The Fallacy of the Pro-Choice Coat Hanger Abortion Rhetoric

The Fallacy of the Pro-Choice Coat Hanger Abortion Rhetoric

♫ Theme Music ♫ If abortion were outlawed today, and next week a bunch of women
died from coat hanger abortions – those coat hangers would’ve been in the
hands of pro-choice people. That’s right. Not pro-life people. That’s right. We’re not doing it, they are. We’re not doing abortions.
You and I are not in the abortion business We’ve never done them, we’re never going to do them. So when you see these people out
there waving these coat hangers around and saying, ‘Never again!’
‘We’re not going to go back to this.’ Then don’t do it. Yup. Then don’t do it. Hello! Right…Right… Yeah… Don’t do them. Right.
That’s all you gotta do. So we can solve this coat hanger
abortion problem like that. You know I’ve challenged the pro-aborts.
I used to challenge them on this many, many years ago. 25 or 30 years ago when I was debating with them… I’d say, ‘I’ll tell you what, we can
solve the coat hanger thing right now…’ ‘and here’s how we’ll do it…’ ‘I will get every pro-lifer in the country to sign an agreement that they will never do a coat hanger abortion, if you will get every pro-abort in the
country to sign an agreement saying they’ll never do coat hanger abortions.’ I bet that didn’t go well… No, No, it didn’t go well… But the fact is, every woman that has
ever died during an abortion, every woman that ever was
raped in an abortion clinic, was killed by a pro-abort
or raped by a pro-abort. Why are we responsible for that? Right.
We’re not responsible for it. We’re only trying to save the lives of
the unborn and the mothers themselves. So if you don’t like coat hanger abortions,
don’t do abortions. Keep them in your closet and put clothes on them.

11 Replies to “The Fallacy of the Pro-Choice Coat Hanger Abortion Rhetoric”

  1. Disgusting. If you take away the options for someone who is desperate, you bare the responsibility for what happens afterwards. If it weren't for the pro life community these women would be getting safe, legal abortions. If you don't want women to die from coat hanger abortions– and don't want responsibility for it– don't let it be their only option.

  2. You are aware of a recent case where a woman in a state without any abortion clinics performed a 'coat hanger' procedure on herself? Dumping the fetus in a bin for any passer by to find, and losing nearly a third of her blood in the time it took to realize her situation and get to the hospital. A shocking series of events that is unheard of in states where abortion is legal.

    Even if America were to turn itself into a dictatorship so disgustingly pervasive that everyone "pro-choicer" or not was registered and made to sign an agreement to act or not act in a certain way it would not prevent desperate women from doing it to themselves, women who are not biologists or surgeons or any other sort of human anatomy experts. The issue is, since they're going to do it anyway, how can the procedure be regulated to minimize risk of the woman suffering injury, infection and/or death? How can the procedure be done in such a way that the fetal remains are not left in street bins for the stray animals? You know what they would do to it.

    For decades statistics have shown that in every part of the world where the regulated provision of abortion is banned, self-induced abortion is widespread, coat hangers are widespread, and maternal death is more frequent. In every part of the world where abortion procedures are legal, coat hanger abortions are almost unheard of and maternity death rates are lower.

    What you're asking is for society to accept a higher mortality rate just so you can feel better about yourself, and that is an extremely hard case to make.

  3. What a piece of shit. So this guy calls himself "pro-life"? The disgusting hypocrites of the anti-choice crowd will be responsible for every such death and injury should they take the safe option away for women with unwanted pregnancies.

  4. Never in the considered discussion of Mr. Crutcher are the many many unwanted babies born into grinding poverty, abused, becoming under-privileged youth and mal-adapted adults. Then there's the simple truth that humans are over-populating the planet earth. Let's talk about the carrying-capacity of the world ecosystems. People are crapping in their own mess-kit.

  5. Fucking horrible people. I bet it was the fault of the pro choice people that the PP clinic got shot up by that religious loon too?
    if you don`t like abortions, don`t get a fucking abortion, but don`t go around telling other people what they can or can`t do with their own bodily autonomy! The "rape at abortion clinics" line is just too stupid to comment on, just fuck off already you sleazy scumbags!

  6. You are missing the point. The prochoice people who will seek abortion now legally, WILL go back to the coat hangers if it is made illegal. Their point in not going back is that they want to keep it legal, and not HAVE to go back to coat hangers, because it is a butcher job, a health risk, women die, they may delay them working up the nerve, causing more carnage, rather than with legalized abortion, but mark you, they WILL use a hanger or whatever else they can. That is the point . If pro-lifers don't want an abortion, don't have one. There is a point in development, where even if the embryo looks like a human, it does not have the development to know, feel, or care what happens to it, no brain activity. If you believe you still need to protect that as pro life, then don't have an abortion, but there is not scientific or biblical support for protection in that state.

  7. Oh god they are stupid. Some 14 year old who would rather be dead herself than pregnant somewhere is doing the coat hanger thing right now as I type, or drinking drano from under the sink.

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