[music, cameras clicking] Hi, guys. So, welcome back
to my channel. Today is the premiere
of my documentary and– OFF-CAMERA: Woo-hoo! Yes, from the peanut gallery
upstairs. I thought we could start
the day, obviously after the glam
is done and the worries are gone, for the glam,
at least, because I am hella nervous
to see my movie, we could pop some champagne
in our messy-ass kitchen. – Yay!
– Yes! Hear you’re a bottle girl. I really am. – Gigi Day!
– Gigi Day! – Yes!
– Gigi Day! I feel like it’s my wedding day
or something today. ALL: Cheers. Love you. – Cheers, Mia.
– Cheers, guys. [cheering in background] Ahh! Tastes like a premiere. Yes! Yes! Yaaaas! – Barbara’s here!
– Barbara! We have a premiere! – I’m so excited,
– Me, too. –It’s our day.
Yes.The fact that she has
a movie coming out based on her whole
transition and her whole life story
is absolutely incredible. This is her in her element
and, uh, I know she’s really
excited. I think we’re all
really excited, um, and more anxious
than anything else. It really is just
a dream, not only for me,
but for everybody that– Sundance is huge. So, this is the dress
for Gigi’s premiere. It took over two months
to build, but we started designing it
over six months ago. GIGI: We are calling it
the million-dollar dress. It is all Swarovski with an insane slit and it’s over 30 lbs, so– It’s so heavy. And it’s, like, inspired
by the Little Mermaid, when she comes out
of the water. You know? I love it. [gasps] I definitely
lost weight since yesterday. Feels like my ribs are gonna
snap a little bit, but… it’s fine. ♪♪ Are we in the dress yet,
August? Ooh! Too soon? Did I celebrate too soon? This is everything and it’s so beautiful
and it’s so wonderful to see Gigi so loved
by so many people. It’s just the beginning! Yes. [cheering, toasting] Cheers! I love every
single one of you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for making it
out to snowy Utah. I appreciate it more
than you guys know and to be surrounded with love
means the world to me. ALL: Cheers! Alright, so we’re heading
to the premiere. We are locked and loaded
in the dress. I could not even
hunch over if I wanted to. I’m so in this bitch. But it feels good,
but I’m a little cold, if you can even
show outside. I wouldn’t have it
any other way. Yo, we’re here! [all cheering] Are you ready? Yeah, I’m ready. – Woo-hoo!
– Yes! Oh, shit. [laughs] Gigi! [whistling] It’s happening, oh, my, God. Ahh. ♪♪ I just can’t wait to see it because I have not seen
my film yet. ♪♪This is a love storyand it’s a love story
about my family
and our growth
and the understanding and acceptance that comes
with a transgender child. ♪♪ I love you. Wait, should we do
a spirit hug like they do on tour? – Yeah.
– How do they do it? Like, hands in,
like, hands in. Hands in, guys,
this is everything. ALL: Whoo! This is everything! [cheering] We’re here, bitches. [cheering, applause] Hey, I’m Gigi. I hope you guys liked
seeing my boobs post-surgery. – [applause, cheering]
– That was great. Gotta be honest. It was my first time
watching the movie. I have thoughts. [laughter] But I loved it, Barbara,
I loved it. Loved, loved, loved. Gigi has said she’s
a total control freak, so that was very hard
for her to do. So, I totally thank her
from the bottom of my heart for letting us
go into her world, into her life, and it’s made us
much better people. – Thank you.
– [applause] Say “gorgeous!” – Oh, I really loved it.
– I did, too. I’ve never been a real fan
of documentaries, but I feel like this
is a documentary for people who don’t even
like documentaries. Yeah, ’cause it’s not–
it’s just a story. – Because it’s not boring.
– It’s not raw or, like, boring. – [inaudible]
– Yeah, exactly. It’s literally a story
with character. With characters
and personalities. Yeah, it was real. And, like, honestly,
at the end of the day, all I want is for people
who aren’t accepting or don’t, like,
understand, to see. Yeah. ♪♪ ♪♪

100 Replies to “THE MILLION DOLLAR DRESS & SUNDANCE 2017 | Gigi”

  1. you could tell her family genuinely love her but most of all her dad. you can really see the love in his eyes and especially FEEL the love coming out this video into your heart ❤. its extremely heart warming!

  2. I except transgenders, gays and lesbions because why not. The point is to make people happy. This is real life. We are not normal! Embrace it!

  3. Okay honestly I am all for self love and overcoming hardships but lately it just seems like so many people think that self love has to do with how good you look on the outside. If you weren't as pretty as that would you still love yourself? Probably not.

  4. this video made me cry, its wonderful how much love you have from your family, how ur girlfriend looked at you… Made me so emotional and happy. CONGRATULATIONS BEAUTIFUL, U GOT IT ALL DESERVE. LOVE YOU. <3

  5. Gigi I watched your doc, & I just want to speak to the hate comments you've received – please know that everyone who have beliefs different than yours (LBGTQ community) don't hate you nor wish ill towards you. Some of the people that bible – thumps against being gay are adulterers, thieves, liars, glutton, child molesters, etc., but are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to your community.

  6. Gigi u are the person I look up to because u didn't have it easy and sometimes I tell myself that plp out there have had it harder than me and your personality and your love that u show I just wish I had someone like u in my life I could go to ❤️❤️

  7. this is everything gigi! you are a inspiration to me! u are loved soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much gigi u have been amazing and have the support of nearly everything
    love michelle!
    stay gorgeous!

  8. GREAT VIDEO ! We love dresses ! Hope u enjoy our videos too ! Our channel is to see the authentic dresses very close and detailed )) hope u will like it !

  9. “I don’t like documentaries”….”yeah no but this is liiiiike real, like real characters”…wtf do these idiots think a documentary is ?

  10. Gigi looks absolutely stunning. And that dress!! That is everything!! So beautiful. I even love the furry coat she paired it with….I just hope it’s faux fur ☹️…knowing her glam lifestyle it most likely isn’t…which really isn’t a good look.

    As “luxurious” as people may think real fur is, it isn’t luxury at all. It’s the by-product of cruelty. You purchase real fur, you are purchasing and supporting animal abuse, suffering, torture, and violence (did you know some animals are literally skinned alive and can feel everything????) Peace and compassion for others is a much better, more attractive look.

  11. Me: Googles dresses. Finds the million dollar dress. "Well I can't afford that." finds a similar dress for $5 CLICK AND COLLECT NEXT DAY! "Yasssssss"

  12. Love it 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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