The Costumes | city.ballet Bonus

The Costumes | city.ballet Bonus

my name is Martin Appel and I'm the director of costumes here at New York City Ballet I come in here everyday and do exactly what I love doing basically maintaining the look of the ballets as they were hopefully the day they open which sometimes was in 1943 you're dealing with fabrics or sources or parts of costumes that don't exist anymore beyond that is just working with great designers that are ballets in this case for our fall gala working the three fashion designers which of course is a challenge because they're used to designing for women that are walking down a runway or on a red carpet where you're standing a few feet away from them I have to kind of help them realize that the closest someone's going to be is maybe 40 or 50 feet they're constantly moving doing amazing athletic dancing a lot of times and then the stage lights which also will change color will drain a lot of color out of a costume just helping them realize it you have to pay a little less attention to the small details and look at the bigger picture these are costumed element for Benjamin Millepied ballet that the fashion designer IRA's van Herpen designed her approach to fashion is very unusual and that it uses many different elements that aren't usually used in clothing these are boots done out of all these very narrow pieces of plastic that she's designed to distort the leg of a ballerina when you move it just kind of moves with you and whichever way you go it just collapses or it extends so it's very wearable that like rapport of them angel there are some dancers that are very hands-on and involved in their fitting ashes butter is one of them I like to have it a little wider here some rod she is very particular about that and it's very vocal it's always great when you get a dancer that can explain to you how it feels this is also cut more like my black line now right it's hard when you get a dancer that comes in and it says I don't know it just doesn't feel right because it I don't know how to interpret that I mean is it too tight is it too loose is it too long is it too short I think a lot of what my job here is is to make dancers feel as secure in their costumes as possible so they're never thinking about that costume once I get on the stage if they're not thinking about the costume then I've done my job I just want them to concentrate on the dancing you

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  1. Not a fan of NYCB Swan Lake costumes. Love Royal and ABT, but I don't get the blue striping on the bodice.

  2. ABsolutely love this video and the costumes make me dream of a show of complete utter freedom of expression!

  3. Love the video, but is the constant name and diffused band necessary? You've ruined the video with it.

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