutely correct we don’t have
light ourselves he’s the light is yes he is in
Revelation Chapter 12 verse one we see the
picture the wonder in heaven a woman with 11
stars 12 stars on her head. Representing Israel that
represent spiritual Israel but she’s clothed with
the sun She’s close with Messiah with the moon
under her feet that represents the grafted in
church in reference to Romans Chapter 11 as well
OK so the 2 dreams what are they what are they
me well the meaning is when we look at everything
it’s actually God’s. Relationship with Israel
and talk in spiritual Israel past present and
future now it just talks about the sun moon and
stars in his dream in Chapter 37 but it’s very organized
in Revelation Chapter 12 verse one in we’re a part
of that so I think that’s the big meaning that when
the seeds Joseph in his dream the seeds all bow
down they bow down that they went down later in
the story the 2nd time the brothers are in the land
that they’re brought and they will end up bowing
down to Joseph just like that dream and they lasted
at least even as a sign at last yes they did. When he talked about
the sun the stars and. So those dreams were
prophetic Yes and. One of them at least has
come the path the other one maybe isn’t quite
finished being fulfilled but. Interesting all right. We know the story starts
out in the place called he burned but Jacob sends
Joseph to a place called shack and if I’m saying
that right check I’m sure to bring food to his
brothers we all know the story he’s looking for as
he tells Joseph who’s the youngest or else the
Benjamins youngest but so the 10 brothers I guess
are out in the field somewhere and Jacob says
Go take some food to them but he goes they’re
not there so. You said it in the D. V. D. That he meets a mystery
man so tell us about that so his father says Go take
some food your brothers he can’t find them and this
guy shows up you call him mystery man so what’s that
about well mystery man actually shows up in a
number strangely a story’s not really identified
course this doesn’t say who he is but check come is a very
strategic area in Bible history there’s a lot of
things that have happened. Especially after the story
things that have happened later as well you know as
an example Jesus met the woman at the well they’re. Also Josh. Joshua when he comes into
the land in the came a man to begin with. After they come in Israel
if you will he makes his farewell speech Shekh and
this is also the place where. Just a bell and a half
this is where they’re palaces in the same area
same place and as a matter of fact this is a
stronghold of Palestinian Authority today shut them
it’s known as novelists there and by the way I’ve
walked this place I’ve been there my wife and I
were there in 1902 Joseph in Egypt is buried there. It was check him in a
course in John chapter for it. Talks about a psych our
psych ours actually shot them but this is where
Jesus meets the woman at the well so this is a very
strategic location but back to the story who is
Mystery Man My personal opinion is. It’s either an angel of
the Lord or the angel of the Lord is crush is
already has her near Jesus Christ and I might say thing it’s
a type and shadow in a sense because. If if Joseph does not meet
up with this man whoever he is he’s not going
to find his brothers and ultimately even
Messiah many years later in 1800 years later would
have to come another way perhaps so everything is
kind of hinting on finding the location of his
brothers in mystery man says Your brothers are not
here for they have gone to go thin OK dozens about
another 20 more miles to the north of there so he
tells them where to find as we please meet the next
thing what happens with it so this mystery man who
you feel is either an angel or it’s the Lord
Himself and Old Testament appearance. I mean Joshua Metz met the
cap of the host I believe that was Christ yes I
believe that they in fact he roots for 8 X. 745 I think say that Jesus
led them across the Jordan River that’s not a mistake
in our King James Bible Jesus did write them
across he used a man just Joshua but he led them and so you may be right
about that so he tells them to go to Dolphin. Because it’s almost like
a prof has got to this is got to be fulfilled you’ve
got to you’ve got to go to go think that’s where
something’s going to happen so tell us about
both well what happens when they arrive there
when or when Joseph is actually in the distance
walking to his brothers they see him from afar off and they actually conspire
to kill him at that time just like Jesus the
prophets and people were in visiting him from afar
off conspiring how we can kill him before he gets
there yes yeah and that quest Joseph being a type
of crisis I mean Pharaoh I mean Pharaoh tried I mean
back in Egypt of course that’s future from Joseph
time he tree killed all the firstborn that was
Satan trying to kill off yes Messiah. All through the Bible
they’ve tried to they’ve they’ve looked for Christ
coming tried tried to stop it and so Joseph as a type of
Christ as you point out here in the D. V. D. His brothers I kind of
see I can see what you’re saying there they’re
looking and they see him coming and they conspire
how can we get rid of him just like the people want
to get rid of Christ and in the how they want to
get rid of Christians don’t think so continue
they they look up and they see him come in and then
what happens well what happens is a brother
Reuben who’s the oldest By the way he says
shed no blood but cast him into a pit
but another brother Judah says well let’s sell him
and I want to make the point here too. That also mentally. Well what will happen is
Joseph’s coat will be ripped away from him they
will kill ago take the blood of the go. And put it on his coat of
many colors and take it to their father later that oh
an animal must a killed him or something in other
words they’re going to deceive their father
through that. There’s a lot there’s a
lot of other stories that tie into this but but one important aspect
is Judah now Jude in the Old Testament is actually
Jude does suit us the name of timeout the name now is
actually the same name so it’s a type it’s a type
and but ultimately they will sell Judah will have
Joseph sold for 20 pieces of silver we know 100
years later approximately Jesus Christ will be sold
for 30 pieces of silver silver always represents
redemption in the Bible where we see it but why 20 in one story
and 30 in another while 30 represents a number of
consecration But when you add the 2 together it’s
Jubilee OK So so he’s put in a pit and and then there’s the
Midianites in Ishmael lights that come by and you know the
Midianites will end up taking him to Egypt in a
course he’ll be sold in powder for his household
will end up buying if you will Josephine he’ll end
up in his household and we’re going to get to that
next but let’s take a little moment here and
folks if you’d like to get a copy of the D. V. D. About 2 hours long Joseph
in Egypt by Michael Smith on the Web site on the
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check it out and I think you’d enjoy the magazines
very professionally done and I think you’ll like
you are brother Mike let’s keep on going let’s look
a little further here Joe see if we left Joseph and
both them when we got done a minute ago and there
they throw him in the pit and they take him to they
take him to Egypt and they sell him to part of her so
let’s start right there he’s sold into slavery
He’s now a he’s a Hebrew he’s We think 17 years old
he’s now a slave in part of his household. So tell us what’s going on
it part of his house well this there’s actually a
situation that comes up in the story where he of
course he’s put it seems like every time he’s in a
certain area it’s like he has gone Faber upon
him in all of his. All of his experiences. So evidently people really
loved and appreciated him in part of her
house he was put. As a leader there. And people love
been appreciated. His attitude and course he
represents the love of God and so forth and but this
is where temptation takes place the big picture
here is temptation and of course what will
happen is part of 1st wife will. Try to seduce him to
have relations with her and she has all the men
leave the house fall if she does that however
we see Joseph. Is running away from sin
he doesn’t mess around and see just sort of
runs away if you will but there he has a coat on
remember there was a Coat of Many Colors earlier now
now we have we could call this exhibit B. and Probably like servants
code or something yeah and he runs away and she’s
left holding his coat and she will use that coat
in a court of law if you will to try to claim that
he attempted to rape or so Joseph goes to jail over
something that he did not do and of course with
Jesus Jesus out in the wilderness 40 days 40
nights Satan temp’s him to that’s the big that’s the
big situation in Jesus’ life where we see the big
temptation so there’s a similarity there yeah
interesting stuff so let’s let’s. As it goes from the pit
to the palace he will be asked to interpret dreams
so he’s he sent to jail right. A couple of guys show up
there now I joke about this is the butler the. The butler the baker and
the can a stick maker but there was no candlestick
maker there it’s pure that’s another story we’ll
get to that another day but the butler and the
baker show up now so so here’s Joseph a righteous
man a Hebrew a man who loves God and he’s he sold by his
brothers because they hated him for his dreams
he sold into slavery because he’s going to
become the savior isn’t me he is in a sense he’s
going to save Israel from from the famine that’s
going to come upon the world and so he’s he’s sold into
slavery he’s doing his job he excels becomes pretty
high up in part of his house so I think part of
her like him I think I think part of her did not
want to throw him in jail but I kind of had
no choice Diddy and as his wife standing
there with the jacket you know what would it look
like if you didn’t you know didn’t believe his
wife so so here’s this righteous man and I’m saying all this
just to point out that this happens to all of us
doesn’t it all of us go through things like this
we get falsely accused We get looked down upon we
get misused by the world or by the system by our
jobs and our bosses and and this does is part
of life isn’t it. And so here he is in jail
and some men show up. Who are also thrown in
jail and it’s the baker and the candlestick maker
So tell us a little bit about that and what that
means to the story well one day Joseph is there
and the butler comes to him and said Well you
know I had a dream and he shares his dream and you know Joseph lets
them know that God is the one that interprets dreams
and there’s a scripture about that very
specifically and we’re in Chapter 40 right now of
Genesis by the way so. The Butler has the stream
in it deals with wine 3. 3 binds if you will and
like like wine going into a cop. And he shares that dream
and Joseph says in 3 days you’ll be promoted back
to your rightful place in Pharaoh’s court in 3 days and then the Baker has a
dream and he shares his dream too and he shares a there are
3 levels of bread over his head in the birds are
reading from the top of this. Food tray if you will on
top of his head and as he shares that story he gets. Joseph to interpret that
dream now let me just stop right there and say you
notice one deals with bread and one
deals with wine. In the baker in his case
Joseph tells him in 3 days you will hang
on a tree OK. So obviously not very good
news but you know in a sense the baker had
something that none of us have brother good when he
had 3 guaranteed days he was going to be around
none of us has that so that that’s one positive
thing that Joseph says is the baker you’re going to
die in 3 days he tells you you’re going to be free
you’ve got to be back to your job that’s correct
and you know we actually see 2 there’s a type and
shadow of this going back to Abraham with Malka
Sadak in Genesis Chapter 14 and 18 there’s the
bread in the wind there this is actually the 1st
communion in the Bible right and of course we
have the Lord’s Supper and New Testament right in the
chapter 22 we see Jesus with the bread in the
wine so all 3 are sort of connected with that now
this into the cross OK Well we’ve talked about
that you know I made I made a claim that the
crucifixion of Jesus is actually wrapped up in
the story so to all the viewers out there I would
like you to think of the Baker on the left in the
butler on the right the baker is destined to die and the butler is destined
to live we have Jesus on the cross about 100 years
later we have the thief on the cross he’s dust in the
Dyna sins on the left and we have the thief on the
right who this day you’ll be in Paradise on me and I do believe that is
why this is in the story but also there’s a 3rd day
concept in here if we have the time to discuss this
now or perhaps later yeah. I just want to let you
ended here with some personal remarks what do
you want the folks to take away from this today well I think I think
the important thing for Goodwin is. When we take a look at the
story of Joseph in prison with the baker in The
Butler it’s really a picture of us going
through life as you know Egypt always represents
the world in the Bible in a type of shadow way we’re
in the world but we’re not of the world and just as the Baker was
destined to die in the butler was destined to
live we all have a choice in life to die in our sins
or we can live forever in Christ and that’s our
choice and maybe there’s someone here today who was
lost and undone you have no hope and because Joseph had a
personal relationship with the Lord he truly had
happiness innocent life even during times of
adversity in if people are willing to put their trust
in their faith in Jesus Christ they too can go
from the pit to the palace and that’s what Joseph
Story is truly all about how he could’ve ended on a
better note than that and because folks that’s what
it’s all about the story of the Bible is the story
of redemption he said it perfectly one that were 2
men who died with Jesus on crosses one of them died and went to hell mocking
Jesus the other said Lord remember me when outcome
was into the kingdom that man repented in his heart
and turn to Jesus put his faith in him he’ll be in
heaven you’ll see him one day folks the choice is
yours today where will you be when you die. Oh not if you die when you
die because you are going to die it is appointed to
man once to die and then the judgement everybody’s
going to die we don’t know when it may be today maybe
tomorrow maybe next month maybe next year but you
are going to face your death sentence The
question is what will you do with Jesus Christ where
will you go when you die folks I hope you have
trusted Christ as your savior if not if you need
any help with that call the 800 number on your
screen somebody would be glad to help you with that
you’ve been watching the news program I’m your host
brother Dan Goodwin you get the materials from
the website News dot com or go to the 800 number
on your screen until next time keep looking
up a good.

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  2. The moon gives its own light. It is measurably a cold light. Scripture speaks the truth.
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