The ‘Jersey Shore’ Crew Heads Back To Seaside | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

The ‘Jersey Shore’ Crew Heads Back To Seaside | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

29 Replies to “The ‘Jersey Shore’ Crew Heads Back To Seaside | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV”

  1. this t.v show is the most morally repugnant show in human history. if it were up to me, these producers and director should be stoped and never allowed to work in this field ever again.
    aLL YOU people whome support and watch this disgusting social stranded destroying show really should not its evil and you are propagating this destructive show on are youth.

    1. This tv show has 7 seasons still follws same people makes no ssence shows called teen mom not tween mom

    2. This show claims to show the hard life of a teen mother ages 13 to 19, as to why you should wait to have a child, these "teen" moms now have multiple kids with multiple men, Yet they all own there own homes have brand new vehicles. If you were a teen watching this show what opion of there life would you draw… not one bases on there reality of being on a paid tv show.

    3. This show is all about rateing. for the simple fact they follow the same people threw 7 seasons even bringing back the sex tape girl. producers of the show will interview and pretend to care for these misguided, clearly uneducated "teen moms" for rating/ for money… thats just pathetic in my opinion.

    4. this t.v show has created new life for your entertainment, by providing these uneducated wemon with an income soruce. bedside that discusting fact and it is a fact.

    4a.THE FUCKING CHILDREN FOR GOD SAKES, being forced to play apart in this capitalistic entertainment industry, haveing there lives documented for the world too see, am I watching a natural geographic. People the children my god. This seems like a different shade of slavery from birth.

  2. They miiiight have to wait for Mike to finish his jail sentence cause this situation truly has a situation.

  3. Sam should have definitely shown up for this. Especially cuz Ron wasn't there. That would have been great. 😭😔

  4. What's the point of having that's nasty surgery on ya face if u can tell 100% its surgery,it doesn't look natural at all,Snooki looks disgusting

  5. Seeing them back together is good but things will never be the same without Sam ! Sam was the baddest bitch on jersey shore. She need to come back.

  6. Snooki Y the upside down cross on your shirt?? NOT COOL DUDE!!
    Thats like giving Jesus the finger. AND CAN U PLEASE STOP SAYING THE LORDS NAME IN VANE! I cant with u anymore, u r so annoying and disrespectful.
    If u dnt love Jesus then just stfu & use other diregetory language. I almost cant watch the show bc of your mouth.

  7. Love this!! 🤗😍💙💚💜 I love that they are all positive, and down for it. OMG Couldn't love Mike any more… Love you ALL so much. Real friends are hard to come by. Thank you for not giving up on Mike.💕 Let Angelina back too with her gross self. Hahahahaha eww😆

  8. Look at Mike, he’s awesome! Definitely grown up and I’m very impressed by him! He will be a great husband and father someday soon!

  9. Ronnie is annoying he’s insane he needs Jesus ASAP everyone he goes problems start. Enough grow up dude

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