39 Replies to “The Color Of The Dress According To Science”

  1. i remember one time i woke up and my eyes were still adjusting to the light you know and i looked ya this and it did look white and gold but i kept blinking and it became blue and black

  2. I think the use of lighting as an excuse to see color that doesn't exist is an utter garbage excuse for "science". The images used to show it as blue don't even look exactly like the dress, they are similar but not perfect matches. and the pic in question looks like the dress is outside not inside where unnatural lighting would be so the sun hitting the dress is gonna make black look gold? and white look blue? then why do ever see white cars in sunlight and still call them white? or white cars in a garage? they still look white. if you want white to look blue you need a blacklight. i have never seen light of any kind reflect off of something black and make it look gold. This is like Flat Earthers, make up excuses that "prove" their claims yet the proof isn't even validated.

  3. The truth:
    The majority of the people that saw black and blue are lying. They are some internet (or aliens perhaps) trolls. They wanted to break people's heads. I AM CONFUSION you may say. But the dress is white and gold. How is this video science confirmed? It's not. It's another illusion. /You can find me on videos commenting made up stories/ -unknown commenter

  4. In reference to the chessboard illusion towards the end of this video, the fact that my human brain uses visual clues (the shadow in this case) to tweak my perceptions has nothing to do with "people seeing the same thing in different ways." I believe that everyone's brain works the same way in this regard, so this would be a case of people seeing the same thing the same way.

  5. I saw wrong white balance of photo, that's why it is black and blue. No secret or illusion here.

    Ppl could incorrectly tell color with any photo that have bad white balance.

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