The Juniper Cardigan – Pattern Release & Sew Along Introduction

The Juniper Cardigan – Pattern Release & Sew Along Introduction

hey everyone welcome to the juicing Cadogan Penton release video slash so long introductions hi everyone my name is gene I've loved over a jinsol on handmade okama also designed for offense under the same name welcome back if you've been here before and welcome to you on you so today we are talking about the juniper code again it is my latest sewing patent that I released last week Jennifer is the female version of the Ottomans cardigan that I released late last year and it came about because some of the testers that does the autumn cardigan for me had mentioned that they would really like a female version of the cardigan so I thought yeah that's something I can do and give it a go and juniper is the result of that so juniper has the same settle shoulder detail that the Auden cardigan has so really great for color and pattern blocking this one here is obviously color blocked and the cropped version is patterns locked it's much more subtle than the color block obviously juniper comes in to a lot of sleep so this is the longline version this one here's the cropped version you can also choose between long sleeves and drink water please so juniper is a knit cardigan pen and the topic is something a little different and actually stated on the pattern the fabric that I used to drop juniper in bed is because since getting really really flex back into knitting and noticing that knitting patterns often tell you the exact type of yarn used to make the the photograph that they're showing you the model I thought that was a really great idea in a way to help people replicate the fit or the overall look of the cardigan a little bit more accurately especially with knit fabrics when it's so different and they can vary so much such as Jennifer was drafted using a 100% merino jersey knit fabric with a weight of 200 GSM or gross per square meter and don't worry I will be going through that in the so long I know some of you like I will be going into a little bit more depth into the NFL along so this version here is made with that particular fabric this one here is actually a 150 Marino's do the interlock so it's a little bit thick I think it was about 230 grams six women are covering but to get the most accurate results that's the fabric that you might want to use fish if you are meeting you too Simon Epsom or maybe Jennifer's kind of your next step up in terms of the knit game you will get pretty good results with we're not pretty good you'll get really good results with using that particular obviously people don't have access to them clearly but yeah it's just a way to help you get a little bit more accurate results in terms of the fabric that you choose again I'm going to be going through all of us much more in depth and so on but you want a fabric that has at least a decent stretch and then so you can ease your neckline into your pattern bit so the neckline pattern piece is smaller than the neckline or sexual cardigan so you need to be able to have enough stretch to stretch their neck line in so that it will fit nice and flat in terms of the fish juditha is a cardigan so it's intended to be worn over the top of something else the ease that I built into juniper was and up for you to comfortably wear a fitted long-sleeve layer underneath so maybe Santi tool or a gable top or dress they will all fit really nicely under the Juniper cardigan why does do this time around as well by added in another extra page of finished garment measurements and that is so that if you are planning to make a Juniper and maybe you will just want to wear a little sundress or something under it you can go through and have a look at those finished government measurements and decide if you want to fight up look like down or stated say well maybe just grade your sleeves in or the waist in so those are all extra included in the pattern so that you can make a little bit more of an informed decision on the size that you want to make the bust on Jennifer has a very small amount of negativities the waist on the cropped version has zero is and I'll do the Western hips on the long live version Hekla vertices and that it's still mostly shaped as you can see but just so it sort of shapes that really nicely to the hips is positive ease in the West here I'm actually ruinous under a not very well ironed um I do pinafore slim fit I believe in a four but you can see that there's still some really nice shape that the cardigan or give you if you guys'll on line again this is all going to covered and much more in depth in the so long so just know that they are here and if you wanted to get started before the so on in all the information is there for you in terms of skill level ahead labeled Juniper as an intermediate pen I think it would be really useful if you have sign and next government before just so you're aware of how stretch fabrics work you're able to if you have a rocker you know you're able to use a lightning bolt stitch and it's mostly because these little sort of shoulder details they can be a little bit tricky because you are trying to put opposing patent pieces together so that you get a nice smooth shoulder line and also if you're familiar with easing this button binge neckline Benj it is quite a big piece and so just feeling comfortable with using sections of it and I think would be beneficial but if you have never sonica a niche garment before and want to dive right in hopefully the salon will sort of hold your hand a little bit more there so in terms of the so long everything that i've spoken about today will be going into much more depth so we're talking about fabric and fabrics and examples that you might want to use we talked about different color combinations we going through notions I will be providing some tutorials on how to remove some of the bust shaping if you've got a smaller bust or if you are planning on reruns which is the cardigan open I think it looks a little bit Fisher if is Lizabeth shaping such as hangs nicely at the side I will be providing a tutorial on how to turn your jumper kagan into a hip links cardigan if that is more your style and I'm also going to be providing some free pattern pieces and the formal porkin since we all love a good pocket so there will be prepared pieces in a tutorial on how to add pockets into your to duplicate again both versions so before I go I thought I would do a little spin so you can see what juniper looks like on on a real moving person I just stands me it's the shoulder detail so I was really weird and I will just show you what the crop land looks like on not going to show you this memo because literally just after I finish taking the photos for it this button here I didn't obviously just hammer in hard enough and I tried hammering it again but the prongs with kind of where you opened out so I'm going to have to get a new set of buttons that I hadn't garage date so I'll show you the blue version and obviously something look is good under my abbey pinafore back okay detail okay so I'm not sure if you can see this one as well this one is also made from a merino interlocked again I think this one was about 230 grams per square meter and the the plane below that you can see is just the underside of this pattern so it's another that's a great way to kind of get some more out of your fabric if you can if you can turn your fabric around it's a great way to showcase this shoulder detail thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next week where we will be discussing injury so a very most favorite thing choosing Petric bye

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  1. I adore this cardigan. I just downloaded it and am now piecing it all together. I love that it is a great pattern to mimic my favorite cardi from JCrew, since I'm trying my hardest not to buy my clothes but instead make them. Thank you!!!!

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