The Pocket Washing Machine – Does It Suck?

The Pocket Washing Machine – Does It Suck?

So today I’ve got an unusual gadget for you Well, you see um … ga it bleh It arrived just like this this is what it looks like in this little bag – what exactly is that? I did a little bit more research and I found out that it’s part of an Indiegogo campaign right now and this little guy is your very own washing machine that fits in your pocket, the pocket washing machine this thing is supposed to travel with you, clean your clothes all you need is a bucket of water, or in their indiegogo video they’re just using the sink This, and a little bit if soap, and apparently, you’re washing away your sorrows I got a few diffrent things here there’s some mustard Some ketchup And then I’ve got some soap Now in their Indiegogo campaign They sell their very own soap But, I’m gonna go ahead and use Tide ’cause thats what I have available to me Now, the idea here, you got a USB cable and it plugs into a power source Then you dip this guy Into the water Along with your clothing that you’re attempting to wash And supposedly This thing rattles and, somehow your clothes after about 20 minutes I don’t know. I’m very skeptical Very very skeptical to be honest We’re gonna find out If this little pocket washer Is any good? So let’s go ahead, and stain a t-shirt real quick, So you see I got some, classic Hanes t-shirts over here. White as well, which as you know is the most unforgiving t-shirt colour Get a little bit of mustard, a little bit of ketchup on there Hey, I guess you could get this on a white shirt, I mean, I don’t know who wears a plain white shirt, but it’s possible Ohh It’s already Oh my goodness, Okay This could be- This could be trouble, we’re ’bout to find out Some Mustard there, I’m gonna shake this for- You know what’s the worst with the ketchup? When If you don’t do the shake, and then you get the weird, almost ketchup juice that comes outta there. Ohhhhhhh That’s a lot Okay Well, obviously you’re not gonna do this, unless you’re some kinda, barbarian. I don’t know, do we rub it in a little bit? Ohhh, man Let’s see it Ooooh! That’s no good That’s not gonna be good Okay Ohh That’s Alright Ohh- Kay Getting soapy in here! Alright, so I put a little bit of liquid soap in here. I think the powder, or the little tablets probably work better. I’m gonna drop it in And maybe I’ll just put a little more soap just for good measure. You’ve got your shirt in here, you’ve got the unit in there. (Vibration) Ohh! I don’t know if you guys can pick that up, What it’s doing But it’s like some kinda, micro Vibrations There’s little, tiny bubbles Shooting out of this unit And it’s vibrating really rapidly From what I read online This now, Will be in here for, ‘Bout 20 minutes? (Dramatic Sting) I don’t think you’re supposed to swish I don’t think it’s supposed to do the job Uh, I mean If I look really closely you can see movement, like little micro-movements in the water all over the place. Emergency situation You need that special shirt You messed it up Throw it in the sink along with this thing A little bit of soap and- Magic (Dramatic Sting) It’s doin’ somethin’ (Dramatic Sting) (Water being blown by unit) (Dramatic Sting) waiting (Chuckling) Man (Chuckling) I don’t know ’bout all this (Water being blown by unit) Ho! (Dramatic Sting) Well I don’t know , what’s there is what ever you left there. I don’t know shelves, the various shelves and the plates (Dramatic Sting) I’m not sure that we were fair to have checked. I just don’t know that we were fair. (taps container) How long ? (Dramatic Sting) I got to say this shirt still looks pretty horrendous. hohoho to be fair I don’t think for real intent here is to….. deal with a shirt that’s been.. abused in such a way? Just a lot of thing here on Unbox Therapy, but we got to the extreme and soo i threw everything at it including my makeshift kitchen sink. The what I … you see, everything but the (points at makeshift sink) Uhhh … this is gonna be to like freshen up a shirt or something, you know, you need to wear while you are traveling you didn’t bring enough of clothes unexpectedly. This thing’s always in your bag so.. I mean that smells like a clean shirt so to speak and then you just hang it up to dry. I don’t think I can go so far as to say that is sucks. It is not a replacement for your washer/dryer combo the full size thing alright? I mean there’s just not as much movement happening. This thing is is like a vibrator for a bucket you know? If you think it’s useful in some way to you? so long as you don’t want to drench yourself in ketchup and mustard, I’ll have a link to it down in the description but um … me personally I’m gonna stick to the big boy units. (tongue click) (Dramatic Sting)

100 Replies to “The Pocket Washing Machine – Does It Suck?”

  1. Do you know something called hand washing…? That's what you do when you need emergency washing!😂😂😂

  2. I think it's a non lethal knock-off of the washwow a product that basically caused electrolysis in the water and could easily kill you if you added salt (which they suggested).

  3. Dude, I wash by hand when my washer and dryer are running. Then air dry until I can wash another load. This is dumb. Hand washing also helps build up your stamina in the arms and shoulders.

  4. This one's not that interesting so I was sitting here thinking you should make your videos longer for real not joking you should make your videos longer awesome content love your videos

  5. When these show up at the dollar store the youth of that time will probably just buy a bunch of these and plug them in every public outlet.

  6. I have one, it helped specially if u don't have ur own washer, ur tired from work & no time to do your laundry.I prefer these thing than using apartment stinky washer.

  7. No one else sees a problem with plugging something into an ELECTRICAL OUTLET then dipping it in water?! Lmfao. People are trying to get crispy!

  8. Wash the old way (using your hands) and give that gadget to your wife as a husband replacement while you are traveling….PS a lot of folks imagined the same thing…

  9. I would hand wash my shirt or hire a person to do that for me instead of spending money on this piece of shit.

  10. I think an actual vibrator would work just as good as this product.

    But honestly maybe you're supposed to rub this thing on clothes as its on?
    That's the only thing I can suggest so maybe try it again?

  11. That would be good to use when screening kief for hash.
    I used to use an actual vibrator to do it. This would probably work better.

  12. Who wears plain white shirts???? U obviously havent hung around italian people from philly before!

  13. You know for a fact that a washer struggles to get ketchup and mustard out of clothes he should have tried it with dirt

  14. Am i the only one who loves wearing white shirt and most of the clothes are white?

    Ok maybe its just me

    Sorry for my english i know it sucks

  15. A machine that does nothing, but wait there more, just pay $999 for a stand and watch that baby stay on display while still doing nothing at all.

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