The Great Wizarding War – Chapter 1 – Wounds and Wear

The Great Wizarding War – Chapter 1 – Wounds and Wear

Broadstrokes Productions presents… The Great Wizarding War Written by Justin Zagri and Garrett Schweighauser Directed by Justin Zagri Produced by Mick Ignis Chapter One: Wounds and Wear James Potter: Hogwarts no more! Remus Lupin: Imagine things are going to change… Sirius Black: And not one Death Eater’s going to have a row with us so long as we’re together. Remus: What if it’s a friend facing us or worse someone who wants to be there? James: Alright, Snivellus? If you beat me, I’ll stay away from Lily. All Marauders: FIENDFYRE! Severus Snape: You have no idea what it is like to lose something! James: Severus…please! Snape: Avada Ka… Lily Evans: Show me and I might forgive you. (sirens) (apparition sound) (thudding) Remus: Ow! Sirius: I need help! My friend… (knocking) He needs help! (apparition sound) Lily: Right. St. Mungos. — Did you get splinched anywhere, James? James: S-S-Severus… (whimpering) Lily: James? Sirius: Repairo. Episkey. (groans) Lily: My god…James, we need to help Remus. (knocking) Sirius: Can anyone…let us in! Lily: James! James: (whispering) Severus please… Lily: James, look at me. (gasping) Lily: Come on. I need you here. (whimpering) James: Lily? Lily: Remus needs your help. (knocking) Sirius: Why is no one answering? James: Take his arm. I’ll
get the other. Lily, we need a healer. (footsteps) Sirius: The window’s solid. No one’s answering. (apparition sound) Sirius: How did you… James: Put him on this bench. Give me your vest. Sirius: I’ve tried everything. Nothing
is stopping the bleeding. James: Your vest! — Take the strips and put it over the cuts. Put pressure on them. (groaning) Sirius: Merlin…James what are you doing? James: Keep applying
pressure. Where’s Lily? St. Mungo’s Healer: Out of the way you two. — My God…what did this? Sirius: I-I don’t know. Healer: You don’t know? Sirius: It might have been dark magic. I-I couldn’t see. Healer: And you? (whimpering) James: No… Healer: We need to get him inside. Does anyone know his blood type? Lily: O+. Healer: Are either of you the same type? Lily: Sirius is a universal donor. Healer: Good. Come with me. — Mobilicorpus! (grunting) (apparition sound) (loud moaning) (whimpering) (loud moaning) Healer: You, the universal donor, lie down next to him. This isn’t going to be comfortable. Sirius: What are you doing? Healer: Blood transfusion. Lily: What about the potions? Healer: (scoffs) We haven’t had any for weeks here. James: What about his cuts? The bleeding isn’t stopping. Healer: Please, wait outside. — Miss Evans, stay here. I need an extra wand for his wounds. James: I’m not leaving. Healer: Now! Or I’ll make ya leave. (whimpering) (moaning) (yelling) (whimpering) Bartender: Fancy place. A pub is it? You-you gents…you wouldn’t happen to know where I am, would you? Lord Voldemort: Shall I dispatch of what remains of our company? Snape: I…suppose. Bartender: What’s the wand for, friend? Voldemort: Imperio. (spell casting) Voldemort: You never served us our drinks. Why don’t you find us your finest brandy? Bartender: I did not? I will do. (footsteps) Voldemort: Don’t want to sully our hands, do we? Snape: I suppose not. Voldemort: I’ve been watching you for some time now, Severus. You have proven yourself most
impressive these past several months. The Blacks, The Carrows, even Lucius cannot deny what they have seen… Snape: I see… Voldemort: And, from what you have told me, you can handle yourself against four, talented, pure-blood Gryffindors. Snape: Three, if you ask me. (clears throat) My
lord… Voldemort: Yes… Well, one should see the potential in anyone. What one lacks in courage — other strengths can be found. Bartender: Here we are. Aged
in the gullet of a Hungarian Horntail since December of ’26. Bloody good year
from what I’ve tasted. Voldemort: A good year indeed. Now… If you would be so kind… Make your
way back to the broom cupboard…and stay there. Bartender: Will do. Voldemort: It is exceptionally rare that I seek out someone to join me, Severus. I hope you understand this. Snape: I do my lord. — I am honored that you sought me out personally. Voldemort: Only the most talented of wizards can join me. And only those who understand the importance of what I am doing. We must cleanse our people, my friend. Too long we have seen our kind be…sullied by these treacherous, warring, primitive muggles. And, as you well know, too many of
our own kind dare to see eye to eye with them. Snape: Yes, I believe I do. Would you mind if I asked you a question, my lord? Voldemort: You are a brave man, Severus. Snape: Will you be recruiting only pure-bloods? Voldemort: I will be recruiting wizards with the potential to show their greatest worth. It is unfortunate that our kind has so
few pure families remaining. Snape: So…. you will be accepting muggle-borns. Voldemort: You
do mean Miss Evans, don’t you? Snape: Y-Yes… Voldemort: Of course… (sighing) Voldemort: But as talented as you are, Severus, there is no denying that Mr. Potter has a talent of his own. I would imagine he has a bit of respect for you now. Snape: (clearing throat) I… I honestly don’t think so sir. Voldemort: Well…. Maybe you’ll have another chance. Lily: Take off your glasses. James: How’s Remus? Lily: Not good. James: You looked like you knew her, the healer. Lily: I was applying to St. Mungo’s as a trainee. James: You never told me that. Lily: I was keeping it a surprise if I was accepted. James: Oh. Look, Lily, I — Lily: Sit up straight. Lily: Your concussion and ribs are fine but these aren’t normal cuts. They were made by dark magic. It’ll take more time to heal. James: Thanks. Lily, please, I just want to talk. (footsteps) (door opening) Lily: Remus and Sirius are at the end of the hall. (footsteps) (door opening) (footsteps) Healer: What are you doing up, boy? James: Can I see Remus? Healer: I wouldn’t recommend it right now. Young Mr. Lupin is a bit delirious. James: Why? Healer: Won’t stop bleeding. Never seen it before. His friend gave what he could, and I
managed to get more from our stores, but it doesn’t fix the problem. James: Is he awake? Healer: Barely. James: I need to see him. Healer: You’ll see him in the morning. James: I can’t. What happened to him… it’s my fault. Healer: You cut him up like that? James: Yeah. Healer: Then why should I let you see him at all? Sirius: It’s alright, Miss. I can vouch for him. Healer: After what he admitted? Sirius: He didn’t actually. It’s complicated. (sighing) Healer: Bloody kids like you getting involved in this bloody war. Fat load of brains you all have. (footsteps) Sirius: I’m so sorry, mate. James: For what? Sirius: I-I don’t know. For everything that happened. For you nearly getting– James: Let’s go see Remus. Sirius: You shouldn’t right now, mate. (footsteps) (door opening) (door closing) (footsteps) James: My God… (blood dripping) Sirius: They keep having to replace the bandages. They can slow it down but… James: Remus? Can you hear me, mate? (blood dripping) Mooney…if you can hear me, I’m so sorry– Remus: You bloody fool. You got us into this. You! James: Remus… Remus: You could have let it be. Walked away… but you pushed him. You
taunted him. And now I’m stuck here, draining away, because of you. Sirius: Calm down, mate. Remus: And you barely put up a fight! Do you even know what’s gonna happen in two nights? I’m done with you. The both of you! The lot of you. James: Mooney, please. Healer: Perfect. I thought I had him at least somewhat managed. Remus: Don’t touch me! You’re gonna love me come night after. See how you handle me then. Healer: You bloody well better calm down or I’ll put you under again. You two out. (crying) (door opening) (footsteps) Sirius: You alright, mate? James: I’m bloody not alright. Where’s my wand? Sirius: I’ve got it. James: So give it to me. Sirius: James, what are you doing? You’re not gonna…going after him again are you? James: Give me my wand, Sirius. Where’s Peter? Sirius: Peter? I don’t know. James: I’m going to find him. Sirius: Why? James: To find out why he ran off like a bloody coward. Sirius: James, think about this. James: Look at me, Padfoot. We did the right thing. We underestimated him but we did the right thing, right? Sirius: I’m… I’m-I’m sorry mate. I-I don’t know. (footsteps) Sirius: Prongs. James! (door closing) (door opening) Voldemort: Good evening, friends. Please,
welcome our newest recruit. I’m sure he will prove to be most
valuable. (dramatic music)

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  1. An audio drama, a direct sequel to 'Severus Snape and the Marauders' with additional visuals. Can be found on Podcasts everywhere! Want to add art to the next episode? Message us! [email protected]

    ALSO english subtitles are complete, so if you wish to contribute subtitles in a different language, the option is open!

  2. The one thing I never liked was the use of the word 'Dark Magic' as if every cut is a result of 'Dark Magic'….isn't Dark magic a form that can cause more harm??, The way it's used implies that Dark magic injures you physically…even though many of Voldemort's dark tricks didn't even cause harm because of the spell…rather it was the thing the spell was cast at that caused most harm! This use of dark magic makes it seem like people use dark magic in scourmishes all the time, for nearly every fight ends with someone injured in someway…it just seems like Dark magic is form that can be used if you want to give someone a deep cut on their arm or something, rather than being a bloody difficult form of magic that requires a lot of skill

  3. Side note: loving how in the bit with the drawing for the blood transfusion, Both of their wands are drawn out the way they look in the films

  4. This is amazing. Absolutly utterly amazing. Lowkey this is if Harry Potter was American, but still, Its awesome.
    Voldemort's voice is perfect, and I really feel for Remus (poor boi) I mean, the fake crying could use some work, but still! It's amazing!

  5. Wait WTF is this? You guys got me hooked with grinwald and snape v marauders. Now this? Cant you please get back to the live action? I just cant get into these and i was so looking forward to them.

  6. it is fantastic but if it was done in cinematic video more than an audio sequel … Than it was better. I Specially liked this and i was your subscriber before but my Account got deleted And Now for so after days i have visited your channel… #PotterFan #Salute to Your whole team sir.

  7. Really want to say that I love exploring what a hotheaded ass James was, taunting and bullying Severus for doing nothing, rather than glorifying him. It delves into his character a lot more than the books did, showing off his flaws. While Severus isn’t a perfect person, and ends up being an ass to Harry for no good reason, this shows off more of how his experiences shaped who he would later become in life.

  8. For years I've been saying we need a set of books or films that tell the story of the how Voldemort rose to power. I love these

  9. So I didn't actually like Snape and the Marauders because I thought the characterization of the Marauders was a bit off, but this sort of redeems it, puts it in a bit more context, and I'm really enjoying it. Very impressed!

  10. The acting in Severus Snape and the Marauders was spectacular and I'd love to see this series in live action as well please!!!!

  11. Please accept my contribution of Vietnamese CC . Lots of Vietnamese Potterhead want to follow your episode but they don't know English .

  12. Love how voldemort says very good year indeed when the bartender said the wine had been saved since 1926 since that was voldemorts birth year 🙂

  13. I found this by accident and built my own playlist Each of the now existing five episodes plays in succession. When the film ended I though there would be repercussions with all the dark magic being cast. It a pity Snape hides the countercurse for Septumsempra. Muggle kids often get in trouble right after graduation.
    Radio (audio) drama is practically a lost art. Television knocked it out. I'm an older guy and I can remember radio drama which was very common when I was a boy. It's. refreshing to here it again.

  14. Oh god, Moony, I'm so sorry… I'm on the edge of tears…


  15. AKA, an audio-only thing that made me whimper for ten minutes. I love Remus, I love putting him in dangerous situations, but hearing him blame James and Sirius and hearing him BE in pain broke my heart… NEXT VIDIO!

  16. Can i just give an opinion? I think this would be a great book and i'd love to see this on my bookshelf.
    Keep up the good work ❤

    PS: I LO❤ED "Snivellus Snape and The Marauders"

    PPS: Your James Potter actor really sounds like Harry. Saying that with 100% honesty

  17. Gorgeous! Usually I don't like audio story but you guys are fantastic! I have goosebumps all along
    Thank you for your hard work

  18. When I watched Snape and the Marauders I thought the had to be an immediate sequence to the fight in the woods. I'm surprised Aurors did not become involved but realistically they could be busy with the war. This is in its fifth chapter with six forthcoming. Remus ended up getting hurt the worst. Sectumsempra should be added to the Unforgivable Curses but its unknown and it has a countercurse.

  19. Finally having the chance to listen to this. Love the pictures you've included with the audio. Great Job!

  20. What
    Ok, I loved the first thing you did, but this?
    What the hell is this.
    THAT's not remust.
    That's never been Remus.
    HE doesn't get like that.
    He drives inword not outword.
    The maarauders Are SUPPOSED to be together.
    AND what's with Voldermort offering to let lily join the death eaters.
    I'm sorry, That this first episode was absolutely terrible.

  21. I love this, although I must admit: I do find it a bit false that Snape would beat James in a duel. Especially in their school days where James always got the best of him. Just my opinion. If it were prime Professor Snape then yeah, this being IF James never died and had the chance to improve his skills in magic as well.

  22. James Potter was a weak wizard and a Bully. His Utter weakness being exposed is true to the narrative. Lily is the Bravery we see in Harry. James was a Puss. The books back my opinion up

  23. For those people out there who think all James is, is a bully, in the book, it said that James stopped being a bully in his 7th year. He was even Head Boy!!

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