The right coat for your body type | Winter fashion | Justine Leconte

The right coat for your body type | Winter fashion | Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, its Justine. Winter is coming and that means outerwear shopping. Many of you have asked me to do a video about how to choose a coat depending on your body type Based on what you want to accentuate and maybe not in your figure so… Voila! Today’s the day. You might remember the body types, the typical ones that I’ve been using in previous videos. You’ll find them here again in this video. Pear, rectangle apple, inverted triangle, hourglass And I’ll add a few thoughts about curvy, petite, and tall bodies as well on popular request, because they are not actual body types, but it does matter when you’re choosing outerwear and when you’re thinking in terms of proportions. Pear: First, a pear body. That’s the one where your hips measurement is wider, larger, than the bust and the waist. Here I would try to bring the attention up to the torso area and add volume there. For example a biker jacket is typically a shape that adds volume to the shoulders through the padding. Padded shoulders give you a bit of a more inverted triangle shape and biker jackets are so on trend that you will literally find them everywhere. Make sure that the hem the bottom doesn’t end at the level of your hips since it’s already your widest point, so try to stay higher. But have you noticed that most biker jackets end higher anyways? That’s perfect for pears. Now if you want something warmer, you could go for a coat with a big hood. It’s more dramatic. I like it. It closes so that the edge here is furry, hairy. It adds volume to the top and it’s perfect for Canadian/Scandinavian winter. Rectangle: If you don’t have too much of a difference between the waist measurement on one hand, and the bust and the hips on the other hand, if you were rather, let’s say, straight, then you’re a rectangle. In this case I would use belted coats A belt is great to mark the waist and accentuate the difference between the waist and the bust and the hips. So it literally adds femininity. Now what about those of you who don’t necessarily want to look more feminine? If you are a super long and lean rectangle and you want to accentuate that even more You can go for super long, straight, slightly flowy, possibly tailored coat. I can imagine it could look like this one. It’s a quick drawing, but just to give you an idea. Apple: If you tend to gain weight around the waist first, then you’re probably an apple body type. In that case, I would look for very specific shape and that’s a swing coat. The swing coat is kind of fitting around the bust, then it goes down straight until the waist, and then it flares out quite a bit. The skirt part typically looks like you could spin when wearing that coat to make it move with you. Swing coat. In terms of length, I would take the knee length, kind of in that area. Longer looks slimmer, except for petite ladies. More on that in a minute. Inverted triangle: The inverted triangle is the opposite of the pear, technically, so your bust is the wider part and your hips are narrower. Sporty type. In this case, I see two possible options The first one is a trapeze shape. It typically doesn’t follow the contours of the body because it goes down straight and wide like that. I like double breasted versions and more stiff. I like a thick wool coat for example like this one because it keeps its shape and it keeps you warm. That’s typically something you would see in Paris at the office. It’s a typical Parisian cut. Alternatively, you could take a bell shaped coat and belt it. You can even have external pockets, like on this drawing, sticking out. That adds volume and feminity around the hips. The trapeze shape and the bell shapes are clearly two different options, it depends on your taste, but I think that both choices work really nicely on your body. Hourglass: You have a very thin waist compared to your bust and your hips and thus the perfect body shape to wear tailored coats. Here it is up to you. Do you want to highlight your waist and go for a sexy version? Or do you want to keep it more comfortable? Then lengthen your silhouette and go for a straighter cut. For both purposes you can actually take a coat like this one. If you want the sexier version you can just belt it. And I think a length below the knee or even longer looks extremely elegant on a straight tailor coat. And just like a wrap dress would work great with your body, a wrap coat will too. And that will give you a little Mad Men touch, which is very 50s. I like that. Now what if you’re curvier? You do still belong in one of the types already mentioned, but on top of that I would pay extra attention to the fit at the waist. I wouldn’t go for tight fits, I would try to go rather down and then flare up a little bit kind of like for the apple body. Then where are your curves? Located on your silhouette? If you feel that you’re more the busty type, avoid lapels that add volume. No furry collars, no double breasted designs, probably, because all those things would make you busts seem bigger than it actually is. If your curves are more around the hip area, then try to avoid designs that ends in this zone. And go longer, knee length or even longer. Then a colored closure or design detail placed in the center of the coat in the front, or at the back will lengthen your entire silhouette. It can be a contrasted zipper in a different color, or a big design detail, like a ruffle thing, etc. Now if you’re petite, I would do the opposite in terms of length. I would go at the knee level or shorter. The shorter, the better. I often hear from petite ladies that when they wear longer clothes, coats, or other garments, they look like they’re wearing their moms clothes. By staying with a shorter type of garment of design to avoid that effect. Look for pictures of celebrities for inspiration because they usually do it quite right in terms of outerwear. And also, a furry collar, something that goes a bit high up here, lengthens you this time not downwards, but upwards, which is good too. And it’s cozy, and we’re talking about winter after all. Finally, if you are tall, oversized tailored coats are very interesting because they look like they minimize you, so to speak. If you look for oversized garments, they will also usually be longer, so your back will be covered properly, and the sleeves will also be longer, and that’s great to avoid that eternal issue of having sleeves that are too short. And I’m tall so I know exactly how annoying that feels. That’s it with coats. You saw that I stayed within the genre ‘proper winter outerwear’: warm and with long sleeves. For me, lighter jackets or crop things would be more of a fall or a spring theme. So we’ll handle that in a separate video when the time has come. For now, it’s really just about layering up and feeling cozy. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. Thank you so much! I’ll see you soon again. New videos every Wednesday and every Sunday on this channel. Take care. Bye!

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  1. Can you do a tips on buying/keeping clean work garments for winter🙏. I live in Canada and our winters are a mixture of snow/ice/rain/slush and competely unpredictable. I dont want to get my clothing ruined whole going to to work either. Please help! 😄

  2. Well being busty and petite is a huge problem….thnks for the video. I try niot to wear coat or jackets without a collar because they empasise my bust and nothing with a drop shoulder or raglan sleeve.

  3. I don't care how the coat makes me look as long as it does its job. But thanks Justine love you!

  4. Hello Justine! I've been watching your videos all day because I need to go shopping soon. I have a question regarding the coats in winter. I live in Russia now in Saint Petersburg, its much colder than Moscow, or Europe. So your idea of winter is actually fall clothes here. I recently moved from Costa Rica where its always hot so Im never sure what to buy. Iam an inverted triangle and also a plus size so…layering for the cold makes me look like a huge bear or a walking house. Can you recomend some ways to dress heavier coats for this side of the planet? I see in trend a lot of shapeless wide coats that clearly were designed for thin people and also the puffy plastic coats that I hate because they make me look fatter. Thank you!!

  5. Yes Canadian winter are cold and where I live very cold….fashion not so much warmth more important I have the best of the two…😉

  6. Would you ever say theres a situation where fast fashion is a valid option? either it doesnt matter whether fast fashion brands are bought or where they might even be preferable? also, are there any fast fashion items/brands that you would say are "safe" to buy? eg I would never buy cheap jeans or cheap shoes as they just don't last and I need quality goods

  7. Thank you for this video! Now I know exactly what I want to look for! Justine, you are amazing! I love your ideas and suggestions. I have learned a lot watching your videos, thank you 😘

  8. first of all I love you videos! I was wondering if you are going to do an eye shape video and maybe some tips for make up or something? I always have a hard time knowing what looks best on my eyes.

  9. Thanks! Your video was very helpful. If you could give some guidance on how to pick (what to look for in) a good wool coat, that would be great.

  10. Merci pour cette vidéo, et toutes les précédentes et merci pour ton approche ouverte et bienveillante, qui donne envie de se sentir belle avec le corps qu'on a. Une question : comment choisir ses pulls, gilets ou vestes (à porter sous le manteau) ? Quelle longueur, largeur, quel type de col, qu'est-ce qui va avec une jupe, un pantalon, une robe ? As-tu un projet de vidéo sur le sujet ? Merci beaucoup

  11. Hi dearest! I've been following you for a long while and you've inspired me so much with your tips. However, I recently bought a winter coat and did everything but what you suggested in you online shopping video, alas. I fell deeply in love with this maroon hooded ankle-length winter coat that of course looked fabulous on their very gangly model. Unfortunately they only had 1 size, which wasn't even stated. Nor were the model measurements stated. The good ol' lie "one size fits all" (yeah, as in "fits all those who've got the same measurements as the model"…). I am a petite pear so when I received it it was soooo wide and made me look even smaller. I actually fixed it with a belt on my waist. So it is deliberately oversize, but I still love it even if it does not look as A-shaped and flowy as on the model, on me. I really feel warm and cuddled in it and I just adore it. I love how it covers me and how it flutters when I walk. It's quite dramatic. It just probably does not look exactly the way it should. I'm afraid of taking it to get fixed though, because it is a rigid velvety cloth and it might get ruined in the process. Long story short: it's beautifully cozy and edgy, but it's terribly unflattering (for my height). 😅 What do you think should be done?

  12. I'm a pear and don't agree with the photo of the biker jacket. Small shoulders look terrible in mandarin collars. An open collar or V shaped opening is the way to go. Also, longer and past the hips is better too. I've experimented a lot and that is what works best for me.

  13. Thank you for letting me know so much about the kinds of coats or jackets to go with different body types. Again a small request..please share some inputs regarding what is a jacket or coat or blazer really helps me to be specific when i go for shopping. Honestly being specific with items as to what i need and not what i want while shopping has become a habit. Thank you

  14. Hey beautiful thank u so much. Could you do a video on chubby women that are Apple shape and guide on what could they wear, what could the hair style be like, what shoes to go for and remember the height is 5.3 “ 🙂

  15. Such great advice! I’m in Canada and just got the warmest, puffy, faux fur lined hooded jacket I could find. I’m hourglass, although my shoulders are somewhat narrow, with a curvy silhouette. The jacket hits at the widest part of my hips and really makes me feel like the waist puffs up and makes me look bigger. Time to go shopping for a longer coat! I’ve always loved them but just thought I should avoid them because my hips are so much wider. Thank you!

  16. I ve been watching you since September and you are so true and unique and i love the way younexpress your opinions. I have a question which one line store do you recomend me for a coat considering im a petite 1,52 and 42 kilos? Please answer me because i wear the same one for 3 years! Thank you! Greeting from Greece

  17. Hi Justine! Can you please do a video on spring jackets/ coats for rectangles with a large bust? I struggle with this all of the time and it’s such a nightmare 😞

  18. This helped a lot! :)) Could you perhaps make a video about where denim-jackets (etc) and tops in general should have it's hem on the different body types? xx

  19. Not very helpful in the petite hour glass part.
    I'm 4'9
    40 bust- 40 hips and 30 waist. Im super short and super wide. Help!

  20. yess, loved this video! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind doing a video on how to find the perfect investment biker/leather jacket?

  21. Hi Justine! Thank you for your videos. Your channel is what I searched for a long time . I have a question about pear figure. Can you give an example of coat that is below the hips I have this type and I'm feeling more comfortable when it's hide the hips when it's cold, but I really don't like how my coat fit on me.

  22. During heavy winter my body type is "It's freaking cold outside" and I wear the warmest, longest coat I can find. Always a size up, so it can fit my clothes underneath.

  23. I have a question about body types…or rather the angle from which we view body types….So most of the drawings and descriptions of body types are from the front facing position…and not from the profile. So my question is, what if from the front view one is rectangle, but as soon as you turn to profile, you have butt/hips and bosom that make it possible that you are an hourglass…this is my case. Very often from the front, I look as if I am a rectangle, because I have even measurement between shoulders, waist and hips, but turn to the side and I have all kinds of bosom, and butt that sticks out to the back and not to the side…

  24. For Canadian/Scandinavian winter you have to cover your ass area. No flimsy biker jackets (which is considered fall outwear) would do.

  25. I actually feel that biker jackets look best on Apple or rectangle shapes, women with narrower hips. Pear women look best with trench coat that emphasizes waistline and skims over hips

  26. This is the first video of yours that I am questioning – I'm pretty petite, and I live in Asia, where everyone is petite, and pretty much everyone rocks lovely long padded coats that make them taller and thinner while /also/ being warm. I have noticed there's a science to it though, (the coat has to be JUST long enough, like mid-thigh or calf length for an open coat) and that the shape of the coat really matters. So I think it's wrong to say that petite women can't be fashionable and warm.

  27. I think I am a rectangle to hour glass but i'm also petite. so it kind of makes me an inverted triangle because when people look at you from above, your shoulders tend to look wider and legs shorter.

  28. Hi Justine, thank you for your videos, they are very useful!:) When autumn/winter is coming I always have trouble to choose a right shoes/chalse boots/boots + trousers… I have average long leg, but I feel that they look much shorter in those kind of shoes. Do you have in mind a video with this topics???:) "How to make your legs look longer in winter?" 🙂

  29. How can you tell if a coat fits you properly? Should you always buy a size up? :-/ please make video on this its getting cold 🙁

  30. Hi Justine, I love your channel. Do you have suggestion which brands are great for wool coat which is affordable?
    Thank you in advance

  31. I wonder Jastnie, if you can give advice to me

     I am petite woman 163 sm ,i bought a new coat for fall and it is lenth until knee When I am wearing short boots almost as shoes on little heels I think it is non proportional I didi photo and think about correction of something.Also this coat is rounder on the back than in front It seems that I see shorter legs or may be that just a picture made like that.

  32. Merci, Justine! Very informative video as always! I prefer long a-line coats with a belt. I have a pear-shaped body with overweight curves! 😉

  33. I'm petite but very slim with a body measurement of 31-22-32 (would you consider that hourglass or reversed triangle?) And I find maxi or below the knee length very flattering on me. I would say petite can rock the long coat look as long as it's not too oversized and the sleeves aren't too long

  34. Hi, I'm from Colombia, it's been just 3 weeks since I moved to France because my husband is from Toulouse, it's been very difficult to learn about clothes in winter and I've appreciated this video, I wonder if you can recommend us brands of wool coats, I've searched by many physical stores and online and I could not find something suitable. Thank you

  35. One thing I would add if anyone wants a belted coat – big sweater underneath makes you look a bit shapeless 🙁

  36. PLEASE, Justine could you please create a video how to choose clothes to make shoulders bigger. Especially for hour glass that put on a bit of weight and hips are fuller and needs to bring shoulders to hips size. Are padded shoulders still on? What about designs that make shoulders look bigger than they are?

  37. I love your channel. You are very talented and are a lovely person. I have learned a lot of little things about clothing, fabric, French clothing, etc. from you. Thank you for sharing so much with us!

    Two things: what do you consider to be the difference between hourglass and curvy?

    This seems to have changed over time where clothes labeled “curvy” used to be more for a waist substantially smaller than bust/hip, but now I find clothes with this often have a huge waistline, almost like maternity clothes. It’s very frustrating in terms of finding clothes but I think it is part of the body positive movement to make a larger waistline sound more attractive, so it is kind.

    Second: I genuinely appreciate your notes on proportion for petite figures. Hourglass petite is especially challenging. I also live in a very cold climate, and the idea of a short coat isn’t practical. Remember petites are smaller and we will get cold faster! I would say a smooth outside line (avoid giant quilting on the outside) and beautiful shapes is important. Also diagonal closures are somehow very flattering. Large boots with slim/skinny pants and hats with giant Pom poms can allow you to play with proportion and get a lovely look is hard to attain for average and larger size women to attain.

    Analyzing Asian fashion is helpful for ideas, but only a small fraction of those looks will be great on a curvy figure. Asian models tend to have a very slim, straight, flat line to their bodies, and they can do a lot of super cool things with draping that won’t look as flattering on other body types.

  38. i surely did stop buying everything i like for once and paid attention why most of my clothes dont fit me after i buy them. the truth is when u try in the shop; if u like it, its more likely that u buy it so u wont regret looking back at it. but if you know how they fit and how they most fit, u wont get fooled easily. thank u so much Justin for every lesson u teach, they are money saving.

  39. Hi Justine, I love your videos! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’m wondering if you could give me advice about fit for leather jackets? I’m a curvy (hip area) hourglass shape although I’m starting to gain a little belly. I always wanted a biker style leather jacket but it doesn’t sound like that’s a good fit for me. What would you recommend?? Thank you, Jenny

  40. Justine, I love the sweater and scarf that you are wearing! I would love to find something similar in a jewel tone–ruby, sapphire, emerald, or royal purple. It looks great on you, too.

  41. I love coats, the ones that are fit up to waist and have a have a flare up, no matter the size of it long or short. I do like around the knees or even better high – low cut(longer at the back, shorter in the front). But longer are good too, just never the straight cut or I look like I am fat and a child or like I put on a bag over me…. I am hourglass(bust 92cm, waist 66-68cm, that one depends on the time of the day and lower part 90cm) and I am short 163cm.

  42. Justine, can't you just design all of my clothes? 😭 I have such a hard time finding things that suit me! The rules are contradicting when considering the characteristics of my body.

  43. No "coat" above the Mason-Doxon line ends at the wait. Indeed, in areas where the winter Temps are always at p°F and bekow, you MUST – repeat – MUST have a long coat to protect yourself from front byte. Whatever the body tyle…

    And on from there… For viewers who live in colder climes ( and climate is changjjg, colder climes are growing), safety first but ALSO fashion. Pls consider doing a video for (real),winter…

    ( I have been extremely frustrated for YEARS at the dismal choices offered to people who live in real cold and snow (Chicago – ALL THE Great Lakes states and above Biston, NY, ALL the nirhtwrn Prarie states. Etc. The "winter coats" you show are, for us, Fall jackets…)

  44. I live where it doesn't get very cold in the winter so I don't spend much on coats. That's the downside to a warm climate.

  45. As a petite pear, can I get away with a cocoon coat? They just feel so cosy and warm and leave room for layering 🙂

  46. I m a pear and I like to have longer jackets in the winter to cover my hips and keep them warm. Can anyone suggest me anything ?

  47. Could anyone help me please? I beg you. What am I? I check internet calculators. I am an adult, so my body isn't growing anymore. My bust is quite small, it is 2 cm (almost 1 inch) smaller than my hips. My waist is visible well. I am 98 x 77 x 100 cm (38 x 30 x 39 inches). Sometimes my waist is 75cm (29 inches) depending on if I ate etc. I am 171 cm tall (1,7 feet tall). Some say I am rectangle and some I am hourglass. My breast is cup C, I weight about 62kg (136.6 lbs). What to believe?! What to wear?! I have no big bust, but I have curves! I do not look like Natalie Portman, but I do not look like those busty hourglasses neither!

    I think it is safer to wear like hourglass pretending to be rectangle, but then sometimes I do want or have to look more sexy and elegant. And this is my problem…

    My wardrobe is full of so much different clothes and I have no idea how to match them with me 🙁

    What am I?…

    I just started to take care of my hair, face, now I want to take care of how I look since I am not happy with my style (or better to say: lack of it). I live in a country where if you are dressed comfy (smth like gym suit, baggy blouses) you are just ugly and sloggy and probably depressed. You have to look like from the magazine cover, otherwise you get weird looks on the street and nobody is nice to you or taking you seriously (even in the shop!). Just like you are a kid not an adult and I am closer to 30 than 20. I feel so much pressure yet I try to start, but I don't know my body type…

  48. I have a big issue. Well, more like a big butt. I'm a pear and since I live in a warm weather I need a heavy coat in Europe during autum. I'm pettite, and I always try to find long coats but since my hip and butt area are so much bigger than my top half. I have so much trouble finding something that fits me.

  49. Well not agree that apple can wear only swing coat.there are a few more otions. But of course thankyou for the video.

  50. The coat I wear makes me look like a bell, but I do not care. I’ve never once felt cold in it, and I live in Finland so that’s saying something!

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