The Road Coat® Crash Test

The Road Coat® Crash Test

– [Voiceover] This could be the result of wearing heavy winter
coats in a car seat. Now watch how admirably the Road Coat performed at this crash
test done in association with the Child Protection
Research Program. On the left is a dummy
wearing a simple t-shirt, and on the right is the same
dummy wearing the Road Coat. While most coats create space between the child and the seatbelt, a dummy wearing the Road Coat performs almost identically to the
dummy wearing the t-shirt. The results gathered from
this test are well below the federal Motor Vehicle
Safety Standard 2013 limits, confirming the performance
of the Road Coat. To get more information
and to buy one today, visit, or
follow this link below.

3 Replies to “The Road Coat® Crash Test”

  1. The chest clip is improperly placed on the dummy with the shirt before you begin the test and it's completely missing in the very first clip.

  2. My name is Andrew Donley, I'm a reporter for an ABC station. Would you mind giving me a call please? I'm looking to use one of your videos and would like to get permission please. My number is 205-746-3362. Thank you!

  3. Why is the first dummy not properly secured? Even with a bulky coat the child should still have a chest clip on. This is a very inaccurate comparison to make with the 2 coats, there isn't even the same front angle like the one with your coat vs bulky coat side by side, even if you had the bulky coat left no coat middle and your coat right. Would love to see a video like this and with the bulky coat restraints properly placed because they can be properly place (that's not the big issue with most) its the pinch test that allows so much slack between the child and restraint.

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