The Devil Wears Prada (2/5) Movie CLIP – Andy’s Interview (2006) HD

The Devil Wears Prada (2/5) Movie CLIP – Andy’s Interview (2006) HD

who are you? My name is Andy Sacks. I recently graduated from Northwestern University And what are you doing here? Well, I think I could do a good job as your assistant. And… I came to New York to be a journalist and sent letters out everywhere and then finally got a call from Elias Clarke and met with Sherry up at Human Resources. and… Basically it´s this or Auto Universe. So, you don´t read Runway? Oh, no! And before today, you had never heard of me? No And You have no style or sense of fashion. Well, I think that depends on what you´re .. No, no, that wasn´t a question. Um, I was editor in chief of the Daily Northwestern. I also won a national competition for college journalist with my series on the janitors union which exposed the exploitation of the… That´s all… Yeah, yeah, Ok, You´re right. I don´t fit in here. I´m not skinny or glamorous and I don´t know that much about fashion but I´m smart. I learn fast and I will work very hard…. thank you for your time! Who is that sad little person?

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  1. She was hired because she had her head on her shoulders. In this industry she displayed that she had a backbone and wasn't threatened by Miranda's presence. A sycophant who would agree and do anything without actually having the capability to have a brain.

    Mid story features Andy becoming one. But the final arc is Andy whose becoming not only a fan of Runway…but actually an exact Miranda clone herself. She has the power to be a ruthless cold hearted materialistic sociopath. But in the end she proves she can love herself and others. When she quit she proved she was a stronger better person.

    Potentially the only person ever in Miranda's life to do that. When she saw Andy Post-Runway she was the angelic being of strong and fashion forward. She learned to wield the power to potentially be a humble leader. She became the person Miranda would've been.

  2. en ultima intancia esto puede ocurrir en la vida real…a mi me paso lo mismo ..en un prestigiosos restaurante en Paris…no tenia idea de nada, pero lo fui demostrando y ahora soy manager…wallaaaaa

  3. The insults fly left and right, sometimes almost so courteously, it takes repeated viewing to catch a few of them that slip right past you. Meryl Streep should've won Best Actress for this role.

  4. Seriously, not everybody in the fashion industry are this rude. But when you find the ones who are, which are a lot of them, it's so accurate. Fashion is the place where you will cry your eyeballs out just because you did one mistake. And if you're not physically, mentally and emotionally strong, the industry will eat you alive. I should know, I work in fashion.

  5. All the stupid people here saying they don't think she's fat compared to someone else, nobody cares what you say. It's no one's fault that you have a sad life and you're fat and nobody wants you.

  6. Andi was an idiot. Who goes into an interview (regardless of industry) saying "I'm settling for this job" basically? I would have pointed to the door.

  7. I mean, if she was going to apply she should do some research to know about the company and what they do?

  8. I could handle a boss who’s passive aggressive and bitchy in a calm way like her but could not deal with a lady who screams all day. In my Opinion Miranda would be the perfect Boss.

  9. And this attitude and bitchiness is what most gays aspires to. They think being young mean and gay is a personality.

  10. So basically she won some bogus award for being an oppression merchant and wants to go work at Buzzfeed or worse

  11. Quitte a etre embauchee par un bully, je chosis celui la. Le meilleur dans la mode ( Carine R. a n'est plus la…). Il y a quand meme du savoir faire, et un heritage familial important et non negligeable. Bonjour madame Wintour, j'ai deja entendu parler de vous et d'une de vos plus belles sources d'inspirations. Et je suis d'accord, ne vous deplacez pas pour la fashion week de Londres mais au moins pour le Victoria s secret show. les anges sont a couper le souffle, vous le savez… plutot agreable de se sentir comme millions de dollards en defilant j'en suis certaine… Hors de prix.

  12. See, I loved this scene in the movie. But, these types of scenes get real people in real life trouble because they sometimes use these unrealistic tactics they see in the movies.

    Potential employer: thanks, we'll call you

    You: there's no need, you should hire me right cot damn now. What's there to think about?

    Movie employer response: you know what, that's so bold of you. You're hired!

    Real life employer response: uh, Julie will see you out.

    tosses resume in the garbage 😳

  13. is it weird thatI only like miranda for the whole movie? like andy is good, but her meek and plyaing victim just didn't kick on me, and don't start me with andy's friends and boyfriends they are the worst human alive and should not deserved andy at all, like urggg any people want to know or be friends them just can go to hell

  14. When I as young I felt bad for Andy but when I watched this 10 years later I realized that she didn’t deserve to get the job

  15. This scene probably ruined many people's chances of landing a job because they emulated Andy's "I'm too good for this company" attitude. 😂

  16. Miranda's face at 1:28 when Andy started stating her own flaws regarding her worth for the fashion industry indeed indicated that Miranda was impressed.

  17. Most people who interview say what the boss wants to hear and lie to get the job I see what they did there. She was just being real with the boss and she didn't like the feeling. That is very unfair. The world is filled with followers if u want to be something ur own u have to have an opinion and think different god I love this movie.

  18. Honestly, I don’t know how she even expected to land a job here when she had absolutely NO experience in fashion. She never even heard of Miranda Priestly

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