The Realtor Uniform Do’s and Don’ts | Vancouver Real Estate

The Realtor Uniform Do’s and Don’ts | Vancouver Real Estate

The top Vancouver realtor uniform. Hey, guys, it’s Gary Wong from again. People know me as the Christian realtor. I’m also the author of the book on Vancouver
real estate and one of the directors for the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, Vancouver,
West Side Division. In this video I’ll talk about different realtor
uniforms. Okay, let’s start off by providing some context. When I first started in this industry, I was
wearing a cheap three hundred dollar suit and just a dress shirt. I didn’t wear a tie, I didn’t have a pocket
square, I didn’t have cufflinks or anything like that. I was just wearing what I thought was appropriate. And then as time went by, I thought, I’m trying
to service a different clientele, I need to look a little bit more professional. I upgraded my suits, I started wearing a tie
and I started wearing a pocket square from time to time and I got French cufflink shirts
and I changed my glasses. And people asked me why. Here’s the reason why. In the beginning, I just said, “Well, a mentor
told me I should wear nicer clothes”. But later, as I reflected and I started learning
about the human psychology and learning more business principles, I realized that you really
don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. You only have one chance and do I want to
dress average in making that first impression? Or do I want to look sharp, look good, professional,
and presentable in front of a potential client? I want to be excellent at everything I do. People will judge you and say how you do anything
is how you do everything. So, if I’m just mediocre or average or casual
in how I dress, maybe they think, Gary, you’re gonna be average or casual when it comes to
selling my home. Or you’ll be average or casual when it comes
to helping me find a home. And that’s not the perception I want to give
off. The perception I want to give off is I will
be the best at what I do. So, what I wear, it will be high quality. What I drive, it won’t just be like a cheap
beater or anything, it will be a very presentable, luxury car. I know what you’re thinking. “Oh but, Gary, my realtor he wears jeans and
he’s so awesome and he’s great and whatever”. And I say good for him. If he can wear jeans and still give off an
amazing first impression, that’s awesome. Great to hear. I just find that when I wore a suit without
a tie versus when I wore a suit with a tie, I felt more confident. I stood up straighter, I spoke slower, I was
more poised, I was more confident when I spoke and I gave off an impression that I knew what
I was doing, which is great because I do know what I’m doing. But, unfortunately, sometimes if we dress
a certain way, people think, “Aw, this guy couldn’t be that good. Look at him. He’s dressed in whatever”. The example would be when my wife gave birth
to my first child. We were looking for a good OB and we found
this guy who is one of the best in the city. He is a professor at the local university
and he was very well known for his technical ability. Unfortunately, when we saw him he looked like
a slob. He would wear flip-flops, he would make us
wait an hour before we got to see him, and he didn’t provide the nurture and service
that my wife needed to prepare her to deliver her first baby. Even though I know that this guy is very good
at what he does, I was still not impressed and his first impression continued on. He continued to be lackluster in how he communicated
to us and nonchalant in how he dealt with us and we just didn’t feel the professionalism
was there. So, realtors would ask, “Oh, then should I
wear a three piece suit? Should I wear suits or jeans? Or should I do a pocket square? Or should I do business formal or business
casual?”. The choice is yours. I’m part of a mastermind and I talked to them
about this. At that time I was driving a Hyundai and the
car I wanted to buy was a Prius C. A Prius C is a small, hybrid, fuel-efficient vehicle
but they said, “Gary, you want to sell 20 million dollar homes but you want to drive
up into their house in a Prius C? That’s just not gonna work”. And I’m like, “Why not?”. And then, they’re like, “Think about it”. And I started thinking about it and I’m like,
“Yeah, you’re right”. They’re gonna look down on me. It shows disrespect. I want to represent their 20 million dollar
mansion but the car that I drive reflects the cheapest thing out there. There’s a disconnect there. Well, hopefully that you found value in this
video. A reminder this is The Everything Real Estate
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  1. This is super insightful! I used to think that if there is depth in clients, that they should look beyond physical appearances and focus on one's integrity, professionalism, and the value that one brings. But I realized that in a very competitive market of service-providers in every industry, clients only have minutes to spare before they consider other options. It takes a few milliseconds for people to judge whether they trust us or not, and it is our responsibility to make sure the way we carry ourselves reflects what we stand for. And by going the extra mile, we let our clients save time, and work less. How we do something is how we do everything. Thanks for sharing Gary!

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