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  1. however still an amazingly beautiful look ! just could’ve had some extra out there hair or makeup to fit in more with the theme

  2. camp looks more like drag the first idea sounded way better with the kaftan and i feel like they pushed you the wrong way their job is to know the theme!!!!

  3. Alexa is very full of herself but knows how to come off as self-deprecating and 'effortless' to people who aren't too perceptive

  4. Got here. Camp for me, is the unblusphemous taking of ridicule to bring attention to the flaws of ever great messages comlimenting each other.

    My translation of you and your GREAT TEAM's fantasy was, the heritage of the european immigrant workers of the 20's and 30's, by the symetrical rich flower patterns ( even tho there were very few if non women among the hundreds of thousands), combined with the silouette of the costumes of the later well known figure skaters and maybe even of the uniform ( : of cheerleaders.
    Next time when you go.. pull down the window a bit couple minits before you arrive, to remember whats the light of YOUR DAY at the time.you arrive. ( :

    Wish great for this team, in the freedom!
    Bless from Hungary!

  5. I personally would've liked to see more of that matchy matchy motif. Maybe some platform boots in the same fabric, sort of like a Bowie cosmic rock type thing, or even maybe if that fur had instead been like a feather boa type trim. That's just me tho!

  6. All my respect to this woman. It must be so scary and so much pressure to get out of that car. Congrats to her and her team! She looked stunning but she is even pretiier in the inside. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Being dropped off at the met gala looks like being dropped off at school on the first day! I'd be terrified

  8. Does anyone else agree that she's way too skinny? It's not even naturally skinny. You can tell, her bones are visibly sticking out, especially on her back. She definitely needs to gain more weight. It'd be much healthier if she did.

  9. 10:17
    >when you try telling someone something but because the woman is too submissive, you have to step around it

  10. why is everyone in the comments being like "not camp at all" just watch the video she explains her point of view, the dress was not extravagant or exciting enough for what we love to see on the MET but it's so true to her and so beautiful so more power to her

  11. So many days have passed since I fell in love with this look on IG,I'm sooooo happy to see this video! I will never forget this wonderful fancy dress! It touched me really really deeply!

  12. at first i thought it didn't match the theme but now i totally get it! its like going to school with sequence camp… brilliant

  13. Thank you for sharing your process. Love the outfit! For those of us mere mortals that will never have the opportunity to go to a Met Gala, it is fun to see how you came to your final design.

  14. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ #ALEXACHUNG ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  15. I don’t know what y’all are saying, this is definitely camp. It’s a full sequin matching outfit…What more do you want?

  16. WAIT!!! HOW can you come up with a 'Camp' costume/dress WHEN NO ONE AT THE TABLE UNDERSTANDS WHAT CAMP IS ?????? (You're all too young. You need to do some proper research!) You're all flying blind and going at it backwards. Don't you want to FIRST of all KNOW WHAT IT IS??? Come on my lovelies! Do a bit more research!!

    Las Vegas is DEFINITELY CAMP … drunk housewife in the 60s, smudgy make-up; notsomuch (there was a lot of that. Sad and pathetic, but not 'Camp').

    Liberace!! (The precursor to Elton!) Very 'Camp'.
    Turning up in jeans (to a formal or fancy dress) isn't rebellious, it's lazy (think Seattle; people going to the Opera in jeans because they DON'T KNOW HOW to dress). Jeans are the epitome of CONVENTIONAL. Do you know anyone who doesn't own a pair?

    NOoooooo. Sorry. There is no "Alexa Chung version of 'Camp' " ! There's 'Camp' or Missed The Boat.

    'Camp' IS NOT PRETTY! And this dress IS gorgeous … but IT'S NOT CAMP. Now, had you taken a swath of plaid fabric and added it to THAT DRESS and then put some purple with red … THEN you'd have come closer.

    'Camp' is about things that CLASH.

    Alexa Chung, I love you MADLY. I could watch/listen to you all day long. Seriously. And you DO look amazing.

    Just n o t 'C A M P' …

  17. I didn't like it first, when I saw it online, it wasn't camp for me at all, now when see all the details, I've changed my mind, although I think you could exaggarate more this matchy/matchy, granny wallpaper style 😉

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