The Evolution of Daredevil’s Costume | Yellow Spandex #3 | NowThis Nerd

The Evolution of Daredevil’s Costume | Yellow Spandex #3 | NowThis Nerd

Hi guys, I’m Kya and today’s episode of ‘Yellow Spandex’ is all about the CW’s future Flash costume from 2024. Lolno, we’re just kidding. Welcome to ‘Defenders’ week. Unfortunately, most of the team just wears street clothes, Unless you count Luke Cage’s little cameo thing or Jewel’s super stripper suit. The only place anyone is wearing that is trick-or-treating or some kinky roleplaying scenario. So I guess the only thing we have to talk about is the evolution of Daredevil’s costume. Not that I’m complaining. Bill Everett and Jack Kirby’s original design definitely looked like a blind dude put it together. That color clashing is just not my thing. But the yellow didn’t last long. In issue 7, Wally Wood came up with an all-red outfit that became Daredevil’s iconic look. It’s so simple on the surface, but it let artists put their own stamp on it by experimenting with light, color, shadow. And besides some logo changes, it stuck around for nearly 30 years. Until an edgy armored update in the ‘90s. It only lasted a few issues, but the black color scheme came back during the ‘Shadowland’ storyline, where a possessed Matt Murdock leads the Hand. Then, after fighting crime in San Francisco wearing a three-piece suit, he came back to New York with an all-new, all-different costume. It’s basically the ‘Shadowland’ uniform minus the edgelord blades, with a little splash of red on the wrists and boots. So it’s a pretty basic costume, right? Well let’s see how it looked in live-action, starting with a 1975 project that never was: ‘Black Widow’ David Bowie’s first wife Angie was all about superheroes in the ‘70s. She auditioned for the role of Wonder Woman, but she lost the part because she refused to wear a bra. Ironic. Then, she somehow snagged the TV rights for Black Widow and her occasional hookup Daredevil. Angie pitched a show with herself as Natasha and actor Ben Carruthers as Matt. They never filmed a pilot, so all we’ve got are these photos from a test shoot. Angie looks great as Widow, but the Daredevil costume is way different from the comics. There’s no logo on his chest, his horns are too pointy, he’s not wearing gloves, and his face is completely uncovered. This is a man who looks like he can see. They just painted his face to look like the comic mask and honestly? I kind of like the whole look. It’s weird and I love shit like that. They look like artsy crime fighting mimes from a retro superhero circus. Also, Daredevil was going to be played by a black actor. Who knows, maybe fans back then would have been cooler with changing a character’s race than they are today? I’m just saying, I don’t hear anyone complaining about Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. You wanna lift, big boy? Let’s move on to 1989, the first actual appearance of Daredevil in ‘The Trial of the Incredible Hulk,’ A TV movie based on the old Lou Ferrigno show. It was a backdoor pilot for a solo ‘Daredevil’ series starring Rex Smith as Matt Murdock. Show me the mean streets. The tough part of town. The Man Without Fear wears a sleek, all-black ninja outfit. He looks like Mike Meyers in ‘Sprockets.’ Now is the time on ‘Sprockets’ when we dance! It’s… a little on the plain side. It’s practical, I get it. It would work if he was just starting out as Daredevil. Like the black outfits in ‘The Man Without Fear’ and the first Netflix season. But here, he’s been established for a while. So can you please tell me why he doesn’t have the horns? I can understand dropping the logo. The double D’s are a little on the nose. And the lack of red makes sense for a stealthy guy like Matt. But I need to see his little horns. If you’re going to do something based on a superhero, keep something. Like his name is Dare. Devil. Devil. Horns. Little fake horns on a mask. I’m a big believer in the Constitution and the law. I understand practicality and everything but it’s like having a Kingpin who isn’t bald! Oh wait… That’s John Rhys-Davies as Wilson Fisk, making his first live-action appearance. Gathered especially for you. Diamonds! Thanks, Fisk! And that’s about it for the ‘Trial of the Incredible Hulk.’ He’s not guilty, by the way. If Rex Smith’s boring costume put you to sleep, we’ve got the Ben Affleck ‘Daredevil’ to wake you up inside. (Wake me up) That song is so good. I’m not even sorry about it. I know the movie isn’t great, I’m not the bad guy. but it came out at the perfect time for me. I remember watching it on the couch with my dad when I was a little kid. And I had no room to judge because it was just a cool superhero movie. I’m sorry, that playground scene will always be impressive to me. Stop hitting me. Now that that’s in the open, I still have a problem with all that leather. Like, leather has a time and place and this is neither the time or the place. Like, c’mon, do I need to remind you people that Daredevil is a ninja? He’s supposed to be sneaky and acrobatic. Which are not qualities you associate with tight, shiny red leather. The whole thing just looks… squeaky. I would hear him coming from a mile away. I do like how his top is a zip-up jacket. The open collar is cool, and it works with the unconnected skullcap mask. Overall, the costume isn’t bad, but it’s not nearly as cool as the concept art. These designs look like Daredevil by way of H.R. Giger. And Bullseye could have looked incredible, too. Speaking of which… I want a bloody costume! Me too! Then I’d have something to talk about on my show. I’m not gonna lie, I love Colin Farrell in this role. It’s one of those times where he looks nothing like his comic version and I’m okay with it. He’s just got this giant alligator trenchcoat and a belt that holds his shurikens. I do like the target scarred into his forehead though. It was actually cool enough to get carried over to the comic. We’ve also got another incarnation of the Kingpin, played by Michael Clarke Duncan. I could gush about how awesome he is, but why don’t you just play that shot where he’s looking at the city with that song in the background instead? Cool. Thanks. You know what, f*ck everyone. This movie dope. I mean it’s not without it’s problems. Mine are mostly with Elektra. Remember me? This is her first live-action appearance. There’s no trace of her comic book bandana, and instead of the cool single-strap leotard she’s basically just dressed like Shakira. Liar! Also, she’s wearing black. Also also, she’s wearing pants. Why does she need pants? Why do any of these people need pants? Elektra’s costume doesn’t change too much in her spinoff, but at least it’s more red. Let’s all just forget that monstrosity and get right into the Netflix ‘Daredevil’ show. I love how Matt’s costume is integrated into the storyline. We get to see the entire evolution of his look. Basically doing my job for me. There’s the blindfold and hoodie getup from his first rescue, which has got to be a callback to ‘The Man Without Fear.’ Then for most of the season he’s running around in an all-black outfit that’s almost a carbon copy of the Rex Smith suit. Finally, he gets a proper-ass costume from Melvin Potter just in time to crush the Kingpin. Potter’s got his own kinda costume thing going on, but we still haven’t seen him as the full-blown Gladiator yet. If the super suits in the MCU have anything in common, it’s that they look functional. Except for Cap’s suit in the first Avengers movie. Daredevil’s tacticool costume fits right in. I’ll just let Potter explain it: Black parts give the most protection. Red might deflect a knife, depending on the angle. Might not. Perfect for any urban ninja. The mask looks a little goofy in the first season, but Matt gets an upgrade after the Punisher puts a bullet between his little horns. Bang. And he switches to regular combat boots, which I love. I mean, how many superhero costumes have shoelaces? As for the rest of the crew, the Kingpin looks incredible. He never wears his trademark white suit, but I love the stab-proof jacket. And Vincent D’Onofrio is intimidating as hell. Tell Mr. Potter I’ll need a new suit. Elektra mostly wears a black top with a cool red scarf/mask underneath. But Potter eventually hooks her up with some armor that’s a little closer to the comic look. Still has pants, though. And as for the Punisher… You know you’re one bad day from being me. Well, don’t worry about him. We’re gonna give him an episode all to himself. And if any of the other Defenders feel like throwing on a cape or some underwear outside of their pants, We’ll cover them in ‘Yellow Spandex’ too.

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  1. I like the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie I got the director's cut of it and the director's cut is a little bit better

  2. I give Rex Smith's costume credit for bringing the black ninja costume to Daredevil. It looked great when it was adapted in The Man Without Fear, and also set the stage for the Netflix suit. Sure it might've been a little plain for his main suit, but not many super hero suits were made that realistically at the time.

  3. Kya, thank you. Your show is awesome and I love hearing your passionate and well thought out insight into costume design. Also, THANK YOU for also being someone else who digs the Ben Affleck Daredevil (yes it's imperfect but the Director's cut isn't a bad flick). I also grew up with it watching it with my Dad on HBO as a kid. I actually really dig the costume myself since I always loved the street-wise aesthetic. I feel like that Daredevil could almost walk down a shady street and be super intimidating. I actually have the leather jacket from the movie as apart of my DD cosplay. Although you do make a good point about the impracticality of the leather. I feel like some separation should have been implemented. Perhaps something closer to the fabrics of Ben Affleck's Batsuit.

  4. I love and hate the 2003 Daredevil, it was that movie when u like it but when u think about it it's not nerd worthy , you get what I'm saying? Because I don't

  5. IMO We still havent seen an awesome Daredevil suit that's accurate. Just give us an all red Daredevil dammit! Not maroon, and no black.

  6. I freaking love Bens daredevil for 2003 it’s very underrated and I grown up with it. Also better than bens Batman lol just saying and I want a daredevil video game and a bloody costume

  7. i think the part where matt and elektra are at that party and she's wearing a red dress and she rips it to be able to fight better is a reference to the slit skirt.

  8. It ok Ben is amazing in the role as my opinion and all the actor are great, but it don't still true to the comic book and that is it's main down fall. p.s. the early 2000's CGI does not help out ear

  9. It’s not a good movie but I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy the hell out of the 2003 Daredevil movie.

  10. Honestly the Ben afleck daredevil was like the 2nd superhero movie I ever watched and I thought it was really dope

  11. Ben Affleck's Daredevil was the movie which made me love the Devil lf Hell's Kitchen…then i forgot a little about him…and then Charlie Cox appered…

  12. I really liked the 2003 daredevil movie. It wasn't that bad, I even bought it on DVD. I the costume for that film with great

  13. I absolutely love the Ben afleck daredevil movie. Sure it was cheesy but at that time in my life I didn’t really have the marvel movies that I wanted and this was the beginning of that time we’re finally I was getting marvel movies and they weren’t half bad. And I thought the suit was great. Yes the movies and shows we have our now are better. But that’s how it’s supposed to be. Things get better and better as the time ticks away. Movies. Video games. Cars. Besides our own aging bodies.

  14. Okay two points.. I haven't seen the Batman TV series since I was a kid. That was my first exposure to Batman. Batman itself at the time only had a few decades of history when the TV show came out. My second point is I never knew the actress who played Catwoman was black. Maybe I missed it but I remember her being white. — Changing the skin tone of characters is not okay. Terry Fitzgerald, Domino, Kingpin, Jimmy Olsen.. It's kinda ridiculous.

    Edit: Just ask yourself this. Would you be okay if Luke Cage, Black Panther, Storm, or any other character of color were played by a white actor? Double standards.

  15. 2:09 why do you have to drag politics into your vids? When characters switch race, it's fine! Unless in that race change the writers change the character's personality or something that is key to the character. That's when people blaim the race change because it changed the character. It's even worse in superhero movies/T.V. shows because they can still call the superhero/villian their "super name" but completely change the character under the mask! Example: Shocker from Spider-Man: Homecoming. This doesn't always happen but it can be infuriating when it does. A character you have been eager to see in live action turns out not to be that character and just has his/her powers and a similar costume. And saying "Oh back then people wouldn't care" is kinda dumb. The U.S.A. has come a long way and I don't understand why you would say we are more racist now than back in 1975. I would watch all your videos if you don't include politics.

  16. 15 years and I still love the Daredevil film! Holds sentimental value since I saw with my dad. Since then, Daredevil is still one of my favorite superheroes.

    This was a great presentation of his info, I loved the timing and use of clips throughout. Just subscribed, excited to see more!

  17. Can you imagine a combination of Daredevil’s red suit and latest black suit from the MCU together as a entirely new costume? I think it would be neat.

  18. I like the Ben Affleck daredevil mainly because of your reason I grew up with the movie and a use to watch it with my dad this is the case for most movies that are frowned upon although I do see why the are frowned upon but still.

  19. Oh wow, I remember Cyclops dissing this, asking Logan "what would you prefer, yellow spandex?", in 2000's Xmen…Maybe he was referring to daredevil?

  20. I thought your description and passion of this character was awesome I actually did like the Ben Affleck costume itself I just feel like he wasn't agile enough he should have been extra agile and there was a cheese factor to it for the most part for young kids which I was when they came out still somewhat it was alright movie not completely garbage just expect it and wanted more

  21. The way you pronounced John Rhys-Davies Baffles me. The Rhys is pronounced like Reese. It's the way that we spell it in wales.

  22. If where ever gonna get daredevil in a avengers movie i want the suit to kinda be a hybrid mix of the 2003 ben afleck suit with some elements of the suit from the concept art and the netflix season 2 suit if that’s possible

  23. Yeah… The Ben Affleck movie was flawed as hell, but had as much cool moments as awkward ones. Still, I like it more than not. Mixed feelings though. :/

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