The Reading Room Cardigan – Great Pattern for Your First Sweater!

The Reading Room Cardigan – Great Pattern for Your First Sweater!

Hi I’m Shira and I am here with Susan Haviland,
the Design Editor of Lion Brand Yarn. And we are talking about a very, very popular
pattern called the Reading Room Cardigan made out of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick. Now can
you tell me why this is so simple? -First of all, the yarn is thick and quick. -Love
it. -And the piece is made in one piece with two simple stitches, garter stitch and stockinette,
which are basic beginner stitches. So you start here, then you make this part, then
you make this part, and then you come down here and then you bind off in the second sleeve.
And then it’s done. Except for a little bit of sewing but not too much. -So you’re telling
me that this is worked in one piece. -Yes, that’s right! -I love it! -Here we are, Shira.
We’ve folded this and you can just seam it here and here on both sides and it’s done.
-I love it so this could be my first cardigan! -Absolutely! Go for it Shira! -I love it!

8 Replies to “The Reading Room Cardigan – Great Pattern for Your First Sweater!”

  1. Firstlu I am obsessed with Lion brand yarns and vannas choice! I want to start knitting a jumper or cardigan and I can't wait to start!!! much love!

  2. This is not true…..when you get to the pattern – one notes that it is NOT in one piece. Lots of "corrections" in this pattern. Be sure to check out the pattern before you go further….this video is deceiving….and disappointing. I love Lion Brand products and patterns – am a devoted fan – and was/am sad at this.

  3. Made this cardigan and the pattern is deceiving—not all one piece. Also, button band does not look like the picture–the buttons are set lower in the front. The top button ends up about 4 inches lower that the front V formation. Disappointed that the pattern worked out smaller than indicated!

  4. Can I hit the like button 1000 times???
    I have so many things to make for others that I don’t wanna take the time to make myself something but winters here are so cold! I love this!!! I’m excited!! I would love to make one for my daughter too!! And my mother!!! And anyone! Lol
    Thank you thank yoj

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