The Cutest Clothes EVER Try On Clothing Haul

The Cutest Clothes EVER Try On Clothing Haul

what's up you guys my name is lily and this is a clothing haul everything is from Windsor and it's all so cute of course let me try on I'm gonna talk about the clothes show you what it looks like on and everything like that so let's get into it this first tops probably my favorite I don't know I love everything but I really like this top it's like a square neckline and then it's scrunchie up here you could wear off the shoulder or over the shoulder I kind of like it over the shoulder and then it kind of comes down into a V and it's like hook and eye closures here kind of like a bra which i think is so different and like kind of sexy I love it and then the rest are also like scrunchie – it's like a puffy sleeve it's kind of like medieval it's the word medieval but it's so cute and I love this one the back of it is fully ruched so it's gonna fit really nice and snug to your body and looks smooth and a nice the next top is really popular right now it's exceed through arms and then ruched see-through with like nude under leg and it's so so pretty laces up here I think it's really inspired by the Kim K VMA outfit dress that she wore it's super pretty on and it lays like off the shoulder and there's like this gel little strip here that helps keep it on which is you know amazing and I just love this so cute the next item is awesome black go figure and it also has the little hook and eye closures but these ones are a little bit more decorative it's like the same black satin material as the first top and then it ties above the shoulders and it's adjustable which is really helpful too so you can make it your own fit and it also has underwire in here so it kind of fits like a bra and it also like seems going down here to like cinch thank you look snatched it hooks down here this little button and then the back is just plain then I got another black bodysuit and it is more like lingerie but when I saw a lot of people doing us I'm wearing it over a white shirt like this so you can like see through it or you could wear it plain with like a sweater over it or something it's like a song in the back which it's really good so you won't get underwear lines if you're wearing it was like jeans or something but it's really cute when we take this one moving on to the cheetah print item I love this skirt it's like a perfect high-waisted shortened miniskirt but it is a good enough length but it's not like too short and it's a really cute kind of denim canvas material so leopards right I love this I would probably put this with any of these black tops even the strength talking about to show you such a statement piece but you could match it with so many different things which is what I love about making neutral animal prints make they can actually go it's literally anything because they are neutral but just a different out of pattern to throw a gear wardrobe the first sweater is off the shoulder and off the hanger like I said it's off the shoulder oh my god everything's coming here okay anyways it's a square neckline with like square off the shoulder nest but you could probably pull it up – cropped long sleeves took a 90s stripe which I like gonna to knit which is also kind of different if you like a lot of like striped tops are just like cloth but this isn't it really cute I can't wait to wear this obsessed this next one is also off the shoulder and that stain like knit material and it's also the stripes go to mosey neck and then I'd like crosses down here into a little bow they can tie on the side which is always fun I love both momentum back yeah this one's a really really cute this one is a sweater dress which I think it's so cute it's like a mock neck turtleneck that actually zips up and down so you can open it or pull it all the way up and it's got like these a mustard stripes and piping and it's on the rest – I think this would be so cute with maybe like a mustard hat and a good neighbor word I think oh I like a mustard like sunglasses or something I think it's so cute and it's really tiny and looking but once it's on your body like stretches and fits really really nicely it's a nice extinct knit material – then I got this little sweater it's super open weave and really cool fabric it's really different from anything I've ever seen before that's a big open V so you can wear like a cute bra that with this it probably won't keep you super warm because it's so open weave but it is really really cute and I like this piece for fall and I got this sweater which is really funky and fresh and cool I am obsessive that I don't anything like it but it is so fun it makes me think of something like a stage performer would wear because it's so nice for the movement you could get such cool pictures in this I can't wait to shoot a mess it's so fun my office Haemon steps and I actually will probably keep you really really warm because it's so thick and so strings it does shed a little bit but and it makes sense because it is so shaggy the last item is this Kim K inspired dress I'm sure you guys have all seen it I've already Instagram done that and it's so nice and thick I literally felt like I was wearing Spanx when I was wearing it and has the cutout here to like show that weird amount of AB and it's just like simple and playing in the back it's really cute if you guys have somewhere fun to go to I would probably like say you know try this out it's fun and different and I never knew I liked hot pink Atilla for this so yeah so that's everything from Windsor if you guys want to follow me on instagram right here at Lili Tracy I'll probably be posting pictures and these outfits in the coming days and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll see you next time bye

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  1. I have just seen you for the first time. I never really leave a comment. But I do believe that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. God bless you with a safe and good life. And you should have many kids! 😎

  2. Omg omg omg I love everything ❤️❤️ everything is so cuteeeee. Ahhhhhh I loved it so much. Hope your having an amazing week. Love you so much.

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