The Real Reason That Bridesmaids All Dress The Same

The Real Reason That Bridesmaids All Dress The Same

If you’ve ever seen anything about a wedding,
ever, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not uncommon for all the bridesmaids to be rocking
identical dresses. Bridesmaids have, for centuries, donned the
same frock to stand by the bride’s side on one of the most special days of her life. But with bridesmaid dresses now trending in
the opposite direction, where did that original tradition come from, anyway? From evil spirits, to royal weddings, these
are the reasons why bridesmaids all dress the same. “This is my wedding. When I say ‘taffeta,’ you say ‘what color?'” The royal treatment In an interview with The Independent, Lou
Taylor, professor of dress and textile history at the University of said the reason brides
in the West often dress their ‘maids in the same thing is because of Queen Victoria’s
wedding ceremony in 1841, when her 12 attendants wore “white off the shoulder fashionable 1840
dresses, with full-blown artificial roses decorating their hair behind their right ears.” Now, typically in the U.S., only the bride
wears white, but the tradition of the bride’s best gals wearing the same dress stuck around. Who wore it best? In The Independent, Taylor said that one of
the reasons Queen Victoria probably chose to have all of her bridesmaids dress identically,
was because there would then be no way that bridesmaids could outdo each other — or
the bride! “I have eleven bridesmaids. I know if I leave it up to them, it probably
won’t get done, or it won’t get done right.” If all of your bridesmaids are dressed in
the exact same thing, you don’t have to worry about conflicts arising from the process of
having them choose their own dresses. Wedding planner Tasheea Nicholson says, “Having
the bridesmaids in the same dress minimizes the additional decisions for the bride, as
well as what I call ‘dress envy.'” “Holy s— you look amazing.” Too many options, opinions, and details can
make picking out bridesmaids dresses more than a little bit heated. Shalyce Tyson, owner of Sensational Soirees
says, “At times, selecting different looks can cause friction among the ladies when one
bridesmaid has the neckline another bridesmaid wants, or another has the dress length another
prefers. Too many opinions can lead to many headaches,
so uniformity generally keeps the peace.” But that isn’t the only reason bridesmaids
have traditionally dressed alike. In fact, the tradition has its roots in straight-up
ghostbusting. Warding off evil “Boo!” [Scream] In an interview with Brides Magazine, Hanne
Bank — author of Virgin, the Untouched History — said that, originally, the bridal party
dressed identically to the bride as a way to protect the couple from evil spirits. The idea was that the spirits would get confused
about exactly who was the bride… and just leave everyone alone. As Reader’s Digest reported, via MSN Lifestyle,
in Ancient Rome, there was even a legal requirement, which mandated that each wedding have ten
attendants or witnesses present, each dressed in the exact same color, for the same purpose:
keeping the bride safe from evil spirits. But, according to Racked, it was also to discourage
kidnappers that might want to steal the bride away from her own wedding ceremony. And that could mean anyone: ex-lovers, secret
lovers, disgruntled family members, or the family nemesis. As Reader’s Digest reported, that’s also why
the bride stands on the left side — so that the groom’s sword-fighting hand is free to
fight off intruders. To match or not to match? Brides themselves can feel the pull of tradition
when deciding what to have their bridesmaids wear and end up insisting that they all wear
the same dress. Anne Churchill, owner of AnnaBelle Events,
says, “[An] entire bridal party in the same dress is the norm and what we expect. It works, so why reinvent the wheel when the
couple already has another 100 items on their to-do list?” Whether family members are insistent that
the tradition matters or the bride feels that way herself, identically dressed bridesmaids
are still traditional in many U.S. weddings. While lately there’s been a trend to mix that
up a bit — and there are even ways to make sure your bridesmaids wear the same dress
but still don’t match exactly — it’s not likely that the tradition of matching bridesmaid
dresses is going away for good anytime soon! Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  1. This is nothing new. In post WW II America, brides were advised to choose no more than three options for dress styles for her maids. If the ladies couldn't agree on a style, the bride had final say, accordingto etiquette books. She also got to choose the colors (rainbow weddings–where each girl wore the same style dress in a different color–were popular and, where I grew up, the entire community rallied around the bride to be and helped sew–yes, sew–the gowns, with only the bride, the bride's mother and my mother–the local "expert" seamstress–sewing the bridal gown). Diminutive models of the gowns were sewn onto "dress-me" dolls (about 8 – 10 inch plastic "teen" dolls still available in craft stores today) as car ornaments and keepsakes for the girls after the wedding.

  2. True I mean when I have my own wedding I want to be the star of the show and no other girl will take the spot light and if they do they get kickt out

  3. My wedding dress is going to colored and so will my fiance tuxedo while everybody else wears white. I think it looks better that way and in my culture brides or any body in that matter wearing white to a wedding is bad because you only wear white to funeral but I'm not that traditional so the guest and brides maids and grooms men are going to wear white.

  4. I was a flower girl and we we're suppose to wear ugly sleeveless purple dress. I didn't CARE!! the color was ugly and I wore white with puffy sleeves . One of the flower girl ask me why I wore white, I said "NANYA BUSINESS. PURPLE IS UGLY." (Sorry if you love purple . The purple they wore was really dark and has a bad design.)

  5. The tradition of the bridesmaids wearing the same dress should be kept. Dress envy will most probably take over they'll all want to look better than each other. But the bridesmaids shouldn't hog the spotlight it's not even their special day.

  6. When I was a bridemaid for my fathers second marriage I got a cinderella green dress and special hairstyle and make up, it almost looked that I was going to get married. I had never feel so beautiful but sadly I hated my stepmom

  7. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but i just think it looks better to have all the same dress. More tidier, and you have a color theme going on. Just seems more elegant to be formally uniform.

  8. I have 5 bridesmaids, two are wearing dark wine red, one is wearing dark forest green, one is wearing light sage dusty green, and the last is wearing taupe.

  9. When I got married in 1977 my two girls had identical dresses. Now looking back on it one girl was real tall and she looked beautiful in formal, but the shorter girl looked ridiculous. I should of had the dress shortened for the short girl. Now if I got married they can pick out their own color and style but in modesty and not be formal. Their hair nicely done but I want flowers in the hair and I would pick them out as well as the bouquet. I think that's fair.

  10. The quest to find the perfect bridesmaid dress can be just as difficult as the main gown. With the right points considered, it should be possible to find the style of dress that matches everyone in the bridal party. Here are a few things to consider in the process of buying the perfect dress:

  11. I always thought that it was just to look good, and because if the bridesmaids wear different from the bride, to bring more attention to the bride. 👰

  12. The role of bestman is a actually there for more than just fighting off a nemesis, but also to make sure the bride herself doesn't run away. It's true look it up 😂

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