The Fabric – Co-Creation Approach For Cloud/IoT Infrastructure Startups

The Fabric – Co-Creation Approach For Cloud/IoT Infrastructure Startups

The initial vision of The Fabric was
conceived as we were leaving Juniper Networks. Prabakar and I had successfully got Ankeena
going within Juniper and we were trying to decide what’s the next stage of our career. The idea of providing an eco-system
for entrepreneurs and investors to come together and create new companies was beginning to
be very appealing to us; especially the scale of changes that were taking place in the cloud
and IoT infrastructure and the application spaces. That’s why we hit upon this idea of co-creation
approach of deeply collaborating with entrepreneurs to validate new ideas and bring together investors
with them to create these excellent portfolio companies. With the advent of cloud, we felt we
had an opportunity to create from scratch, with a set of talented entrepreneurs, a new
kind of organization and thus The Fabric was born. In The Fabric because we work as co-creators,
the investors, The Fabric, and the entrepreneurs who work at them are all on the same page. We are all co-founders of the company together,
we bring knowledge, experience, energy and time, as well as the capital to the table,
build a company and, therefore, our interest and our success and our investor’s interest
and their success are all aligned. The same goes to for the entrepreneurs; because
we are co-founders of the company, their success and our success is shared success. The Fabric’s co-creation approach
was really focused on helping entrepreneurs with all aspects of building a great company:
whether it is ideation, validating the concept, go to market, technology, strategy, architecture,
building an eco-system of partners. All the things that they need to do to put
together all the steps for success. Fortunately, our timing was right. The cloud was creating massive disruptions
in the infrastructure space, and the opportunity was there to create multiple different companies
in the space. The concept of VeloCloud was born at the time,
and we were also very fortunate to run into Sanjay Uppal who’s the founder and CEO of
VeloCloud. VeloCloud has been associated with
The Fabric right from the beginning, and they were very useful in the early stages to help
get the company off the ground. It’s amazing that 5 years later we now have
50 service provides, over 1,000 enterprise customers and we are deploying more than 50,000
edges all over the world. Over the past few years, we have
really enjoyed co-creation and collaborating with entrepreneurs to build several great,
innovative companies. In the software-defined RAM space, cloud application
delivery, IoT security, and big data acceleration and analytics. And in the process, we have attracted some
top-notch talent. A great example is Ron Victor of IoTium. IoTium is a network infrastructure software
company. We’ve been working with The Fabric ever
since inception. Our thought process is matched. The chemistry was great. We’ve been funded from GE Ventures, Juniper
Ventures, March Capital. The Fabric played a very important role in
that, and I highly recommend working with The Fabric for any entrepreneur that wants
to build a new infrastructure company. Value creation definitely gets accelerated. The platform that we have created allows
us to reduce risks, build up companies to a very successful stage and drive innovation
in the new areas of cloud, security and internet of things. So come connect with us! We would love to collaborate with you to grow
your ideas into great new ventures!

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  1. Thank you to The Fabric for your collaboration, consultation, guidance, advice, investment and ongoing trust to help make VeloCloud the leader in the SD-WAN market.

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