The Last Coat “TLC2” Torture Test vs. The Most Popular Car Sealants Today

The Last Coat “TLC2” Torture Test vs. The Most Popular Car Sealants Today

(upbeat rock music) (engine revving) (upbeat rock music) – Hey, how’s it going, everyone? Nick here with The Last Coat. I wanted to introduce the new
upgraded formula from TLC. Probably have heard of it, TLC2. You guys have been blowing
up the DMs, emails, in our comments on social media asking about the durability between this, that and everything, So I figure the easiest
way to showcase this was to do a torture test between the main sealants
on the market today. We’re going to hit ’em with
a bunch of random chemicals to see which is the most durable after applying these products and doing a true 24-hour cure
on each one of these products. So let’s get that done,
move these out of the way. (upbeat music)
(spraying) So as you can see, the water
is pretty much flat everywhere. We got a little bit of receding action going on here and there, kind of more of puddling action. (spraying) So we have no protection on here. Now I’m going to take some acid based water spot remover. We’re gonna wipe down
the entire panel just to ensure there is nothing on there, so nobody can say that there might be
somethin’ hiding in there. (upbeat rock music) Okay, now we’re gonna dry the hood off. And once we have done this, then we will rub it down
with rubbing alcohol to ensure that we have all oils or anything else that could
possibly be on the surface. And the other thing with rubbing alcohol is it’s going to evaporate and leave us with a clean surface here. There’s gonna be nothing left on here that will prevent any of these sealants from truly bonding to the surface, so. (upbeat rock music) Okay, so now we’re gonna
take 91% rubbing alcohol, also know as IPA. If anybody has heard that,
they’re talking about this. (upbeat music) Now we’re gonna apply– And to ensure that we
get each one of these in even playing field, we’re gonna do four squirts into each box. So one, two, three, four.
(squirting) (upbeat music) Okay, now we’re going to apply– (squirts) One, two, three, four. (upbeat music) Now we’re gonna apply TLC2. One, two, three, four.
(squirting) (upbeat music) And now we’re going to apply– (upbeat music) One, two, three, four. (upbeat music) And last is going to be– Two, three, four.
(squirting) (upbeat music) Okay, now we will let these
all cure here for 24 hours, true cure time. And we got the clocks here to prove the 24 hours that’s going on. (upbeat music) (high-pitch rattling) (upbeat music) It’s now been 24 hours, so we’re gonna see what happens
during this torture test. So, again, just to remind
everybody, we got– TLC’s Upgraded Formula,
curt of it is TLC2. And this box here. So we’re gonna start this off with putting Dawn soap across this, ’cause I guess, apparently,
everybody’s been washing their car with Dawn soap from what I hear. So we’re gonna start that test. (upbeat music) (ripping) (upbeat music) So as we can see, everybody’s got some beads goin’ on here. We’ve got just your
basic, normal Dawn soap from the kitchen here. (upbeat rock music) So as you can see, some of ’em have taken some of use here. We got more sheeting going on here. Certainly, on this side, we have a lot of water
sheeting going on here. The Last Coat’s Upgraded Formula have a lot of strong beading
here in the center still. We got a lot of sheeting going on here, and then we’ve got
sheeting going on on the– Side too back over and here. So for the next step, we’re gonna go right into a wheel cleaner. And we’ve got Eagle One’s
triple cleaning foam here. (upbeat music)
(spraying) (upbeat rock music) So even with that here, we can see that everything
has been broken down, has broke down, has broken down. TLC has recovered extremely well, has broken down, and this
started to break down as well, so now we’re gonna go
to the next chemical. (tapping) We’re gonna use SuperClean degreaser here. And this is undiluted, just
straight out of the bottle here. (upbeat rock music) So, also, there’s been some other people talking about detergents
that get left on the surface and that kind of thing, so if we had detergents
left here in the TLC box, we would certainly see stuff looking like what we see over here, so there’s certainly no detergents left, ’cause there’s beading
still going on there. So just for I guess the fun of it here, let’s hit it with somethin’ else you guys
have probably been using, Bug & Tar Remover here. (upbeat rock music) So, everything has
clearly broken down here. The Last Coat’s Upgraded Formula is just holdin’ strong here. This is insane. So, to just beat this
up even further here, we’re now gonna take
Purple Power Degreaser. This is undiluted, again. (upbeat rock music) So, the only one clearing
here is the last coat. This is quite impressive. So, to go even further, just because, we’re gonna take Water Spot Remover here, and this is an actual acid-based product, so, I mean, you want some
gloves on with this stuff. (upbeat rock music) So, you can even see now that
we’ve hit it with the acid and really got a clean surface
we’ve just cleaned off. The last coat coating
itself is now just clean and is still there where everything else has
just been eaten alive, and our test panels are completely flat just like we see the other products. So this is quite impressive stuff. So I think we’ve pretty much just proved, proved the reality here of what
is the most durable product. (banging) (upbeat rock music) (engine revving)

13 Replies to “The Last Coat “TLC2” Torture Test vs. The Most Popular Car Sealants Today”

  1. Awesome!! Cannot wait to get my torture test online. TLC2 absolutely blew me away in its durability in my pretty rough torture test!

  2. Impressive results, a bit hard to see at times like you mention in your description. But you can make out whats happening. Thanks for this.

  3. TLC2 is absolutely the best Ive used, and yes very durable. Not to mention the shine, gloss, and hydrophobic properties. They somehow improved on the original.

  4. I can tell a couple of the bottles. One is F11, the other is the purple one, Shine Armor. Ya they both dont last lol… got any coupon codes? πŸ˜€

  5. Thats pretty impressive… I mean no one would subject their vehicle surface to that, but still pretty impressive lol.

  6. HOLY CRAP!!! My order (2pk with towels) will be here in the morning. I bought it for my brand new truck, and can't wait to use it on that! My wifes show car has the original on it and it looks great. Thank you so much for this video!

  7. Got TLC2 a couple of days ago, and couldn't wait to try it out! Looks great, easy to apply, and I'm sure it will last. But that's my issue…I forgot I ordered vinyl stripes for my truck, and now I need to clean it off. Will it come off with polish on a DA?

  8. Curious if you now no longer sell version 1? And do you provide a trade in value for version 1 bundles towards version 2? 😁 looks like amazing stuff. πŸ‘πŸ»

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