The Costume Shop at MIT

The Costume Shop at MIT

When you first look at the Costume Shop it doesn’t look like it belongs at MIT. But then you realize there are so many students on campus who are interested in art, who want to learn to draw, or have already drawn all their lives and want to explore it here they just don’t know how. The Costume Shop it is a hidden gem. It is a place where MIT students an explore what they know already or what they learn at MIT but in a humanistic form. So the very first day of class we go to this building that I had no idea existed, and I walk in and its just crazy because there is art everywhere. There’s pastels and oil-paintings and everything all over the place; the walls are covered with artwork. And its just all student generated work. I’m a designer and I’m trying to teach them how to approach figure drawing and costume design as a designer, not so much as a technician, I mean that from a conceptual point of view. And those guys are perfectionists, you know, and its what makes beautiful about them. So they’re going to keep going until they get it and I’m very proud of them. Sometimes I feel like if I’m not doing something technical or something homework related that I’m wasting my time. Whereas with this one (class) you realize actually how important art is. Its just a different part of your mind that you’re using and you’re not sitting in a chair coding or doing math. You’re standing up and making grand gestures. And then kind of looking at things holistically, “This is going to be the underside of it and then I’m going to have a white. . .” At the end of the semester I’m very interested to show their work. Not just for the MIT community to see what they’re doing, it’s also for themselves. So there’s two rooms. One of them has all the figure drawing exhibitions and the other has costume design. And the dresses that people created where amazing. I mean, its definitely something I would buy, these dresses were gorgeous and they were made out of paper. When the exhibition started it was crazy because I didn’t think that many people would come. I had invited some friends and they actually came because they’re really interested in something like this. Probably just because there aren’t a lot of things like this on campus. And it was a great feeling because its something that I had put a lot of time into and looking at people look at my artwork and being like, “Wow. This is so great!” It was just a great feeling. It’s really wonderful to see where they started and where they are right now. I think they are very competitive in a very good way. And they have big ideas and they try to translate them through their drawings through their painting, through objects which is the costume they tell stories. And I heard them telling me stories. And it can’t get more human than this even if its at MIT.

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  1. At the MIT Costume Shop, students transform paper into incredible garments! 

    Video: Melanie Gonick/MIT

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