The Magic Mirror in the dress shop turns men into women – comedy – crossdresser videos

The Magic Mirror in the dress shop turns men into women – comedy – crossdresser videos

Welcome to my channel and I hope you enjoy
this video. Ooh, what do I see? The Magical dress shop. Thats actually very nice. Yeah, very unusual. I like what I am seeing. There’s some nice dresses down that side,
and over there. Oh yeah. Ooh, I do think I am going to take a little
trip. Aah, come join me, we are going to go look
inside. Definitely. The entrance is on that side. Are you sure? Yep. Yeah, I don’t see anything there, yep. Let’s go in. Ok
Sweet I don’t like that one, don’t like that one. Yeah that one is nice. Oh, my bag. Diesel, can you get my bag, behind the mirror. You want your handbag
yes behind the mirror
yes ok
hang on, stay there. There is something confusing going on here. Ok, come out. That’s strange. Diesel, just hang on a minute, I found another
dress. Can you go back behind the mirror for a minute. That’s weird. I found another one, yes. Ok, hows that? You want me to just stay here? What is so funny? Am I seeing things? Nah… This is there? Diesel, you can come out now. ok
I want to try another dress. Got to find another dress, that was very strange. I wonder if he is going to go for it. Argh, I’ll give it another go. I’m not that crazy. Diesel, can you go back behind the mirror
for me, I just need to see something. That is so weird. You want me to go back again
Does not make sense stupid women [mumbling]
yes, interesting. Definitely weird. I wonder if I should notify management? Thats strange. Come on out. Now what? Hmmm he he he, I wander if he is going to
go for this. He’s not going to know. I’m going to try something special. Diesel, can you give it a one more go for
me, I have got something special here. Can you go behind the mirror one more time. Last one. Guarenteed. Look what I found. It’s going to be so funny. I love it. Look! It’s so cute. It is so adorable. I actually like this for myself. I might actually buy one. We will be matching twins
I wonder if the management know about this mirror? That is interesting. Ah, I wander what they would say? Funny. You can come out now. I actually think I am going to buy one. yes. Hey, hun, I’m going to buy you one of these. What were you laughing at in there, and out
here? Me, I’m not laughing. You were giggling all the time that I was
behind the mirror. I’m just remembering what I was seeing. Oh it was so good. And you bought two corsets, both exactly the
same. Yes I did and we are going to have some fun
tonight when we get home. I’m eager to get home, lets go. Ok.

23 Replies to “The Magic Mirror in the dress shop turns men into women – comedy – crossdresser videos”

  1. Sigo el canal desde su primer video son muy divertidos, estarΓ­a muy interesante videos donde se vea como maquillar y ver el rostro mas femenino saludos

  2. Loved it πŸ™‚ You two are really cute and are having lots of fun, which brings a smile to all of us as well πŸ™‚ And i must say the wife/gf is looking lovely as well. Really nice curves in that dress :). Would love to see a video where the wife is an office boss πŸ™‚

  3. I echo Alena's request. When I dress up I like to play secretary. You can seeΒ me in my videosΒ playing a secretary in a tight dress and taking dictation. You could be the boss lady, and he wants to be a male secretary. But it would be too distracting to hire him, since the office is all women. So he will only be hired if he dresses like a woman.

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  5. id honestl rather live as a women an wear dresses an everything else vs getting rejected for the rest of my Lifetime cause of my Height

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