The Oxford Button Down Dress Shirt – Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

The Oxford Button Down Dress Shirt – Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

(orchestral music) – Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. If you want to know a
little bit more about me, then click here. This video is part of my men’s wardrobe essentials series. So let’s talk about the oxford button down dress shirt. It’s versatile, comfortable and one of the most durable items you’ll have in your closet. Think of it as the more mature big brother to your t-shirt. What’s the difference
between a dress shirt and an oxford shirt? Well, a dress shirt or also known as a button up shirt, is
any collared shirt with long sleeves that may be worn under a suit or blazer. An oxford button down shirt is usually considered a dress shirt, but the oxford shirt differs in two ways. One, they usually have
a button down collar that eliminates that pesky problem of your collars flopping around or disappearing underneath your jacket. Two, the oxford shirt is named after a specific weave of fabric
called oxford cloth. While you can wear an
oxford shirt with suits, I don’t recommend it. It’s not my preference. I definitely don’t dress
my clients this way because the button down collar it lends more casual vibe to an outfit so it takes away from
the formality of a suit. It just looks a little clunky. Instead I would pair it with a sport coat, blazer, a bomber jacket,
underneath a sweater, or even just on it’s own
with the sleeves rolled up. Why should you own oxford
button down shirts? Well, because they’re awesome! And for a couple of other reasons. They look great on everyone. Seriously, everyone! It pairs easily with the rest of your essential wardrobe. It’s super versatile. I mean you can wear it with shorts all the way up to a suit. You’re going to be hard pressed to find another piece of clothing that will work in all of those different outfits. And best of all, it’s super comfortable and very low maintenance. So, how should your oxford
button down shirt fit? I love it when guys ask me this question. Because it means they care. So, what you gotta do, real simple, check out my fit guide located here. It’ll show you how all your dress shirts should fit, including this one. So, what colors should you get? Like I said in my semi
spread collared dress shirt video, you want to keep
it real simple so that it goes with the rest of
your essential wardrobe. So, stick with white and light blue. Pow! Alright, so I have Tommy here to help me demonstrate the different
ways you can wear your oxford button down dress shirt. Welcome back. – Thanks for having me again. – Yeah, so, first outfit is, we have him in this navy v-neck sweater and this blue button
down oxford dress shirt. Both by Brooks Brothers. I added this great
brown leather dress belt by Allen Edmonds with these gray trousers by Brooks Brothers and
we finished it all off with these brown dress shoes by Allen Edmonds. So, let’s get him into outfit number two. I’ll be right back. (orchestral music) Alright, so, I changed
his oxford button down into this white one. But starting with the entire outfit, let’s start with the jacket first. This is a great navy sport coat by Brooks Brothers Red Fleece. The white button down oxford shirt is by Brooks Brothers. I added a pocket square by the Tie Barn. We also have this brown leather dress belt by Allen Edmonds with these Levi’s jeans and these brown oxford dress shoes by Allen Edmonds. So, let’s change him into the third and final look. I’ll be right back. (orchestral music) Alright, I have Tommy here in the third and final outfit which I love because this is such an easy casual outfit that any of you guys can do. I have the same oxford
button down dress shirt by Brooks Brothers. We just rolled up the sleeves, added a black leather,
Daniel Wellington watch. I put him in this black
leather casual belt by Allen Edmonds with
the same Levi’s jeans and then we finished it all off with these white leather Jack
Purcell Converse sneakers. So, that’s some of the
different ways to wear your oxford button down dress shirt. If I had a gun to my head, and that person was screaming at me, if, I had to choose one
shirt to wear for the rest of my life, what would that be? Tell me right now. What shirt? Please sir, honestly, I’d just go with the oxford button down dress shirt. Sorry, I messed that
with a smile on my face. Don’t hurt me. There are a lot of guys out there wearing crappy outfits. I gotta keep making these videos. Alright, cool. That makes sense. Thanks. Yo, this bad Ashley, this video was part of Ashley’s men’s
wardrobe essentials series. Check out her website for more in depth article that includes all her best oxford button down dress shirts that you could own. Subscribe to her Youtube channel for more videos like this. And if you like this video, you best be giving it a thumbs up. Alright, homies, I’ll
see you in the next one. Or, you’ll see Ashley in the next one. Get may anger on. Channel anger. Thug. I don’t know why I have a western accent? Please don’t hurt me. I have clients and kittens. What! (orchestral music)

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  1. Thank you so much for convincing me to buy the oxford dress instead of the regular dress shirt, i was in such dilemma for months and im still a student. You're my fav person 😀

  2. What's your opinion on oxford shirts and polo shirts from Polo Ralph Lauren? I have broad shoulders, a small waist and a decent amount of muscle, and I find that they fit great. Is there any brands that might be similar or better in quality and/or fit?

  3. Hey Ashley, i am from KUWAIT where the weather is crazy in summer, Today 118f yes we live in oven but we used to it 🙂 any way what do you recommend in this weather in term of tops.. for me (lenin, oxford, vnick and polos) what do you think?

    And please talk about broad body with tan skin color what the best color and what suit them the best in term of clothes

    i subscribed yesterday and already in love with you 🙂

  4. What colour are the Levi jeans? cause the ones your model is wearing appear to be very dark blue but on the link they are black and all the other options are lighter blues or greys etc.

  5. Ashley, what's your opinion on pattern oxfords and dress shirts? After watching most of what you suggest, I question every pattern in my closet. Should I purge and start over?

  6. Great video, I tend to have trouble finding shirts. I always see them in M L or XL. I'm a slim fit 36 /37 with a 16 neck. L fit in the waist but not the arms. XL fit in the arms but not the neck and waist. Tailoring ends up being too expensive or has too much fabric to take off. Any suggestions, I've been trying to find an Oxford that fits but doesn't break the bank. Thanks!

  7. Hey Ashley Weston, I am wondering on what situations you can wear the Oxford shirt.

    I like to you wear Oxford Shirt Casually but I have a fear of being overdressed and cirize on how I should wear the outfit.

  8. One of the biggest practical differences between dress shirts and Oxford shirts is that dress shirts will typically have stiffer collars to hold up against ties, whereas Oxford shirts are typically not worn with ties and use the same material on the collar as the rest of the shirt.

  9. The X Small Uniqlo button down oxford used to be my go to button down dress shift, but now they've made them much longer. Alas, now I don't know where to pick up super affordable and well fitting oxfords. Zara? J.Crew? :

  10. try for really good made to measure shirts made in far east in about a month or less sometimes.
    They are very adaptable and following yoiur specific instructions carefully. Their site is easy to use too. I go for tap collar shirts with 2.25" spread; unfused 3.5" long roll collar shirts and finally 3.5" spread unfused – 3.5" straight 1940's style collar all for a very reasonable sum. Their oxford range is sadly limited (but white is tops) , but plenty of stripes, broadcloths & end of end. I have no vested interest but just letting you guys know you dont just have to go to expensiver Mercer & Sons etc.

  11. I like how his dress pants fit, what should I ask for when getting pants tailored in order to get that slim fit look?

  12. May I ask I have a warm skin tone color (green veins) is color white sleeves okay to me or not? Pls. I'm hoping for your response the soonest. Gracias.

  13. Why should you own an IKEA floor lamp? Because it looks great! I have an exactly the same one beside my office desk.

  14. there is a picture of Jonah Hill after he lost weight I think he may be at the airport and he's wearing a leather jacket can you look at for that picture and tell me what kind of jacket or what style that is called please thank you you're awesome

  15. Hi Ashley, your link for the Oxford button down appears to go to a different shirt than the ones you use on the models. Is the non-iron button down you appear to use acceptable (even though not oxford cloth)?

  16. Ashley can you help me ? When i try dress shirt i feel like my upper body is too small compared to my legs, what should i do? hi from brazil !

  17. 😂🤣😂🤣 How have I not watched this one before? Oxford button downs are my go to look, so great vid. But Bad Ashley is the best! Is she related to Prison Mike from The Office? 😀

  18. Underwear! One of the things you can easily pair with your white Oxford button down shirt and every other outfit. I know….genius…. thank me later.

  19. I swear I didn't hear anything you said until I noticed I had been staring at your hair for over half the video. Damn it looks good. Now I gotta rewind and actually watch it over to see what you were saying.

  20. I just don't want to spend $150 on an oxford shirt by Brooks Bros. Even the Ralph Lauren one will set me back at about $90. I don't mean to be cheap (I'm not. I wear Allen Edmonds shoes and boots), but can you (or anyone else) recommend a well-made oxford shirt for under $60 bucks?

  21. What do you think of Amazon essentials and good threads? These are adorable options with the added benefit of being able to order them online and try them on before I buy.

    Also, do you were your own articles or do you outdoors them?

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