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  1. What are some of your favorite films that do a great job of jumping right into the action and quickly setting up the story?

  2. ..Isn't just wonderful this video is not about DWP but instead a blatant commercial for audible…pathetic. Rather sly in a sneaky and sad waste of time.

  3. Great analysis! I always liked this movie but struggled to explain why – now I know it's its great pacing and flawless composition. Thanks! Also, your editing looks awesome.

  4. You can tell the screenwriter doesn't quite get fashion when they think stilettos in the office is more acceptable than a kitten heel.

  5. Emily has been studying those binders for weeks and still didn't know the ambassador's name at the benefit. Andy managed to do it in a few hours, the right person went to Paris.

  6. I watched this movie when I was starting university and I used to find my work ethic. Is a great movie

  7. Please do something, anything about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. You'd make my movie heart burst.

  8. This is an excellent breakdown. Really enjoyed it! As to your question, the first one that jumps to mind is Terminator 2. It sets itself up pretty quickly and efficiently, without especially needing the audience to have seen the first Terminator film. The introduction of Sarah Connor in T2 is one of the best I've ever seen – with one shot and one line, we know everything we need to know about her.

  9. So no one gonna say that he made a mistake discribing shoes she was wearing crocs not kitten heels and changed to killer stiletoes. Does this guy even know shoes?

  10. i wouldn't really say andy sticks up for herself at the end, she kinda just walks off. compare to the book, where she explodes, in public, verbally tearing miranda to the ground

  11. I always loved the introduction scene, when Andrea was being compared to the other girls. It’s very fascinating to see.

  12. This is quite interesting. LFTS plays stress on the "10 page" rule whereas 'Just Write' did a video on how 'Rocky' breaks this rules and soars high.

  13. There is an excitement to starting a career. The Devil Wears Prada captures this excitement. Great film.

  14. Another "minor film" which have – I think – a great way to present characters/story in the firsts minutes, is Bring it on. And in such an entertaining way 🙂

  15. Don't ask me why, but I know The Devil Wears Prada better than I know any other movie. I love it, and I love Aline Brosh McKenna (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fan for life). However I've always felt Andrea was poorly written, particularly in the opening of the movie. As great as the opening montage to Suddenly I See is, I can't help but feel the opening needed to dispose of a lot of the exposition in order to make way for the story. Here's what I mean:
    Andy is portrayed as smart. As the script says, "Intelligent but green." She was a good student from what we understand. Good students STUDY. The opening should have been Andy absorbing as much information about Miranda, Elias Clarke, The Book, everything she could find. Youtube videos of "behind the scenes at Runway" where Miranda is portrayed in a very positive light, and it's showing the absolute best in Miranda. We can meet Emily and Nigile even, get the exposition of The Book out of the way here. Then we get to the interview (you can even have your montage here since it's so damn good) where we have this unstoppable, ready, smart young woman overly prepared for her interview, only to have her barely get the job. Because the line "Ummm… I think I'd do a good job as your assistant" won't get anyone hired anywhere, let alone Runway.
    I just felt like this early Andy is a contradiction. I'm supposed to be rooting for this intelligent woman, and she gives me no reason to because she doesn't even put forth minimal effort. She shows no sign of this intelligence she's supposed to possess.
    Another example:
    Later in the movie, Miranda is stranded in Florida during a hurricane. This is considered "The Impossible Task". This is the task where there is absolutely no solution. But there was; and a simple one at that. Take a car service to the nearest part of Florida that isn't having a hurricane and take a private jet out of there. Done and done. But Andy resorts to some of the worst decisions possible and ultimately fails. When in reality, the actual "Impossible Task" was the Harry Potter mission. In the movie Miranda wants the 7th and final Harry Potter book for her kids by the end of the day. Any fan of Harry Potter knew that when that movie came out, JK Rowling hadn't even started writing the 7th book yet, let alone finished it. Andy should have found that out, and then she could figure out a way to get an advanced copy of the next unreleased movie, along with personal dvd players delivered by Emma Watson and Dan Radcliffe themselves, and THEN have Miranda be disappointed that she failed her mission of getting the book.
    What these changes would have brought with it would have been a sense of camaraderie between the audience and Andy. With the hurricane, the audience would believe there's no solution, and they'd cheer for her for coming up with one. With the Harry Potter task the audience would consider the movie compromise a great idea and they'd be 100% behind her, only to have her (and the audience) struck down by the vicious Miranda.
    Again, it's all in the portrayal of Andrea. We're supposed to believe in her intelligence, but we don't get to see it. Reality was also a hurdle, and they could have made that hurdle into a great moment, but they instead decided to unnecessarily tarnish the reputation of the cover artist (The amazingly talented and not at all corrupt Mary GrandPré) by saying she would just hand off the most valuable manuscript of the time over to some columnist because he smiled at her.
    I love this movie and I love Aline, but this movie has some serious flaws that with just the slightest of tweaks could have made for an even better movie than we received.

  16. The Devil Wears Prada is such a great film. It drives me crazy when it's brushed off as a "chick flick" in the realm of 27 Dresses or How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. The story is familiar but never feels unoriginal, the production design is outstanding, the dialogue is efficient without feeling rushed and the acting (particularly Meryl and Emily) is OUTSTANDING. Anyone off-put by the females protagonists or fashion elements is a fool.

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