43 Replies to “The Only Man to Wear 12 For the Seattle Seahawks | NFL Films Presents”

  1. It’s because they are the 12th man and a supporter and they make a difference with their crazy loud stadium

  2. i bet bandwagon hawks fans couldn't name who wore the 12 jersey prior to it's retirement, the young kids get an exception because they weren't born then

  3. It’s great that the guy who wore the #12 is the embodiment of a player was also a huge fan of the game and the Seahawks

  4. “Its our number now” I’m not sure about that one chief I’m about 99% sure its Texas A&M’s number

  5. Imagine when the falcon's defense was watching film of the real Adkins and zorn in adkin's jersey. Lol the film room was probably half confusion, half WTF

  6. lol, i'm surprised other teams haven't stolen this marketing campaign over the years. just like everywhere is x team's country or nation.

  7. We have always had a good loyal fan base. Look at old film of the kingdome. It was usually almost always sold out even when we sucked. So Screw you haters that call us bandwagon fans. GO HAWKS!

  8. I love how they have to black out parts of the stadium this year, because the best fans in the world dont show up, because their team sucks! 12th man, what a joke!

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